30 EXTREMELY Satisfying Moments in Minecraft!
Mumbo Jumbo
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  • Iryoku

    i remembered when i placed the torch so fast that the sand didn’t fall and i thought i was a god

    • THEJazyQueen

      I’m tryin that out.

    • Carter Adams
      Carter Adams

      If you click every mouse button at once you can destroy a block and place a new one in an instant

    • Cool Steve
      Cool Steve

      I did it a lot 😇

    • Rehan Cestona jelly
      Rehan Cestona jelly

      I did that too

    • Jacob Mago
      Jacob Mago

      Bruh it worked on me while playing on a Philippine Server lol. I was down there and I was trying to collect gravel. And I clicked so fast that the gravel defied gravity

  • Unknown Variable
    Unknown Variable

    that moment when you successfully get 11.2 million people to watch grass grow

    • Jazin Bazack
      Jazin Bazack

      @James B I agree. 13,096,100 views now 😁

    • James B
      James B


    • Ophelia

      12.9 now, I think you hate these messages

    • Yes-se S
      Yes-se S

      12.8 now

  • Reagan Templeton
    Reagan Templeton

    i love listening to the cracking noise the dragon makes after you kill it, is it just me?

    • Doggo

      @Luns Kids why reply twice

    • Luns Kids
      Luns Kids

      Just you

    • Luns Kids
      Luns Kids

      Just you

    • FewVidsJustComments

      Ya. I hear it as “ooooeraah kawheee... *crackle crackle*, and then there’s that classic whirr to a stop at the end.

    • Kathryn James and Ben
      Kathryn James and Ben

      I love that noise

  • Noah Frankel
    Noah Frankel

    All those trees with the sapling world should be a biome.

    • Tania Berrios
      Tania Berrios

      for real tho

    • Jeep forces
      Jeep forces

      The tree forest

    • charlotte Barker
      charlotte Barker

      @ChiefGamer but also like the hydra if you burn the ground around the tree so that the sapling gets burned before it can plant then you can cut down the tree

    • Lyra Whitemore
      Lyra Whitemore

      Should be called sapland

    • Hasnain

      Wht is pickaxe command

  • Jisung Pwark
    Jisung Pwark

    “I just need to be better at this game seriously” _built a walking town_

    • My name was to long
      My name was to long

      I can’t even build a red stone clock in bedrock

    • King Creeper
      King Creeper

      @Zipiple thnx

    • King Creeper
      King Creeper

      @Zipiple ok

    • Zipiple

      @King Creeper I can help you get good

    • King Creeper
      King Creeper

      i want to be good at redstone

  • trashgaming

    "its like an infection spreading!" 2 years later: "well i screwed up."

    • Barcotron

      Well....too bad?

    • Bikas Singh
      Bikas Singh

      There's another virus this time on the internet..... Amogus virus

    • Ben Cassidy
      Ben Cassidy

      It is still here in 2021

    • NygelTerns

      you again

    • Simon Fortin
      Simon Fortin


  • boobtube45

    Mumbo: "throwing Diamonds into lava, now that is satisfying" Me: "more like triggering"

    • Elora Allen
      Elora Allen

      yeah there is no way he was actually on the hermitcraft server

  • Justin

    With that last one, I can just imagine another list like this where it slowly transitions from satisfying things into stressful things. "Another satisfying part of minecraft is when you open up a wall next to you and lava starts to flow out of it before you can patch it up." "One of my favorite things in minecraft is stepping on the pressure plate in a desert temple and just listening to that hiss." "Now I know this only applies to those of us who use optifine, but when you're standing still and see a light pop up from behind you, it's truly one of the best feelings."

  • Huzuqi MC
    Huzuqi MC

    5:28: "It's like an infection spreading!" People in 2020: *Well said*

    • Curtis Steeves
      Curtis Steeves

      So true..

    • Huzuqi MC
      Huzuqi MC

      @Mr.Bark670 ik, but wanted to write the *m e m e*

    • Mr.Bark670

      2021 my dude

  • Road Work Ahead
    Road Work Ahead

    “it’s like an infection spreading” me: no. no. no.

