50 Most Frustrating Things in Minecraft
Mumbo Jumbo
Minecraft is a happy game. BUT! There are plenty of frustrating Minecraft things, and in today's video we are going to do a list of the 50 most frustrating things for Mumbo in Minecraft. Hitting your head on the top of stairs, getting bad enchantments and running out of rockets to name a few. These things are enough to make you minecraft rage quit!
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    I saw all the comments coming in saying 'I logged into Minecraft this morning' and was really confused thinking I had missed the latest cutting edge Minecraft meme. I've played myself.

    • *_’Donny Le Potty’_ *
      *_’Donny Le Potty’_ *


    • ClashWolf

      I use auto jump but then I’m on bedrock on an iPad so you can’t look where you’re going if you’re jumping you need an extra index finger to look, jump and move at the same time.

    • Henry Stickmin
      Henry Stickmin

      GOD NO

    • Fool Magician
      Fool Magician

      I only replied to get it too 500 replies

    • DarthCalzone

      My gosh Mumbo. How.

  • D G
    D G

    "you may not rest, there are monsters nearby" That's why I want to rest in the first place...

    • waya Crazy
      waya Crazy


    • Jordan P
      Jordan P

      Jesus loves you

    • LegoLoverGirl

      Yea definitely it's so annoying

    • Dolphin Adventures
      Dolphin Adventures

      Yes, all the time

  • Pixelcraftian

    _""Quote it down in the comment section""_ _"- Mumbo"_ - Me Melons are one thing, but sweet berries are another. It's so irritating when you accidentally place them when you meant to eat them. Awesome video

    • cronicvr123

      Broo same one world I had a berry farm and it was chaos

    • My wonderus world
      My wonderus world

      Though it’s just a normal comment It looks very good and artistic I would Frame this if I wanted to… Thank you

    • That_Child

      @L1ri0 4zu1 Woke up and chose ✨violence✨

    • Zoe Macpherson
      Zoe Macpherson

      Or accidentally eating something instead of placing it.

    • Fuscous GD
      Fuscous GD

      Accidentally placing them is only for absolute noobs.

  • Solger

    Fun fact: since phantoms won by less than 100 votes, it is very likely that he is a large part of them winning

    • Moo cow
      Moo cow

      @Bridger Fogg comp, strong blaze and evil squid

    • Conejito Rosada
      Conejito Rosada

      @Guy With an Opinion yeah, it sounds fun. But also terrible, mostly when you just wanted to chill and vibe. You CAN'T swim in Minecraft at the time, all you can do is BOB and SINK, so Making the players hate the ocean even more is stupid, which is why it didn't win.

    • Guy With an Opinion
      Guy With an Opinion

      @Conejito Rosada it will actually. Fighting a kraken in Minecraft? That sounds fun af

    • Conejito Rosada
      Conejito Rosada

      @Solger wow, Fantastic. People already hate the ocean so let's add in a dangerous mob as well! I'm sure that'll encourage the players to go exploring on the ocean!

    • Solger

      @Conejito Rosada The ocean wouldve been less bland had they added that, even without the update

  • Greyed

    2:10 - autojump - accessibility feature. I agree it should be off by default, but it should be there for people who have a disability that precludes quickly and simply using the jump button.

    • Chojin613

      @Stettafire Not really. As a keyboard and mouse player you wouldn't understand

    • Stettafire

      By that logic though, wouldn't said disability preventing quick pressing of the space bar also prevent pressing of the WASD keys? It seems like an odd choice

    • Jenna S.
      Jenna S.

      Agreed with all statements

    • Chojin613

      @Ian Mulkey yes, absolutely

    • Ian Mulkey
      Ian Mulkey

      *raises hand* Does mobile gaming count as a disability?

  • Ambarish Mallick
    Ambarish Mallick

    12 minutes of pure comedy rant !! lmao.. that's why I love this guy

  • iceball8314

    When you’re digging straight up and there’s a mountain above you.

    • Brant Garratt
      Brant Garratt

      But you thought it was a valley.....

