50 Projects For Your Minecraft Survival Worlds!
Mumbo Jumbo
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We have all been there, you start a new world, do everything you had planned then stop playing. WELL HERE ARE SOME MORE PLANS! Complete everything on this list? There are tonnes more where that came from! Let me know of your projects down in the comment section!
A lot of the builds featured in this video are from the Hermitcraft server! Here is my playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list...
Kingdom: www.planetminecraft.com/projec...
Iron titan: www.youtube.com/watch?v=STs4w...
Cubehamster Kitty: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYaCv...
Cubehamster Walker: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNzqY...
Cubehamster Goliath: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmLxH...
Wither Farm: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Ezi...
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  • Succfishy

    can you make a tutorial for the first house? (the dirt one)

    • Francisco Penuelas
      Francisco Penuelas

      Too complicated, sorry a little laye

    • jack Burrows
      jack Burrows

      the house is better than his farms

    • RobloX~XeneX

      Im not gonna lie that dirt house make me spend 5 days just to build it

    • Succfishy

      guys, ive finally made it, thank you so much for the support and help.

    • Finger Friend Studios
      Finger Friend Studios

      "its actually quite simpel"

  • SadieMsp

    Him: you start with a dirt house me: yes Him: then you build a slightly larger house me: wow I'm doing pretty good him: then you make an even larger house me: well, not reall- him: then you build a C A S T L E me: no, stop him: then you build an entire city me: now just slow down a sec- him: so now we're past the boring stuff.

    • Elizabeth Smith
      Elizabeth Smith

      Lol same

    • ItsUnpug




    • aki_

      @Mermaid960 I don't doubt that in the slightest

    • BlueToadFan913

      6.9k likes nice

  • Tommaso Alfonso
    Tommaso Alfonso

    teacher: "the test is not that hard, it's easy" The test: * 50 projects for your minecraft survival worlds *

    • Australian Opneedo_
      Australian Opneedo_

      I would get an F -

    • Tommaso Alfonso
      Tommaso Alfonso

      @Inactive well yes it would, but NOT. in survival.

    • Inactive

      I mean it would be fun I guess-

    • Captain Cool
      Captain Cool

      My 7 like

    • Captain Cool
      Captain Cool


  • Michael Neira
    Michael Neira

    I came here full of imagination and ideas for my tiny little pretty world on minecraft but now im overwhelmed by the pressure of everything i am able to do on minecraft but i will never actually do it bc its just insane oh wow. But a pretty fun video, you are a truly master mind

    • aideniguess

      same, i wanted some cute builds for my cottagecore world, like fairy gazebos and flying lights

    • official bob stan
      official bob stan

      @Ya boy CJM i mean its your opinion im not attacking

    • Callum BMX
      Callum BMX

      @Ya boy CJM it can come in handy though

    • Ya boy CJM
      Ya boy CJM

      To be honest this video kinda sucks it’s just this guy boasting about all his incredibly complicated systems that a majority of people will never use

    • Waspinator!


  • aria

    “then you build a castle.” me : wtf no

    • ItsUnpug


    • Squirell Man
      Squirell Man

      @Night Claw They're quite easy actually. I've made one already on my server and it's a huge part of the lore. I was the king of that nation and after extreme terrorism and war over power, I have decided to leave 13k blocks away to start a new Empire which will conquer all.

    • Night Claw
      Night Claw

      Castle is not that hard I just build it in like two days A entire city: hail no

    • Golden Killzz
      Golden Killzz

      @durps i have a tree house and a bunker and nether mansion and im gonna make a castle next

  • Jaxon Eby
    Jaxon Eby

    This should be renamed “Mumbo tells you you’re bad at red stone for 5 minutes straight”

    • ᴘʜᴏᴇɴɪx

      @Will Forrest-King oh yeah? Well I made a door that opens and closes when you right click/tap it, ik ik I'm really smort.

    • Rage

      @Will Forrest-King i put down a redstone on a block im geniues right?

    • LifeEverything


    • Derp_Trap_King


    • demha03


  • PlayZ Bhai
    PlayZ Bhai

    "Did you watch Mumbo Jumbo's project video?" "YES" "What did it cost?" "100 important braincells that I will never get back"

    • PlayZ Bhai
      PlayZ Bhai

      @Amber Daisy xDD

    • Amber Daisy
      Amber Daisy

      Nice of you to assume I had enough brain cells to relate to this comment

  • bruv zession
    bruv zession

    This is more like “50 things to do when your bored if you’re a pro” while most the people who get bored in Minecraft are new players who don’t know what to do

    • Frederic

      @Brqzen This video is probably going to be up for hundreds of years and you're buggin' about a 1 week response time. Int 0 Cha 0.

