28 Minecraft Things You Should Start Doing
Minecraft has a lot of features and sometimes we end up forgetting them. So to remind you or to teach you something new, today I'll cover 28 Minecraft things that you should probably start doing. Minecraft facts (in 1.16) that improve your playthrough or will just make the game more fun in general. Thanks a bunch and I hope you enjoy :)
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This is not a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a quick video with 28 different things you should start doing in Minecraft. These are great to know end may end up helping tons of you, including Dream himself!

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  • Skip the Tutorial
    Skip the Tutorial

    Wait, you’re telling me I didn’t make this video?

    • Don'tWatchEhCanadian

      i thought it was you for a second

    • Dani Tho
      Dani Tho

      @Macintosh 84 Why? Can't different people have the same idea? If someone comes up with the same idea, they can't act on it? Imagine that? A whole word where there is only one of everything.

    • Dani Tho
      Dani Tho

      @OnlyNovus the shade tho 😅😂

    • °-blanket-bundle-°

      I'm, I'm leaving my mark

    • TaliyqVibeZ


  • Frossboxman

    "Mobs cannot damage you when you are inside" Instantly gets hit by the mob

    • Sonny Nick Pore
      Sonny Nick Pore


    • L1

      no he took damage by the trapdoor

    • Kyle Graeme
      Kyle Graeme


    • DerekDeRedPanda

      @Ayra Mahmood and your wrong. This a feature they added. It puts you into crawling mode. You can even look up several videos of people making 1 block tall bases. Edit: I think mumbo jumbo did one.

    • Ayra Mahmood
      Ayra Mahmood

      guys, yall relise that, thats not the mobs hitting u thats just the tick of suffocation since your in a 1x1 block

  • Lunar

    "Hmm I don't have a water bucket. What should I use to get down?" "Ah yes, my trusty honey blocks"

    • bikuch

      he was just using honey blocks in that example. in reality u can use pretty much any block.

  • Unpeelable

    Ok the banner one is actually so helpful to know exactly where it is rather than just looking at the map and the surroundings. Good job on that one

    • Fig Rig
      Fig Rig


    • ARgamer

      Can't tell if this is sarcastic

  • Courtney Sotile
    Courtney Sotile

    You can now use dripstone with water to refill cauldrons with potions. So, you can get infinite potions as long as you make at least 1

    • The Cat Family
      The Cat Family

      They removed the feature

    • H5SKB4RU

      Doesn't work anymore

    • Grace Lewis
      Grace Lewis

      How exactly does this work?

  • Siddhanth T.A
    Siddhanth T.A

    Instead of putting a composter and a trapdoor to protect ourselves, just dig a 2 block hole and block the exit.

  • Rebel Friend
    Rebel Friend

    I love how Wifies goes through phases of parodying different creators

    • jutt gg
      jutt gg

      6 ryt@Hi ttf

    • E


    • MC GAMER here
      MC GAMER here


    • Mimi Maya
      Mimi Maya

      @Distinguished Gentlemen nope

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze

    You know, the desert temple treasure is easy. Just mine straight down to the side of the colored block and then break the pressure plate.

  • Iago Piñeiro
    Iago Piñeiro

    I just tested the diamond thing and it looks like it. I digged 3 times over clay ponds and 3 times over random terrain (being far from any river or water to avoid finding diamonds through that means). The 3 clay diggins were positive. Not just in point, but in a block-range mining distance. Also, they can be in the pure bedrock, so you will have to mine a lot sometimes. The 3 random minings were negative, i did not find a single diamond this way. Of course its not definitive, but there are some solid proofs. Note: If mining over a clay pond and reaching "diamond height", you will have to mine at least 1 third of your mining range blocks. You will find diamonds but you will mine A LOT, so this method is effective in results, but I think you wont save SO MUCH time.