    • I Love Pokemon
      I Love Pokemon

      Its still better than lava above. I lost my diamond sword 🗡️

    • StephenYMKim

      S I L V E R F I S H !

    • Geysergetreal🇺🇦

      @Vinny kitty same

    • Red Door Studios
      Red Door Studios

      Nothing worse then finally digging out and being on a mountain

  • DashingClasher

    "I logged into Minecraft this morning..." -Mumbo Jumbo, Wandering Trader Executioner

  • Landon Madison
    Landon Madison

    I love name tagging 3-4 zombies and giving them my extra gear, waiting for a friend to be online and then leading a small army of diamond armored zombies to their base while they’re still rocking iron tools 😂

  • Ashton Love
    Ashton Love

    9:32 i found this one really interesting because now the only ingredient in those items that isn't farmable is sand for concrete (and glass for daylight detectors if you don't count villager trading) technically sand is renewable through wandering traders, but i refuse to consider that a genuine way to farm. much easier to find a desert...

  • Waidi

    7:30 for me it's more frustrating when i get a Silk Touch along with a good enchant.. like i want to be able to mine diamonds please

  • NetroxSM

    I love how Mumbo has a world called "Existential Crisis". I feel ya buddy.

    • TraverseIce

      People these worlds are from his “I build your silly redstone ideas”

    • TypodPikachu

      Cheers I'll drink to that bro

    • linkthehero1234

      @Sampoerna Dianto i did want to comment that, so i did

    • Temxas remd
      Temxas remd

      Isnt there a comment like this that turned into a fight

    • BlakeGaming259

      Baby yoda flying pod chicken world

  • themaninorange

    Mass-Crafting Dispensers: Instead of clicking on the dispenser recipe, use the Dropper recipe. This will load the crafting grid with everything that makes a dispenser except the bow. Then, take your bows and move them one at a time to the crafting grid and take a dispenser. It still sucks, but it feels faster to me.

  • Beetell

    I like how the word “Most” in the title implies that Minecraft is even more insanely frustrating than it’s cut out to be in the video

  • Random person
    Random person

    Adding on to the chest next to wood thing, playing in pocket edition and trying to do anything wood related with an axe, you need to have extra logs on hand just in case you inevitably strip one

  • Alicia I
    Alicia I

    Another really frustrating thing that happened to me before when I was playing Minecraft was I had like 15 bones in my inventory (this was during the caves and cliffs update, so I needed the bones to grow moss) and saw a wolf. Like anyone else, I tried to tame the wolf, thinking that it would take only one, maybe two bones. THAT. DARN. WOLF. TOOK. ALL. 15. OF. MY. BONES. AND. STILL. DIDN'T. LET. ME. TAME. IT. I know that is, like, a super rare occurrence, but I was still frustrated and, quite frankly, livid.

  • Giovanna Fransesca
    Giovanna Fransesca

    “Take the coordinates of the nether portal, divide them by 8, make a prayer to the rain god, and then sacrifice your first born” *that sounds like the hermit challenge*

    • Thomas Combe
      Thomas Combe


    • FrostC

      I'm the first born 😅

    • Raetlu Lee
      Raetlu Lee

      @360_Gangster Elite yaaAyYyy

    • MY Chloe Yeap
      MY Chloe Yeap

      @extreme toys j k

    • Oiom Gaming
      Oiom Gaming

      "I still got autojump on, burn me."

  • NotRenn

    11/10 video absolutely hilarious and entertaining.

  • Youraveragegumballfan

    Mumbo, no matter how much you fail, we will always love you, you are amazing with redstone and it’s amazing to see somebody so smart who makes something not meant to be super complicated INTO A WHOLE DANG COMPUTER, I will always love you mumbo Ps: we are both british

  • Diver

    Any Villager based Farm is incredibly frustrating.

  • Michael Baldwin
    Michael Baldwin

    the wandering trader is for when you need a farm-able item but don't have the initial item. like if you can't find sugarcane.