    • JustAGamingBulldog

      @Brqzen i check my notifications very rarely

    • Brqzen

      @JustAGamingBulldog 1 week later again?

    • JustAGamingBulldog

      @Brqzen didnt think you would respond, i commented because i felt like it

    • JustAGamingBulldog

      @Brqzen id say its less the building and more the resource gathering thats hard

  • MarvinTheMartian1089

    Start of the video: “ah a small house, cool, I can work on th...” Literally 1 minute into the video: “Sorting system, automatic farms...I give up.”

    • Owlblocks David
      Owlblocks David

      @Doge Gaming you basically did. Or at least implied an interest in the subject by telling him what to do. The main point is that, if you should delete a world because of a seed, the "no bad seeds. Only bad players" saying is wrong.

    • Doge Gaming
      Doge Gaming

      @Y0 bromix um did I ask?

    • Y0 bromix
      Y0 bromix

      @Doge Gaming i literally say im deleting it

    • Doge Gaming
      Doge Gaming

      @Y0 bromix just delete your world why would you stay on a island if it had no trees on it and not delete the world -_-

    • the aAaAAaA
      the aAaAAaA

      @Y0 bromix swim

  • Antioof

    I like how he suggests the most ambitious things with no way of knowing how we will figure it out on our own.

  • Josh McGarry
    Josh McGarry

    what about a regular farm... with like wheat and stuff

    • Noah Angus
      Noah Angus

      That's so much more effort tho cause you have to get villagers and stuff... (I just realised you meant unautomated) 😂

    • daisy

      That’s the only farm I have

    • MrSanfrinsisco

      Make an automatic wheat farm with an automated redstone timer that goes off every 12 minutes and 36 seconds exactly with a water transport system that brings your wheat from your farm to your automated sorting system

    • Kayden

      Then you're going to want enslave some villagers, set up water dispensers, and a hopper minecart going to your item sorter.

    • PinkFurret

      It needs to be automated and make bread which it then filters into a village for villagers to reproduce in.

  • Dwayne Ruper Casenillo
    Dwayne Ruper Casenillo

    Ill do this when im retired **60 years later** Me:WHERES MY MINECRAFT SAVE GRANDSON

    • Banani Biswas
      Banani Biswas

      @ButteredSheep r/whoosh

    • ꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄


    • ButteredSheep

      I don’t get it...

    • مهجول / MHJWL
      مهجول / MHJWL

      Cat Doy umm it’s on the computer dad

  • Name

    For my house, I found an abandoned village and made a bed, a crafting table, a chest, and a furnace and I put cobwebs around it. It’s actually a decent “house”.

  • Pirate slayer
    Pirate slayer

    Teacher: “I want you to rest this holiday so I won’t give you much homework” The homework:

  • nobody

    Here are some basic builds witch doesn’t need redstone:1Stabbles 2green house 3fishing house 4enchantment room 5pet houses 6bridge 7paths 8mines 9basment 10custom tree

  • Zane_Alto

    Step 1: build a base Step 2: build a farm Step 3: improve that farm Step 4: repeat steps 2 to 3 forever Step 5: destroy it all

    • XD40Steve

      If you repeat steps 2-3 forever you would never reach step 5

    • Higgs 747
      Higgs 747

      Gone, reduced to atoms

    • quantum show
      quantum show

      step 6: repeat

    • Linda crabs
      Linda crabs

      Zane_Alto destroy everything and move to another part of the world

    • salahxd 32
      salahxd 32

      Step 4.5 : make video about it and earn money

  • Ogzelle

    This is basically "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Minecraft Edition"

  • Kuro Kazuki
    Kuro Kazuki

    Can we appreciate Mumbo's transition for every project.

  • Hibish

    Me: sees this video and thinks that he will tell building ideas Mumbo: tells how to do some redstone work Me: this is so like himself._. Should have known...