    • Road Work Ahead
      Road Work Ahead

      @Rose Tooley seven foot frame Rats along his back When he calls your name It all fades to black

    • Rose Tooley
      Rose Tooley

      We don’t talk about Bruno 😎

    • Road Work Ahead
      Road Work Ahead

      @Optimal Synergies shhhh

    • Optimal Synergies
      Optimal Synergies

      Uh yeah I sure hope it does

    • Wals J
      Wals J

      Covid: you called?

  • SweatyAsUrPits

    The Mycelium Resistance looking at the thumbnail: This hasn’t aged well.

    • Abhishek Khandelwal
      Abhishek Khandelwal


  • wantsomechickenlad

    "You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby" *Think about that next time you can't sleep*

    • Addi’s Adventures
      Addi’s Adventures

      Omg…. *GENIUS*

    • MrPoyo

      Hey guys is not the ral boi

    • Piper Ricca
      Piper Ricca

      that is the most non satisfying thing. When I get in my friend's smp realm, its nighttime, I try to hop in my bed; there is a skelly on spooder waiting in my wheat farm.

    • Wals J
      Wals J

      Rick Astley you have made a legendary meme without knowing ( this is a joke guys dont kill me )

    • necko gecko
      necko gecko

      i mean yeah i sleep in my family home

  • Tuni

    me: gets excited over the first diamond mumbo: throws STACKS of diamond blocks into lava and calls it "satisfying"

    • GrandMagicPaw

      not satisfaction, stress

  • monkebanan

    Mumbo: *throws stacks of diamonds into lava* Current objective: *Survive*

    • Kake Kellopeli
      Kake Kellopeli

      And i get draumas for that (sorry if i didnt say it rigth)

    • Kake Kellopeli
      Kake Kellopeli

      I was shocked when hi dropped those diamond blocks and heart attacket

    • Sean Fiedler
      Sean Fiedler


    • timexgirl

      @Somebody Likes Bacon sad face

    • Just_Alexonyt

      Current objective DIE

  • Jan Spiteri
    Jan Spiteri

    4:55 There's a mod called the Chisel and Bits mod for 1.12.2 (most of you have probably heard of it), and in it, you can build whatever you want using bits. I'm specifically highlighting the water bit, since you can recreate this same thing by placing a water bit the second you're about to touch the ground. It's much more satisfying, since you're landing in a literal pixel of water.

  • RexTheFolf_

    “The Elytra is the source of about 90% of my satisfaction” *proceeds to show TWO about the elytra*

    • Dachi Gobejishvili
      Dachi Gobejishvili

      180% satisfaction, hell yea

  • CT-6116

    We now know he literally can mine all day.

  • Marcel B.
    Marcel B.

    3:05 reminded me very much of a small indie game called Superflight which was exactly that, gliding through tight gaps at breakneck speeds. Very simple, very addictive.

  • George Missailidis
    George Missailidis

    Mumbo: blows up TNT Mumbo: lucky I have a good computer! Mumbo: mines diamonds *game crashes*

    • Doggi

      I was so excited when I got Minecraft for pc and I made a world straight away and it was on like -8273627 FPS

    • Parker


    • FabianRexPow7

      @Geez XD

    • FabianRexPow7


    • Cooler Than You Films
      Cooler Than You Films

      john vher cajada r/wooosh

  • SquareisEpic

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to click on a bed 1 million times for it to let me sleep

  • MrDigThis

    "It's like an infection spreading". Little did he know...

    • Neptune

      That meme is not funny anymore

  • Israel Matos
    Israel Matos

    The cobblestone farm seems really industrial, im impressed

  • Jurian Westerhof
    Jurian Westerhof

    Mumbo: it’s like an infection spreading, My thoughts: the randomtickspeed was to high,

  • Derp Tortoise
    Derp Tortoise

    Mumbo: has diamond pickaxe Advancement: "Stone age!"