  • Denxx56

    I am genuinely surprised of how many good tips there are in this vid, usually these types of vids have like 1 things most people don't know, but i had no idea about most of them, great vid 👍

  • The Jelly Goose Meow Meow
    The Jelly Goose Meow Meow

    Hey a quick tip for anyone trying to get the "sleep with the fishes" achievement which is spending a day underwater then stand under a block and on a soul sand block and go AFK because it prevents drowning and you don't take damage like from magma blocks ♡♡♡

    • JokerStab 🃏
      JokerStab 🃏

      no. use a conduit

  • Daily Juicy Facts
    Daily Juicy Facts

    It is so relatable how your friends are armor stands

    • CRABSY6

      All my armor stands left me

    • Jenson the artist
      Jenson the artist

      @Jonathan santoyo Duarte some kids dont have friends think the obvious

    • ItsMiå_Plays🇨🇦

      I use them as my friends cuz I have no friends ;)

    • JJ Lane
      JJ Lane

      @Jonathan santoyo Duarte Everyone has friends in some shape or form.

    • Jonathan santoyo Duarte
      Jonathan santoyo Duarte

      @JJ Lane yes, im a kid, i obviously will have friends

  • Singing Nay
    Singing Nay

    I discovered the trap door trick for animal pens ages ago, I use them for all my mobs now. It looks way nicer than carpets on top of fences.

  • Skrimp

    6:25 You can also use furnace in a minecart, it works like a steam locomotive when you put coal in it.

  • urboymatexan

    as a player who just downloaded the game a week ago, this is incredibly helpful. thank you so much

    • Nishchay

      Which version did u buy , I dont have a pc so I'm thinking its actually worth waiting till I get pc to play minecraft

    • 미실 Mishil Ariyana
      미실 Mishil Ariyana

      I have been playing Minecraft for 5 years and is still a noob.

    • P H S Y C O
      P H S Y C O

      I actually downloaded it 1 day ago bc I Watch a lot of hacks videos now I know all

  • Tomas Eriza
    Tomas Eriza

    3:14 for console players or mobile you could also use a boat, all you have to do is dig down a bit and then place down the boat next to a wall, if you did it correctly you can then move forward into a wall and then be able to see the chest, this can also be used to find caves or geods.

  • Ben Goodwin
    Ben Goodwin

    One more thing about chorus fruit, they fill up your saturation even at full hunger

    • Stanby Mode
      Stanby Mode

      @CSharp do you have split personality disorder?

    • AntMess97

      I hadn't considered this use! Amazing! Thanks for the tip!

    • Ben Goodwin
      Ben Goodwin

      @dragon saturation is a second invisible hunger bar that works in a similar way but has a few differences. While it has anything in it you'll regenerate health quickly until it runs out or your regular hunger bar gets too low

    • dragon

      Hmm i Wonder if i get 2 layers of meat sticks HMMM YOU defenitly mean you can eat it while at full hunger like gapples

    • zedorekuXD

      @Jake Gamer Dog no

  • Jessie gamer
    Jessie gamer

    9:41 you could also use a "ender pearl stasis system" with a daylight sensor

    • SoreBG#


  • Fin Thiessen
    Fin Thiessen

    I love this video for the fact that this is a real list, counting up from one to 28, not counting down like most vids do. One of these tips is not necessarily better than the others so counting down would make no sense. well done sir

  • Shyrtexx

    "There's nothing worse than a long day of mining only for a creeper to suddenly erupt and make you lose all the stuff you've been carrying around" *has keepinventory on*

  • ValpN

    That Dimond thing was insane, tried it and it worked 8-9/10 times :O

  • santy 09
    santy 09

    Hey here's another tip for move villagers even easy when you ring the bell the villagers runs to their bed, so what you have to do is take all the beds around and then put one bed where you want them to go, finally ring the bell and all the villagers will go there you can move and entire village that easy !!

    • Hannah Huntley
      Hannah Huntley


    • Steve Austin
      Steve Austin

      I have done that as well. Wait for dark, knock out the villagers bed, and move him to another house. If it is far enough away, I have to put the bed down and pick it up to get him moving in that direction.