  • N The One
    N The One

    Where do I find the info on the silos with the lanterns? I'm really curious to see the design

  • PP

    Me after 3 years: finally I finished 1 farm from these 50

  • Ninja Noodle
    Ninja Noodle

    1) Dirt House, 2) House, 3) Bigger House, 4) Castle, 5) Surrounding Village, 6) Port, 7) Airport, 8) Kingdom, 9) Mineshaft, 10) Auto-mining system, 11) Auto-sorting system, 12) Integrated Rubbish station, 13) Ender Station, 14) Ender Ender, 15) Ender Pearl Transporter, 16) Iron Farm, 17) Bigger Iron Farm, 18) Iron Titan, 19) Bulk Storage System, 20) Auto-crafting system, 21) Roller Coaster, 22) Slime Coaster, 23) Slime Farm, 24) Go to Cube Hamster's channel, 25) Build Robot, 26) Build TNT Chucking Robot, 27) Build Witch Farm, Build Perimeter, 28) Disco Lighting, 29) Potion Brewing Station, 30) Nether Wart Farm, 31) Blaze Farm, 32) Wither Skull Farm, 33) Tree Farm, 34) Charcoal Generator, 35) Super Smelter, 36) Snow Globe, 37) Ice Farm, 38) Ice Nether Tunnels, 39) Item Transportation Water Streams, 40) Bulk Storage Silos, 41) Sugar Cane Farm, 42) Melon/Pumpkin Farm, 43) Cactus Farm, 44) Chicken Farm, 45) Beef Farm, 46) Sheep Farm, 47) Gold Farm, 48) General Mob Farm, 49) Mine Desert, 50) TNT the world... sounds about right,

  • Sotirios Kapartzianis
    Sotirios Kapartzianis

    I love how he connects every project together

  • Toby G
    Toby G

    Mumbo just started flexing on all of us. This just feels like a fast pace survival world tour than anything else 😂

  • Brod13_004 !
    Brod13_004 !

    I was thinking there would be things like, build a barn around your farm or, build a tree house

    • Neoi Selini
      Neoi Selini

      It's Mumbo lmfao

    • SiFi Plays
      SiFi Plays


    • crow


    • Matthew Collins
      Matthew Collins

      I just want stuff like that and a bit advanced

    • Xavier ArTZ
      Xavier ArTZ


  • leon_thechicken

    Me: How many farms are in minecraft Mumbo: Yes

  • John Wesley Huss
    John Wesley Huss

    I made a hobbit hole if looks pretty decent and I'm living in it the enterior. And I have wheat farms on the hill above and thats about it.

  • Vyst Cool
    Vyst Cool

    I love how he does his redstone projects if i did that i would say “mom get the camera”

  • 🌿 ʟɪᴠ🌱
    🌿 ʟɪᴠ🌱

    bruh, how am i EVER gonna build a super detailed castles, and an amazing village houses, and an awesome mineshaft!?

  • Haven21

    I came here for ideas, not to increase my anxiety

    • FR SolidTwo
      FR SolidTwo


    • EG /cats are funny boi
      EG /cats are funny boi

      Same lol

    • C Ottery
      C Ottery

      Dang bro, that's hilarious

    • Drew d
      Drew d

      Lol honestly

    • Anonymouspug


  • Zach McDowell
    Zach McDowell

    I came here pretty proud after building a pretty nice tower and wanted to find some other fun stuff to do and just ended up realizing I suck at minecraft 😂

  • ivalid name
    ivalid name

    in the latest update you can basically get free potions w the drip stone stuff. you just put a potion in a cauldron and let the water drip into it until it fills up :)

  • Above Blazin
    Above Blazin

    Imagine how much time it would take to grind out half of that on survival

  • Bulbasur king
    Bulbasur king

    I love how he crames a months worth of projects in 5 minutes

  • Porgiepugson

    I’ve never completed Minecraft and I have been playing for 8 years. I’m not ready for all these machines yet, too advanced.

    • Springlios G
      Springlios G

      The enderdragon is literally so ez you can do it with only iron armor

  • Ethan Lau
    Ethan Lau

    The end theme brings me back to season 5 and season 6 hermitcraft. The nostalgia

  • VorTeX

    I click on this thinking I would be able to add it to my Minecraft Survival World then once he got past the big house I realized I can’t even build half this stuff in creative 😂😂😂😂

  • El Caponè: Emperor of New Jersey
    El Caponè: Emperor of New Jersey

    You can also use bones from your wither farm to fuel the tree farm

  • Maria Molina
    Maria Molina

    This video was just him flexing on us.