    • Marie France Valme
      Marie France Valme

      Stop deleting my Google accounts no ores

    • Alexis 34 lol
      Alexis 34 lol


    • The Eyes Of Me
      The Eyes Of Me


    • The Chaster
      The Chaster

      Booty4U GamesYT no diamonds are actually coal just very heated up

  • Crazy Burger
    Crazy Burger

    The moment when you realise mumbo doesn’t have a moustache in real life: 🙀

    • nonbasicboi


    • ADSM17


    • Cecil

      @A Man Of Sculpture tf is that meant to mean?

  • Anton Große Wentrup
    Anton Große Wentrup

    One more thing. Wenn you remove all the Stone, Granit and so on in Spectator-Mode around you with Commandblocks, so that only the Ores left. It feels so good seeing how tonns of blocks getting removed. I did this for an hour and i still coudn' t get enoght.

  • ᴀʏᴏ_ᴛʜᴀᴛsʙʟᴏᴏᴘ ♡︎
    ᴀʏᴏ_ᴛʜᴀᴛsʙʟᴏᴏᴘ ♡︎

    Mumbo : "Having the right amount of items to finish the project" Magma "Let me introduce myself"

  • Reedominates

    Me: finally finds out how to make a double piston extenders Mumbo:shows a 22 piston extender

  • reagan lind
    reagan lind

    picking up a bunch of arrows that were in the ground >>>>

    • Doggo king
      Doggo king

      Putting that one missing block down at a pillager out post

    • Abigailgamer


    • Dyala2

      Is it weird that the 666th like?

    • snowy

      Finding a nether fortress😊😝

    • Monte Taylor
      Monte Taylor

      @TheRealCat what???

  • Limited

    The most satisfying of all is the classic old Minecraft soundtrack in the background. It brings me back to 2012 playing multi-player with friends and I'm glad they kept the game nostalgic with that.

  • Zachary Helms
    Zachary Helms

    0:16 When he actually does mine for 12 hours in hermitcraft

  • ChrissieCupid

    Seeing that first Golem drop down in your new iron farm letting you know it's working. So satisfying.

  • Hks Gamer
    Hks Gamer

    discovering all the secrets of caves and mineshafts in spectator mode and then going there and truning it into survival xD

  • FnusselUndSo

    Finding 8 diamonds and having only 8 blocks to mine until your tool breaks. That happened to me yesterday. It was perfect

    • Epic Earbuds
      Epic Earbuds

      How lucky man

    • Deadshot Daiquiri
      Deadshot Daiquiri

      @Kelp185 or a diamond pick, sword, enchantment table and shovel

    • Kelp185

      1 vein of diamonds, also just enough for a chestplate

  • NotEnderElite

    a 3x3 piston door opening is just... makes me watch it for hours.

  • Tomo

    "it's like an infection spreading!" *2020 has entered the chat*

    • 2022

      @The Eternal17 2022 HAS ENTERED THE CHAT

    • Megan Flurie
      Megan Flurie

      As an American 2021 seems like it’s asking 2020 to hold its lager.

    • Sharmistha Sen
      Sharmistha Sen

      @The Eternal17 2021 is having some network problems so he may join the chat later

    • Peter Baker
      Peter Baker


    • Alex Murray
      Alex Murray

      @Rainbow the Lizard no

  • Harry Newman
    Harry Newman

    7:45 anyone got a tutorial for the sand bouncing piston door. So cool

  • Saaib Imran
    Saaib Imran

    I dont think so this guy knows the full meaning of satisfying but he's good in creating

  • Icememe

    You can also use a trident to fly straight, and it will only take one or two unlike fireworks.

  • Emil Kodeda
    Emil Kodeda

    I can’t be the only one who thinks higher quality texture packs just look bad. I think part of the beauty in Minecraft is the fact that everything is little blocks and cubes

  • Ashna T
    Ashna T

    Imagine all the end crystals together that’s satisfying to the next level!