    • Lukas Amann
      Lukas Amann

      One of the best and helpful comments I've ever read

    • Louis Thyde
      Louis Thyde

      @MrBruh ok

    • MrBruh

      @Louis Thyde Everyone: stanning, worshipping, praying and building a cult to this man Louis: ok

  • AwoudeX

    regarding villagers, just do this: box the villager in with glass or other non full blocks like stairs. If you let a minecart roll into the square diagonally from the villager's feet, it will be pulled into the minecart. lay down a track of rails, connect it all and presto, ez villager transport. you can use YOUR trade+instant follow trick to lure the villager in a good spot to get boxed in

  • pina coles
    pina coles

    With the campfire one, you can actually relight the campfire with flint and steel

  • Matthew Chivers
    Matthew Chivers

    I began setting up my farms floating directly above water because it seems to hydrate them slower but still uniformly. the space saved is more than worth it in my opinion


    You can also use Chorus fruit for nether portal traps ender pearls can also be used but Chorus fruit is a much safer option

  • Chaosvolt

    ...people actually drop into the desert temple without immediately taking out the pressure plate?


      yep i do that

    • Fishing and Freedom Fiend
      Fishing and Freedom Fiend

      @Henry Mlckovsky not when you’re literally 11 and Minecraft came out 3 years earlier 🤔

    • wreeper


    • Isai Montalvo
      Isai Montalvo

      @StoryTellingTime just go down block by block, then when ur close enough destroy de trap with the pickaxe

    • StoryTellingTime

      Wait what i make a staircase down and avoid it

  • Saint Poli
    Saint Poli

    That banner map one is actually incredibly helpful

  • Kenny Gross
    Kenny Gross

    i hope to remember some of these tips. diamonds under clay? who knew! and a trap door fence... nice

  • Z

    Since the shields came out creepers have been the least threatening enemy anyway. I hate how they've taken pretty much the main enemy from back in the day and made it a joke you can smack 3 times and be done with or just stand there and let them deal with themselves. Biggest threat they pose is to our structures and even then barely a threat at all.

  • MD Shahid Akhtar
    MD Shahid Akhtar

    I have a tip also Tip- You can easily take the villager where you want . You need only a bed and a bell place a bed than place a bell ring the bell and see all the villager are there where you placed the bed

  • ChakeMH

    29: You can dry sponges just by placing them in the nether.

    • Alyssa Lam
      Alyssa Lam

      I know

    • Elbigpepe_0122

      @Julian Robert I was new to the game my guy, I’m not that inexperienced now lol ik how to get water and make a stock, lol

    • Julian Robert
      Julian Robert

      @Elbigpepe_0122 either way its not a waste. Water is in abundance, plus you have the god damn infinite-water-thing.

    • Bella Rose
      Bella Rose

      Yea, and tho somehow snow nor ice melts in the nether

    • Elbigpepe_0122

      @Dean Karaniya well still, just saying it is very convenient

  • Mari B-J
    Mari B-J

    That waypoint map trick with the map is genius!! I'm so glad I know now, it will definitely come in handy since my sister keeps forgetting where we live on the map xD

  • Liat

    Or alternatively for number 6, just break the chests.

  • Aaron Ulsemuul
    Aaron Ulsemuul

    The last one is definitely the coolest and the most useful redstone mechanism ever

  • Sean - JSJ Incorporated
    Sean - JSJ Incorporated

    Wifies: "28 Minecraft Things You Should Start Doing" Also Wifies: "Use jukeboxes as fuel."

  • D__man

    “Mobs can’t hurt you from the outside” *almost dies*

    • cendsel

      Just dig 2 block under fixed

    • Unknown Astroid _
      Unknown Astroid _

      Tbh I thought it was suffocating but I don’t think it doesn’t that much damage ..

    • Unknown Astroid _
      Unknown Astroid _

      He tried staying perfectly to hide the mob hits lmao

    • threever

      @amaahda no, suffocation deal more damage than that. it's still useless too even if it was just suffocation because it will still hurt you and kills you.