    • JohnKyle Guinita
      JohnKyle Guinita


    • Blaze


    • Kilian Sean
      Kilian Sean

      So is every other video of his lol

    • Zack R
      Zack R

      RSloft tutorials have entered the chat

    • Olivera Antic
      Olivera Antic

      well then jokes on him, cause im making everything in this video now

  • Dona Nasol
    Dona Nasol

    imagine all of the farms just in one place. It's a maze now. And you forgot all of the things needed for your methods of travelling other than feet and /kill.

  • Flakey_Finn

    Just imagine building all of that in span of 2 years and then just major update comes and half of the farms are broken and the other half is just so slow and inefficient

  • LifeEverything

    Ima just striaght say this mumbo ur the only guy with a big enough redstone brain to do most of this

  • MT Infinity
    MT Infinity

    So here's a bunch of projects you're probably never going to do...

  • Lucas Lowery
    Lucas Lowery

    Build dirt house Ok Build bigger house Yea ok Build castle Hmm ok Reconstruct the universe from scratch Leaves room

    • 🌿 ʟɪᴠ🌱
      🌿 ʟɪᴠ🌱

      @Minecraft Player777 it has 1.2k likes now.. :D

    • Candyams

      Minecraft Player777 it was on 667 so I unliked it to get t back to 666. Papa bless.

    • Minecraft Player777
      Minecraft Player777

      I wanna like this but it’s on 666

    • Candyams

      Yup. Pretty much.

    • Oct

      Lucas Lowery he’d probably make it a model that was 100% accurate and exactly to scale

  • isadankers

    teacher: the test is easy the test: "how many farms does Mumbo own?"

  • IDKmyusername

    “The first project should be a dirt house.” Am I the only one who always builds a massive mansion as my starter house?

  • Trademark

    I was like "Wow! Finally! I just built a random black & white checkered room and idk what to do anymore" but then as i continued watching, my brain exploded

  • Ardentacious

    thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm doing a little minecraft series and i needed some ideas, this was the PERFECT viedo!

  • MisterZayats

    Imagine knowing how to build any of this

    • Patience Jalbert
      Patience Jalbert

      It took my and my cousin 15 minutes to get enough blocks to build two mincraft statues of are skins and like 1 to build his skin. For ever pixel that = one block so they are pretty big

    • Maples

      Imagine not knowing how to build all of this

    • evxotic

      storage system is something that everyone should have

    • Brandon Wells
      Brandon Wells

      My best friend is THAT dude when it comes to building and it’s annoying😂

    • Jackson Morin
      Jackson Morin


  • Da Big Ben
    Da Big Ben

    Yes I well now take my 33,000 years of work that I put into building all of that to blow it up 4:07

  • PuroCreeps

    Even though this looks pretty hard it somehow gave me motivation

  • Georgia✨🌻

    This man is at 6 million already. It's been so long :')

  • Mike Costa
    Mike Costa

    Man I was just looking for house ideas and stumbled upon the most advanced technology known to man

  • Hamm SlayDog
    Hamm SlayDog

    went from a dirt hut to a kingdom in literally 7 seconds

    • IceCreamJunkie

      “And that’s it for that boring stuff”

    • green wolf 5000
      green wolf 5000

      Me and my bro made a whole tree city randomly in survival and srsly have so much stuff in it like an under water castle

    • Sammy Sicari
      Sammy Sicari

      Joe Mama You're a right ray of sunshine, aren't you?

    • DotsYT

      Joe Mama lol,

  • ωαям вяєαժ • 20 years ago
    ωαям вяєαժ • 20 years ago

    Before watching this I WAS proud of myself for building my first zombie xp farm....

  • ᛋᛋ

    My survival project: creeper farm. Wood farm for the wood in the creeper farm. Need slime and honey for a wood farm, so build those. Need a witch farm for all the redstone that i need for the farm above. Need iron farm for the beacon to help with the perimeter. Need a villager breeder. Need a wither skeleton farm to get beacon. Need cobblestone farm to get the slab for spawn proofing the wither skeleton farm. Need tnt for the cobblestone generator. Need creeper farm for tnt. It is just an endless loop💀

  • Youltey

    i searched “easy things to add to your survival world” and i have no idea how to build any of this

  • lily lim
    lily lim

    This is very useful for a newbie that havent have minecraft but want to learn more about it

  • Evap

    The thing is i have almost completed all the farms and i just missed the decorative bits well i did make an awesome black pyramid for villagers to live in but yea that’s the only appealing part of my world

  • Johnik Johnston
    Johnik Johnston

    Its SImpLe. Just build an empire with a kingdom and port, a gigantic iron farm, a storage system, and your done just like that. Its so EASY.