  • IMJenny

    The log stripping thing! An axe is my weapon, I carry it as I walk around. I couldn't tell you how many times I've had to repair a friend's build because I stripped a log while trying to open their door.

  • Raydok

    11:29 pocket edition players can relate Specifically in the scenario where you're mining wood, adjust your viewing direction, and you just strip it by accident

  • Syberyah

    8:17 Me, every time I go to make an automatic sugar cane farm, which is already the only bit of redstone I'm capable of doing

  • Alfie Miller-Sharp
    Alfie Miller-Sharp

    For the sprinting thing, you can use toggle sprint with like the r key or something

  • Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown

    you missed when you’re trying to place a stair block and the stairs turn every other way *except* the way you want them to

    • truckjumperdude


    • Urdnot Alechi
      Urdnot Alechi


    • Thomas Combe
      Thomas Combe

      They are so confusing

    • CiTalbot


  • KefkeWren

    "I would bet my feet on it." -- Mumbo, 2020

  • Beach Baki
    Beach Baki

    In my bedrock world (pretty heavy, like 300Mb), somehow every entity (nametagged pets, unnamed pets, villagers on farms, the wither on the end for my farm, every farm animal...) just despawned. Now endermen do not spawn on the end. The only positive thing is that from the update I made a copy, but I lost 3 weeks of progress (lost 1/2 of giant railway, and a giant pyramid). Man this was like 2 months ago and I am so unmotivated to play right now...

  • Nightshade

    for the repeater jump its simple: (might be abit late now ) hold shift and right click then jump.... works everytime dont have to time it.

  • Masked

    I think auto-jump is only good when you're playing on mobile version and it's a pain to press jump every second. Feel free to disagree

  • OceanPaper

    When you mine one block of gravel and the entire mountain falls on your head:

    • Louay Hakmaoui
      Louay Hakmaoui

      Or when you find a ravine in a desert biome and mine one block of sand then all the other sand falls off while you're standing on it

    • Gxb3 _
      Gxb3 _

      when ur in a cave and place a torch on gravel and fall into lava

    • R M M
      R M M

      profile picture is an accurate reaction lol

    • ReteroLS

      Yeaaa I was on a new world with a full on gravel mountain it was full on gravel only gravel even torches took 55 minutes to clean

    • Noah- Gaming
      Noah- Gaming

      the fact that you named yourself no you 21 and then soul comes around and you fell like :|

  • Canonic Kero
    Canonic Kero

    I used to use autojump when I first started out because I liked not having to worry about getting stuck on blocks and stuff, and then my brother started yelling at me about it and telling me that it was stupid, so I turned it off.

  • Just Monika :3
    Just Monika :3

    When you want to see how your build looks at night so you go to setting but there is no always night option

  • ProSamurai Gaming
    ProSamurai Gaming

    Couple of frustrating things: -When you need food quickly and you can't find any animals or villages for crops. -When you find a village super far away from your base, get a villager in your boat, and then halfway in the middle of the ocean or close to your base, the villager dies and you have to go back to the village and get another one -Enchanting with an enchantment table is just frustrating. -Finishing building a red stone contraption, logging out, and then logging back in and finding that the contraption has broken somehow(especially frustrating with complicated contraptions) -Getting lost in a cave, especially with all your pickaxe(s) just about to break and you don't have mending yet. -Just...complicated red stone contraptions in general. -when the chunk hasn't loaded. I usually just land and wait for the chunk to load, so it's frustrating because it kind of wastes a rocket. -mining out large spaces, especially without tnt duplicators or beacons. -Accidentally creating stripped logs(Minecraft pls allow us to unstrip logs, pllllllssss) -Concrete is a great building material, but the recipe itself is frustrating. -getting rare items are very frustrating, especially when you've killed so many mobs or explored so much of the world but haven't gotten the item. -For Speedrunners: Getting the perfect seed, everything going perfect, getting the world record time...and then the ender dragon kills you. -An annoying one: red stone contraptions with stuff that make loads of noise, like pistons. -Evokers and Vexes. -lag killing you Ex. the world lags and you fall off a cliff. -accidentally hitting an animal whilst trying to tame it, especially when you accidentally kill it by punching it. -dying real far from home. -Creepers.