    • Louis Thyde
      Louis Thyde


  • joseph medina
    joseph medina

    For those who dont know, the trap door, doesnt work on bedrock

  • nothing boi e
    nothing boi e

    I actually used number 13 so often not knowing speedrunners mostly did it, I felt so cool for discovering it for myself xd

  • Jaewanplayz

    You can use the /setblock command to place water in the nether. This probably is an intended feature, and it works perfectly in bedrock 1.17.

  • Kenyatta Burris
    Kenyatta Burris

    I love how wifies shows minecraft facts that we actually never heard of

  • Basthesapling

    Can we just appreciate the fact how nice and calming wifies voice is?

    • Basthesapling

      why am I a simp nO

    • Pruh

      Sus + Simp = Susimp = Sus Impostor 😳

    • Pruh

      @Pratham Talati Susimp

    • Pratham Talati
      Pratham Talati

      Simp and sus at the same time

  • Gabriel

    for number 18 u can actually use chorus fruit while using elytra, allowing you to do some cool tricks and ways to trick your friends, if you are being chased (nobody expects it).

  • NoahDoesThings18

    1:48 what’s worse: creepers blowing up builds/Redstone you worked hard on 5:52 or you turn brightness to 100% 7:52 “And bam. Mobs can’t hurt you from the outside.” *Gets hurt from mobs on the outside* 8:44 this is probably like the slowest way to relight a campfire-flint and steel, on fire and walking on the campfire, a flame bow, fire aspect sword… etc. 11:22 how do I get back up?

  • Than_5562

    Number 10, you can just jump, when you almost touch the ground, immediately leave the world and join again

  • LuColvin Jackson Jr
    LuColvin Jackson Jr

    I wish they would add some of these features to bedrock

  • rae

    Here's another one: if you have a tripwire trap setup, you can break the string with shears to "disarm" the tripwire! This will keep the string in place and disable the trap without triggering it (whereas just breaking the string in other ways will trigger it).

  • TheMightyAshman

    The waypoint with banners was actually very useful

  • Dharitri Sahu
    Dharitri Sahu

    Indeed, another way you can save you time and money. Instead of making a big house, find a jungle and place your items there itself.

  • Mvpboi

    You can use wood tools for smelting Just thought u guys should know

  • Zoidberg656

    11:34 I'm gonna send this video to my friends when they question why I'm giving all the Creepers splash potions of swiftness.

  • Kroviah

    For the desert temple you just need to break the plate and it won’t go off.

    • A Glamrock Freddy fan
      A Glamrock Freddy fan

      Yeah, just get the TNT first lol

    • Dani Tho
      Dani Tho

      That part triggered me so hard.

  • kendall tidd
    kendall tidd

    Well the furnace one Still is useful cuz u can't use campfires to smelt ores

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird

    just to make it easier, you can re-light the campfire with flint and steel or any weapon with fire aspect

    • Matţ#2669

      Fire aspect weapon is bedrock only

  • Dvojitej Chleba
    Dvojitej Chleba

    This was actually pretty useful. And for a sec you had me thinking about where did I see that font... realized it's exactly the same as the Vsauce one lol. Especially when you asked "or is there?" in number 12.

  • EAK

    instead of using a furnace or campfire use a smoker, it faster and you can put so much more instead of a campfire

  • 80reo

    The thing with the buried treasure is gonna save me so much time. Amazing video!

  • gilberito

    you can use a boat in a 1 block wide hallway to do the same thing as the composter and piston

  • MasterWasTaken

    U can also use sand instead of piston in number 3

  • Cyppy Moraleda
    Cyppy Moraleda

    How to kill hostile mobs without swords: charge a respawn anchor in the overworld near a hostile mob Note: it will kill you

  • BlazemanThe Blaze
    BlazemanThe Blaze

    I clicked on this video expecting tips like smelt your old wooden tools but these tips are actually useful

  • I'm a Goose
    I'm a Goose

    7:53 “Mob’s can’t hurt you from the outside” He says as his health depletes

    • PessiOpt 9
      PessiOpt 9

      Dig one block than do that.