  • C00K1E

    I seriously needed this, I don’t have a clue what to do when I have built my house lol

  • Monk

    Me: “maybe I’ll find an easy but useful project Mumbo: “now you may as well make an automatic sorting system and an automatic miner while your at it.”

  • BasedJäger

    Everyone: So what farm should I build first? Mumbo: Yes

    • Pogg

      Me: what materials do I use?? Mumbo: *yes*

    • BenDuffyGames


    • Voidbeanz

      Do iron farm like they said. But not first. Thats annoying. Make a semi auto. Wheat, carrot, potato, and beet farm. By using a dispenser with a water bucket. You should just look it up on youtube

    • Beefy

      Do iron farm honestly. You’ll need it for most other farms anyway

    • Gabriel King
      Gabriel King

      some of his projects are spookily hard, *spookwave intensifies*

  • Noah Ohley
    Noah Ohley

    0:34 this man is rocking that Keralis modern house build

  • Arizona Ranger
    Arizona Ranger

    Looking back at this almost 6 years later those texture packs back in the day looked horrendous😂

  • Greg S
    Greg S

    Me after watching Mumbo: I want to start a new project on my survival world! Me: googles "what should i build on my survival world?" Mumbo:

  • Delete Account
    Delete Account

    DISCLAIMER: The Title of This Video Was a Typo Actual Title: 50 Farms For Your Minecraft Survival Worlds!

  • Andrea Perez
    Andrea Perez

    I tried building a castle but it just looked like a bigger dirt hut.

    • Othello Barker
      Othello Barker

      I'm making a castle we should play together on my survival world the front of the castle been finished and all my friends got their pet dragons guarding it so we can build peacefully

    • TheReaperOfLykos76

      Mine WAS a bigger dirt hut.

    • R

      Andrea Perez lmao

    • Jack Ferfag
      Jack Ferfag

      Use wood :)

  • Selors

    Mumbo: “a bee farm..” Mumbo: *shows a cow farm*

  • shynekopiss

    This video was all my childhood crumbled thinking I was "good" At Minecraft and realised I can barely make a flower farm...

  • Mandeep Gill
    Mandeep Gill

    Me: how am I going to build all this? Munro Jumbo: you just gave me a good idea I should make a red stone machine where it can build ANYTHING!

  • Nick Roos hoefgeest
    Nick Roos hoefgeest

    i tought i was pretty done with my world so i was looking for someone with some ideas te create on my world now i think i need 4more years of quarantaine to finish my world😅

  • S. CHEZ
    S. CHEZ

    "Build a dirt house" Me: "Hah I have a pretty good hou-" "Then your gonna wanna build yourself a castle with a kingdom"

    • Ahmad Danish Aqeef
      Ahmad Danish Aqeef

      @Seekers' Wanderings look at his hermitcraft series

    • Zeyad Ashraf
      Zeyad Ashraf

      That was the simple project

    • Tianna Gilchrist
      Tianna Gilchrist

      @Seekers' Wanderings probably is

    • Seekers' Wanderings
      Seekers' Wanderings

      Is this really created in survival mode? Looks like it's creative/survival to me.

  • Qsader

    I built a huge base at the start of my survival and then a made a huge bridge that goes through mountains and past that mountaun I built another base and then I continued the bridge. So basically I will keep one base behind and keep moving

  • l0se7 streams
    l0se7 streams

    So for your dirt system your gonna want a entire castle with 40 rooms

  • Sailesh Rao
    Sailesh Rao

    Can u make an iron farm convenient for 1.16? I hv searched a lot but didnt work

  • JumpVelocity

    You should make an updated version of this.

  • zack

    The only farms I'm doing are manual wheat farms

    • Luke Ilderton
      Luke Ilderton


    • Ocean Mermaids
      Ocean Mermaids

      Same lmao

    • Ultra

      Sad, that's just sad

    • Vigilante Snipes
      Vigilante Snipes

      sour apple same

    • Outcasts Die
      Outcasts Die

      sour apple 🍎

  • Chelsea B
    Chelsea B

    Weird question but.. what texture pack do you use ? :)

  • dawnstray

    "first, make a dirt house" okay. "then improve it to an actual house" alright, easy. "then u want to make it even bigger" sure sure. "then build a castle" wait what. "and last but not least, make a whole ass country" alright then ill just leave, uhhhh "im kidding, im kidding, lets skip the boring part and move to the main point of the video" oh, thank god. "alright so, *proceeds to flex on you*"