30 New Farms For 1.17
Showcasing 30 new farms you can make in 1.17
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  • Anthony Esper
    Anthony Esper


  • Abominable

    The update: Hi guys I just came ou-

  • Nite Fort
    Nite Fort

    You can use a hoe on rooted dirt to turn it into dirt. Seems easier than using the shovel

  • Dudu Cosmin - Anime Romania
    Dudu Cosmin - Anime Romania

    I could hear the smile on your face when you talked about shulkers

  • Meowth

    I haven't even played the release yet, but Mango already has 30 new farms...

  • Manolo Gonzalez
    Manolo Gonzalez

    "If you take a look at game mechanics, part 1 of the update definitely offers a lot more content than part 2..."

  • Peepo The Frog
    Peepo The Frog

    I made a farm that when creepers get strucked by lighting they turn into charged creepers and then they are transported to a mob farm . Once I ignite the creeper or trigger it they would drop loads of mob heads. Not really sure why I need mob heads but it's always a flex to have...

  • Elan Wan
    Elan Wan

    I can’t get over the fact that moss spreading into stone, which is such a simple thing, makes semi automatic dirt and fully automatic wood

  • Jan-Luca Frühauf
    Jan-Luca Frühauf

    You could use the nether portal trick for keeping the chunks loaded while this moss farm is running, detect when the storage is full and unload the area by stopping the minecart/item from cycling through the dimensions. When somebody takes something out of the chest you can detect that as well, starting the farm again. This way you don't even have to worry about placing a bot there and deleting it when not needed anymore, the loaded area gets smaller (18 chunks, 9 chunks for each dimension) and the process is even more automated. This works for bee farms and iron farms as well

  • Briar Black
    Briar Black

    We really need some scicraft knowledge about the collection system for shulkers. I remember when the snapshots were coming out you guys made some kind of method on getting them into a killing chamber and drop collector but the details on how to build that were vague, something about coordinates. Would really love some in depth explaination

  • GreenGargoyle

    Thank goodness you covered renewable shulker shells. I feel like everybody is overlooking how huge that is

  • Aquablure Kh
    Aquablure Kh

    The bee honey farm with on/off switch is genius, my favorite one so far 🤩

  • A P
    A P

    That is 73.62 farms per hour (during the video). Next video will be about automating farm creation to maximize creation rates.

  • Aloysius Kurnia
    Aloysius Kurnia

    Others: booo caves and cliffs without caves and cliffs

  • Zac Lindsay
    Zac Lindsay

    Glad I watched till the end! Renewable shulker shells is gonna be one of the best new mechanics, for sure!

  • SudinBeast

    Skyblock player:Lets go we have automatic dirt farm now

  • Diamond in VR
    Diamond in VR

    A netherwart farm has been long sought after and here it is, casually mentioned as if it were nothing. My god I'm excited to make one of those

  • floop

    I had a double take when I read the title. But honestly, it's nothing short of what I would expect from you.

  • Der Mathe Babo
    Der Mathe Babo

    So you now can make a really efficient bone meal farm, that supplies a automatic (azalea) wood farm, that can power a furnace aray to convert the wood into charcoal to fuel a super smelter. Nice!

  • Zachery Butter
    Zachery Butter

    That Azalea tree farm is absolutely cracked. My friends and I are running low on raw resources like wood and stone because my building projects are so expensive. Ilmango always delivers gold. I wouldn’t be playing Minecraft without his and others’ contributions.