  • Ryan Bradley
    Ryan Bradley

    Answering to the request to comment about this one, I actually like auto jump and think it fits nicely.

  • BriBerry

    *Mumbo Jumbo:* No judgements here *Also Mumbo Jumbo:* If you do use auto jump, I was going to say you should catch on fire.

    • Irish_EnderMan

      @Stettafire I know that, but is the auto jump hate a PC thing or what?

    • Stettafire

      @mori Or just don't play crappy mobile games and play the full versions instead

    • Stettafire

      @Irish_EnderMan The video is very obviously PC

    • Haven Kessler
      Haven Kessler

      I hateeeeee auto jump😒

    • Thomas Nichols
      Thomas Nichols


  • CandleCat

    Auto jump makes you go up stairs faster as a miner this is very helpful to get in and out of the mines

  • duct tape and french fries.
    duct tape and french fries.

    Phantoms were what pushed my friend into modded minecraft. He wanted to remove them lol

  • Huka Ch
    Huka Ch

    Every time I start something, I turn on auto-jump. It's so useful for climbing stairs!

  • ChronoFactor

    I wonder if it is possible to just have a special tool for stripping logs instead of an Axe. As someone who exclusively uses stone axes for combat I've stripped the logs that surround my entrance door far too often and it hurts even more when that wood is wood that I specifically went out of my way to grab because it doesn't grow where I put my base. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S RARE MODDED WOOD like honestly, it's a travesty. It's like having the middle mouse button make you explode like a creeper.

  • DiamondDragon

    Mumbo: "I've logged into Minecraft this morning." *Also Mumbo: "I would bet my feet on it!"*

    • Simekon

      @Red Dragon not for long😳

    • Fletcher bwoi
      Fletcher bwoi


    • KayGames

      I literally immediately went down into the comments knowing that someone would have had to do it

    • Ro Gaming
      Ro Gaming

      That's why he's using metric now

    • Scott Tindall
      Scott Tindall


  • Fox Takeyama
    Fox Takeyama

    I've never actually gotten lost in an abandoned mineshaft. The one thing I have done is died several times for dumb reasons, picking up my stuff several times and then finally escaping.

  • crazy_mind1262

    "Stuff that cant be farmed" *shows 5 things with all farmable resources* (Minus sand for concrete)

  • Jkr

    "goodness me i feel better now that he's dead" - mumbo after grain touches his redstone

  • DominiqPRIME

    When you were farming to level 30 to enchant your gear very nicely. But you miss-click and enchant the Item to a different enchant that you wanted. This happened to me 2 times at the same day

  • Squat Penguin2
    Squat Penguin2

    They need to add a woodcutter like how they have a stonecutter.

    • MarvelousButter

      A sawmill

    • Keegan McVittie
      Keegan McVittie

      Carpenter's bench seems like a good name for a job block that matches, with the villager buying axes and selling wood that matches the village's biome

    • ChiefLordguy65

      On mcpedl there is a mod for that

    • Shar

      That's a really good idea

    • Steve Arno
      Steve Arno

      Stonecutter can cut stone... But wood?!!!! Aww hell no.

  • Shar

    Dude the stripping of the logs in my cabin by accident is an occurrence that happens often. Very specific, but both my brother and boyfriend do the same thing and then we make it a thing to go get a new log and bring it back to replace the accidentally stripped one.😂

  • Tony Th
    Tony Th

    Phantoms are the only thing that genuenly terrify me in Minecraft. Like, I'm out, exploring the map, suddenly random screeches and these things descend on me. Always scares me.

  • ashes48

    I play survival mode and one of the most frustrating things for me is after I finish building something complex, just to turn around and hear a creeper hissing next to you... kills me and takes out part of what I just finished building. darn creepers lol

  • Doen Snikduj
    Doen Snikduj

    I play pocket edition(lack of better platforms), and I use auto jump. It helps when mining, for the most part.

