3 Apples and 10 minutes for this delicious Apple Cake 2.0 | new variant + the cut
Kirschnenko Kanal
Many already know my video with the apple cake which currently has over 5.5 million clicks ➡️ rsloft.info/loft/video/ZpCHlaaalaiVhGU
Unfortunately, I didn't record the cut and many viewers still ask me about it today. That's why I'm doing that with this video. The same recipe, but with a new variant in the preparation. It tastes even better, personally I love it! Have fun baking 🙋🏼‍♀️🍰
❤️ Make sure to try my Italian apple pie TORTA DI MELE - rsloft.info/loft/video/dqZ4zLHM1Xe2fKQ ❤️
Ingredients for a 20 cm baking pan:
3 eggs (room temperature)
75 grams of sugar / 1/3 cup or 2.64 oz.
8 g vanilla sugar / 1 tbsp. or 0.28 oz.
150 grams of flour / (2/3 cup + 1/3 cup) or 5.29 oz.
10 g baking powder / 2 tsp. or 0.35 oz.
100 g melted butter / 1/3 cup or 3.5 oz.
3 apples
3 tablespoons of sugar for sprinkling
some cinnamon
Baking time: 35 minutes at 180 ° C/ 356° F (in a preheated oven!)
+ 3 minutes on grill function after turning
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Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera
LED video light with built-in battery
Cotton tea towels 46x90 cm (set of 10)
Measuring cup and measuring spoon with American readings
Oven gloves with silicone
❤ very comfortable and perfect for narrow hands ❤
10 "ring light with tripod and remote control
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  • Kiji High
    Kiji High

    This truly one of the best cakes I have ever made or eaten. I just finished making it and I can not stop eating it. Delicious with ice cream or whipping cream, coffee, tea, hit chocolate, etc. A must for your guests. Thank you for sharing this recipe with the world.

  • Cooking Delicious Food
    Cooking Delicious Food

    Amazing food

  • Indira Kodzoyeva
    Indira Kodzoyeva

    I made this cake today, it was amazing! I m so sorry for my husband who couldn't try it, bcz of his sugar level is high, he gave me such a pain look😀.. i ate 2 big pieces and i m thinking about third later. Thank you very much!

  • Nata

    Спасибо за рецепт. Испекла сегодня пирог, всё получилось .Взяла двойную порцию ингредиентов для теста и и троиную порцию яблок для формы 26×36 .После того как пирог испёкся, перевернула его посыпала пирог мендальными лепестками и поставила на гриль чтоб орехи подрумянились .Получилось очень вкусно.

  • Claudinete Cali
    Claudinete Cali

    Que receita top! 👏🏼

  • Инна Снегирева
    Инна Снегирева

    Обожаю пироги с яблоком. 👌пошла делать, утро субботы как раз располагает! Спасибо за рецепт ! 💕💕💕

  • Iw Ko
    Iw Ko

    Dzięki za przepis. Pozdrawiam. 🍎🍏🍰🥞🙋🇵🇱

  • Kath B
    Kath B

    So easy and delicious! I can taste it already!

  • Henry Majewski
    Henry Majewski

    Wspaniałe ciasto. Dziękuję

  • Marik Spinu
    Marik Spinu

    Excelente, hoy lo preparé y quedó delicioso aunque lo hice en estufa a fuego muy bajo, solo freí las manzanas solo con canela en mantequilla antes de vaciar la mezcla, a mi familia le encantó, gracias 💚

  • Kalina Kostadinova
    Kalina Kostadinova

    Уникална рецепта, всичко направих точно и се получи прекрасен лек , здравословен и вкусен сладкиш. Не мога да спра да ям. Добавих преди печене много орехи върху тестото и леко ги натиснах. Станаха хрупкави и придават още по-луксозен вид.

  • Angie C
    Angie C

    Wow, this looks so yummy! I’m glad your video popped up😊 I’ve never heard of vanilla sugar, but I’m sure I can find a substitute or make it. Thanks!💜🙂

  • Gman R
    Gman R

    So I've never baked a pie before but wanted to surprise my girlfriend with one and I chose this recipe as it didn't look difficult. Done it now and should I say it came out pretty well, as she was very pleased with it. Thank you for a great tutorial and the recipe!

  • Redheads Rule
    Redheads Rule

    I just made this for afternoon tea. It smells delicious can't wait to cut into it. Thank you for sharing. ♥️

  • usanee beilles
    usanee beilles

    I did baked this cake 2 weeks ago. My family love it! Now it's become my #1 favorite-cake to bake😊since its so delicious, simple & didn't take forever to prepare. Everyone happy!😁

  • Шафтолу Олуболуев
    Шафтолу Олуболуев

    Oh,it looks so delicious. I'm going to bake it now 😋

  • Anna Bożena
    Anna Bożena

    Tomorrow I will bake it 😌

  • irmasenta

    WUNDERBAR, schnell gemacht,einfach köstlich.Danke für das Rezept !🙂

  • Cinira Telles Piva
    Cinira Telles Piva

    Realmente fácil, deve ser delicioso

  • AwakenedOne

    OMG! I’m going to make this! Love it! I would imagine, you could sprinkle it with sugar before grilling it. Looks so yummy! Thank you! 🥰🙌🏼🙌🏼