  • Zephyrus or Cleo
    Zephyrus or Cleo

    I love to make in incredibly oversized fox pen, with things to climb on and sleep under and jump around and I normally make a giant maze underneath my house and the fox pen and everything, one block tall so only they can get in there :D . . . then i get extremely worried when my foxes don't exit the maze again, mainly Pounce and Beetle and Flip, and i break all the top blocks just to find them sleeping in the middle of the path somewhere

  • Rusher

    The only satisfying thing that makes me satisfied... *Is playing in a world, with a friend.*

    • Ratul kr Das
      Ratul kr Das

      I also don't have a friend😟😟😔😔

    • Bahu Thanwin
      Bahu Thanwin

      Another satisfying thing Is one of my siblings agreeing to play Minecraft with me

    • Gold Fish
      Gold Fish

      Yessss playing with my friends feels soooo good 😃

    • The Scar System
      The Scar System

      What are friends

    • Brother ZIox
      Brother ZIox

      You have friends???

  • The Easy Channel
    The Easy Channel

    3:30 I love how he just instantly killed the single creature that seemed to be connected to the daylight and now...

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    Mumbo predicted the amount of mlg water buckets that would happen in the next 3 years

  • Madhvi Jagadeeswaran
    Madhvi Jagadeeswaran

    We all know the most satisfying thing is the reloading screen when we create a new world

  • Chinguchitu

    I love placing wood blocks with full volume. Need I say more?

  • 11thRiddler

    Yes you've missed something!! 1, you know those moments when you're walking in a dessert or down a beach and you come across floating sand? Just letting that stuff fall and letting gravity do it's thing is so good. 2, just the big "furnace" in the Tinkers mod, seeing all those liquids flow and all that. That's the good stuff

    • Giselle

      THE FIRST ONE IS EVERYTHING I LOVE IN MINECRAFT!!! Also it works with gravel but yes so satisfying

    • engineer gaming 🇵🇱
      engineer gaming 🇵🇱


    • Cyamond

      put sand on torches on sand on torches and continue on for chains

    • The Purple Hawk
      The Purple Hawk

      @Preston Brower That's awesome 😂

    • Preston Brower
      Preston Brower

      I once had an entire world dedicated to just introducing sand to gravity

  • ashenbreese

    elytra bounce jumping reminds me of my oblivion days. skyrim so messed up in removing speed and agility! and acrobatics. it's fun to level up from jumping around.

  • Lucius Kessler
    Lucius Kessler

    more satisfying than torches breaking sand is when you time a place so well that the sand above it doesn't fall

  • MonkeyMan

    5:07 “when you time that perfectly, it feels really good” proceeds to absolutely destroy his keyboard button smashing lol

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson

    Another thing that's satisfying along the lines of ender pearls is missing a throw and then saving it by throwing a second pearl strait up before teleporting.

  • Jeremy Dextraze
    Jeremy Dextraze

    Imagine if... Mom: Go to sleep son! Son:I can’t. Mom: why? Son: Theres Monsters nearby.

    • AliPlays


    • Old Man In The Bathroom
      Old Man In The Bathroom

      @Gloomy Gaming 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Old Man In The Bathroom
      Old Man In The Bathroom

      Yup lol

    • EvinoTheAlmighty

      Good one XD

    • TheWhiteRose_Girl

      I'm sooo gonna use that as an excuse.

  • Untitled Productions
    Untitled Productions

    Mumbo: “ it’s like an infection” Me: cries in 2020

  • Gwen Michigander
    Gwen Michigander

    Cool video, Mumbo! (I'm kinda new to your channel, I found it a while back along with Grian's channel) P.S. If I wanted to play on the Hermitcraft server, how would I go about doing so?

  • no ah
    no ah

    6:03 Mumbo congratulations you have just solved climate change

  • Norped Holland
    Norped Holland

    1:32 “They were convinced I was one of the best Minecraft players in the country.” Well...

  • Tiffany Zhu
    Tiffany Zhu

    The most satisfying thing - when one of your friends FINALLY agrees to play MC with you

    • New Milo
      New Milo

      Is a friend a new mob?

    • Griffin Reimerink
      Griffin Reimerink

      Which friends?