  • Hank Kirby
    Hank Kirby

    Also: “Bed is too far away” That drives me insane.

    • skates

      if it registers im clicking the bed why not just put me in the bed????????

    • Anabelle Wagle
      Anabelle Wagle


    • Christian Ellul
      Christian Ellul

      yeah. if i'm to far away, why can't i jump to it. mnecraft needs to add that. when your to far to your bed, you jump to it.

    • MaddisonPaterson


    • Ushiromiya Battler
      Ushiromiya Battler


  • Aine Malone
    Aine Malone

    Mumbo: this is the maximum velocity I can craft dispensers Bedrock players: I have no such weakness

  • Chimerat

    4:49 Shouldn't Shift+click prevent the need for that last drag?

  • Kaavya Sharma
    Kaavya Sharma

    Mumbo: “having auto jump on.” Me: Trying to hide myself in a mountain of pillows

  • HonoOkami_

    The most infuriating thing in minecraft: watching someone reverse the recipe- It still crafts, it's just infuriating- I mean, look at 7:00 and tell me this doesn't infuriate you- This is all a joke (kinda) It bothers me but at the same time, you do you- just know, I will find you- and I will hide 5 zombies around your base making sure they are in range of your bed to cause you permanant annoyance and confusion. It's the most passive-aggressive way of making someone cry or rip their hair out (I should know, the "you can't sleep now, there are monsters near by" makes me want to put a whole through my wall)

  • jlMaverickPlays

    "I'm not necessarily saying that they should remove all flowers" - Mumbo 2020 (10:45) "Peace, love and PLANTS" - Mumbo 2021

    • gus

      Best one I heard in 2 years

    • Kit Callie
      Kit Callie

      Just make flowers pop when a block lands like grass does, right?

    • Coop Gipp
      Coop Gipp

      That's character development

    • -Cool Sam-23-
      -Cool Sam-23-

      yes, that's amazing XD

  • FlameUser64

    When you're playing Minecraft with a gun mod and are scared of creepers, wandering traders are quite useful actually. just sell boatloads of paper to cartographers before the trader shows up and then _buy_ all the gunpowder you need for your bullets. /noobstrats

  • Feisty Anne
    Feisty Anne

    I don’t usually use the Automatic jump thing usually, but there was one time when I hurt my hand and couldn’t hit the space button without having a twinge of pain….so yea auto jump came in handy for a couple days

  • Vincent DeLuca
    Vincent DeLuca

    For dispensers make a stack of Droppers then just shift click the bow to get it in the middle, Shift click the Dispenser, rince and repeat

  • Kenza Rezyarifin
    Kenza Rezyarifin

    When you want to break misplaced redstone, but your mouse does a double click and ended up breaking other circuit.

  • Lennart Wojahn
    Lennart Wojahn

    “Bed is too far away” when you are literally like 2 blocks away gets me every time

    • Thomas Combe
      Thomas Combe

      @rain since when does minecraft ever had things that made sense

    • Thomas Combe
      Thomas Combe

      Same and then and creeper or skeleton appears before you get close to your bed. Then it says, "cant sleep now, there are monsters nearby"

    • SepticComics 09
      SepticComics 09

      And then there are times when I'm 4 blocks away and it's fine but the next time I sleep I'll be standing on my bed and can't sleep-

    • Pee Wee
      Pee Wee

      @wudee yes we can

    • OpTube Shorts!
      OpTube Shorts!

      "there are mosters nearby" and that were the 2 bed things

  • BJCMXY's Lists & Commentary
    BJCMXY's Lists & Commentary

    That's why I build in Stone. I may go through pickaxes like nothing else, but that's a small price to pay for something that doesn't break easily.

  • S For Sheepy
    S For Sheepy

    2:09 I always use auto jump and I like it. I used it when my space key broke and I have a new keyboard but I still use it. You get used to it and it’s convenient for AFK running.