    • Samc

      He was smothering in the blocks which is why he moves a bit

    • Allwing Animations
      Allwing Animations

      @Chloe Rycroft same though

    • GamerPROPlayER5

      @Chloe Rycroft Ye lol.

    • Chloe Rycroft
      Chloe Rycroft

      i checked the comments as soon as I saw that

  • kemi242

    #1 violates the rule of never digging directly below or above you, you may fall into a lava pit.

  • Jerpadurr

    The trapdoor mob pen works because trapdoors are basically invisible to mobs, if I remember correctly.

  • Trompimus Prime
    Trompimus Prime

    7:55 *and you’ll be safe from all mobs* Also Wifies: ***takes damage***

  • Raisha Aquina Ardita
    Raisha Aquina Ardita

    Number 1 is actually true but tips : You can find deepslate diamond in places where there are lava and water and also obsidian it can damage you if you didnt land on water but i found diamonds there 10 times and tips 2: underground is also the best place diamond is there

  • QeniRay

    You know someone's been playing Minecraft for a while when they say _smelt_ the food.

    • Bluey #_#
      Bluey #_#

      I also say let’s cook some trashy 1$ food ;)

    • StarDust of eclipse _
      StarDust of eclipse _

      @sraks yes, yes. As always.

    • Pengu

      @sraks lmao

    • Minecraft Troller ᨆ
      Minecraft Troller ᨆ

      i thought everyone said that

    • Nugcon

      Intellectuals be like: S m o k e

  • Ahmer Imam
    Ahmer Imam

    just a bit on #10, if you have enough wood to make a staircase downwards like that, just make a boat and fall down while in it

  • Lampe2020

    I am also watching Skip the Tutorial and I really like it. And I have subscribed to both this channel and Skip the Tutorial :)

  • David Espinoza
    David Espinoza

    To find a treasure chest on console, I find it best to dig a 10x10 square.

  • Varmint LP
    Varmint LP

    Number 9 3:45 even easier. Either use a boat. Or you grab their crafting station and place it every few blocks. The villager will just follow you to the station to claim it. Works at least since 1.18 but probably already si ce 1.17 or 1.16

  • Marco

    "mobs can't hurt you from the outside" **gets hurt by mobs from the outside**

    • Sanuda Jayasinghe
      Sanuda Jayasinghe

      lol was gonna say that

    • yourfavorite13year oldfarmer
      yourfavorite13year oldfarmer

      He was glitching through the composted not getting hit by mobs

    • iamb1

      @FLM (New Video out in my Channel) 4 things you should do 1. stop playing fortnite 2. start playing minecraft 3. stop playing fortnite 4. start playing minecraft

  • Mint wolff.       -jellybean squad-
    Mint wolff. -jellybean squad-

    The fact that u used the term”spruce up your farming” made me automatically get that pun

  • Draw For Fun
    Draw For Fun

    I love how he says mobs can't hurt you in the composer while u can see he is taking damage

  • viahl

    the banner/waypoint is actually nuts, it changes everything for me

  • Mf Tripz
    Mf Tripz

    For that surviving the temple trap trick, If you have a shield you can jump ontop one of the chest with the shield and look towards the explosion, it should launch you up while taking away about 2-3 full hearts. Edit: you have to jump right before the explosion to get that extra distance off the group for the damage reduction, if you don’t you’ll likely survive but with barely any health

  • Cassnuss

    "Man, I forgot my bucket of water" "Thank god I always carry with me a HONEY BLOCK"

    • Hala Mohammed
      Hala Mohammed

      @FLM (New Video out in my Channel) HAHHAHAHGAA HELL NO

    • Will Ranger
      Will Ranger


    • Sara

      @FLM (New Video out in my Channel) Thank you, but no thank you.

    • Kdev

      Any solid block will do

  • Matthew Beck
    Matthew Beck

    you also can just put a pressure plate for the painting and make them throw something on it to open the door behind the painting

  • Sus Man
    Sus Man

    The trapdoor pen, really helps

  • Piano Man
    Piano Man

    The banner trick was very cool. It is very easy and useful to locate your house. I wish I had found that out sooner.