  • Blast a Boom
    Blast a Boom

    You’re good at redstone right? Why not make the Minecart wavy machine that make waves with pistons that are attached to slimeblocks and one reapeater for each distance of the timing

  • DasToastBrot GHG
    DasToastBrot GHG

    Just the Sound of placing Blocks really fast is satisfying I think

  • Leah Johnson
    Leah Johnson

    Flying through tight gaps with the elytra at high spEED *splat.* was kinda satisfying in its own right

  • OLLegend

    "It's like an infection spreading" Mumbo - 2018

  • Deni Brown
    Deni Brown

    At the water one i said to my self “do it again, do it again DO IT AGAIN” and then he did it again and i was so happy

    • General Kenobi Lego Productions - On Hiatus
      General Kenobi Lego Productions - On Hiatus

      As I read this, that one played...

    • UltraWhambo

      It’s a nice sound but the downside is it’s from lava and some people accidentally fall in because of the water pushing you but it’s easily recreated

    • port-a-memes

      How old r u

    • Muzan Kibutsuji
      Muzan Kibutsuji

      1000th like

  • Hazza BOIII
    Hazza BOIII

    “I’m not into killing kids” Head teachers be like: Ok your hired

    • Angie is swag
      Angie is swag

      Technoblade disagrees lol

  • Joe Fish
    Joe Fish

    I used to love making a flat world with the floor being like 1000 blocks deep and entirely made of TnT then, flint and steel... 💥

  • The stick man with a smile
    The stick man with a smile

    Pro tip: When doing an MLG water bucket, It's best not to spam it and just time it correctly.

  • therandomautrury

    i need to get better at this game, seriously. 3 yrs later: this beast can handle anything

  • Jahan Dahan
    Jahan Dahan

    You forgot: 1.) The sound of collecting a dozen stacks of items 2.) When loads of experience come up to you (Go to third person, you'll look like your going super saiyan) 3.) When you see a mountain of floating sand on the dessert, and touch one block and see all that sand fall down 4.) Breaking the tallest you cactus you can build 5.) Breaking the tallest sugar cane you can build 6.) Reading the "End Credits Poem"

    • Indo

      @ZapDragon XD

    • ZapDragon

      Sand on dessert. Eww.

    • Jahan Dahan
      Jahan Dahan

      Rager Gamer eh, my brain is stupid :P

    • Rager Gamer
      Rager Gamer

      Sorry, but you spelt Desert wrong. Dessert is a treat, desert is the biome.

    • DeadAlpeca

      It looks more like you're evolving like in gen 3 Pokemon games

  • ShawtyToast

    #1 TNT explosion What u need 1: normal rails 2:TNT minecart 3:set the rails in a circle (small as possible 1by1 4:place a lot of minecarts IN ONE place 5:push it it will give a massive explosion

  • roman EXACTLY
    roman EXACTLY

    1:53 with shaders you'll appreciate rain alot more

  • Ski++

    Technically you can make an infinite piston Extender with slime flying machines

  • Ian Yankelov
    Ian Yankelov

    He says he can mine with haste 2 all day... 2 years later does exactly this in hermitcraft. A full day mining spree

  • Nhat Minh Hoang
    Nhat Minh Hoang

    Minecraft: *exists* Jumbo: Ahh that's satisfying

    • Plasma Beam Gaming
      Plasma Beam Gaming


    • Shibe

      Now this

  • adyanology

    Mumbo Jumbo:It’s like an infection spreading! 2020:Hold on That’s a good idea-

  • Kyangoos

    5:08 if you look at his lives you can see that he has failed one time already

  • TheTopHatGuy

    2020: exists me: *just like the simulations* (5:25)

  • ZabookaHD

    Mumbo: “It’s like an infection spreading!” Me in 2020: ...

    • chicken jones
      chicken jones


    • Lord Farquaad
      Lord Farquaad

      top 10 times people reposted the top comments

  • Shame

    Mumbo: *audibly SPAMS mouse button to do the MLG waterbucket _"I mean when you time that perfectly it feels really good"_

  • Mundivagant

    "It's like an infection spreading!" Tried it in mobile. You already know what will happen.

  • oriolejb

    You forgot the time when you do something super extreme that instantly crashes the game. Also has anyone made that screensaver yet?