  • GoetzeLP

    I sometimes wish for wandering traders because they can sell dripstone and i play in a pre 1.17 bedrock world where all chunks in a 10000 chunk radius have already been loaded.

  • Egirler

    'I would bet my feet on it' sounds more out-of-context then 'i logged onto minecraft this morning'

  • A wild Filing cabinet
    A wild Filing cabinet

    In defense of auto-jump: Mobile. It’s such a pain to deal with trying to press that little button every single block, and holding it down doesn’t work.

    • Stettafire

      This video is Java edition, mobile is irrelevant

    • Sneako

      I FEEL THAT PAIN :((((

    • Lame Gaming
      Lame Gaming

      @voidTectonic being new to pc doesn't count

    • Cok Aris
      Cok Aris

      @The Chosen One yeah me too

    • 『Chxco_l@st!c遲』

      I like auto-jump, I play in mobile and I don't want to hold the jump button at all

  • bird_bruh

    This video inspired me to make my mines easier to walk down

  • Guy With an Opinion
    Guy With an Opinion

    The stairs crafting recipe is weird but that’s why it gives multiple. I think the missing slice adds up that way

  • penpen quit.
    penpen quit.

    I ended up using auto jump for months before figuring out I could change it

  • Mr j deuce
    Mr j deuce

    As a mostly bedrock player I felt it when he said build a one tick pulse

  • Eli Hawkins
    Eli Hawkins

    Little trick I've picked up when caving and going through mine shafts, it's just become a habit. Use torches to light up your way, just place them in your off-hand, but only ever place them on the left hand side as you get deeper. This way, as you're navigating your tunnels and caves, if you see torches on your right, you know you are getting closer to the entrance/exit and if you see them on your left, you know you're getting deeper and further from the entrance.

    • Stettafire

      That's a paulsorrsjr tip ;)

    • Collin L
      Collin L

      I just block off dead ends and places that I’ve already explored that don’t lead anywhere important with cobble.

    • MKahn84

      I've always done that - put the torches on the left wall. It comes from the sailing saying, "Red is right returning" (when returning to harbor, the red channel markers are on the right side). Torches are kind of red.

    • Riccardo Veres
      Riccardo Veres

      I learned that trick from PaulSoares back in the old days of Minecraft.

    • 4 up
      4 up

      I play bedrock edition... torches can not be hold in the off hand.

  • Strein

    "Do a 1 tick pulse" The only difference with that is the timing of the repeater and block spitting

  • Lee

    "I feel so much better now he's dead" -Mumbo Jumbo 2021

  • William Barnes
    William Barnes

    I like Minecraft's graphics, I just wish the blocks were 1/2 or 1/4 scale in each direction.

  • beirirangu

    When you can't completely spawnproof a section, and the next thing you know, a creeper explodes

  • Tupper Kidz
    Tupper Kidz

    When you cut down a tree and you can’t reach the one last block

    • The Cookie
      The Cookie

      @Bermuda lust yeah i do that as well

    • Freya Taylor
      Freya Taylor


    • Tech Outsider
      Tech Outsider

      Just leave the tree floating

    • druganema


    • Alice Davis
      Alice Davis


  • _{CreativeKoala}_

    The most frustrating thing in Minecraft is when you spent weeks on a mega build, you forget to light it or leave a door open then several creepers wander in and blow up a bit of it. Then you might forget where all the blacks go or in a worse scenario, it doesn’t drop all the items you need and you have to go get them manually all over again.

  • Greenbird Gaming
    Greenbird Gaming

    How to do a 1 tick pulse in bedrock: 1. Make a normal java 1 tick pulse. 2. Reverse the position of the redstone and the repeater. 3. Realize it's no harder to do it in bedrock than java.

  • LotusCrow

    I think the most fustrating thing for Mei's when you invite someone in your house and they start going through all your stuff

  • Snacklepop 451
    Snacklepop 451

    I’m still really frustrated that bedrock edition doesn’t have one tick pulse stuff and quasi connectivity