25 Dumb ways to Die in Minecraft! #2
Mumbo Jumbo
25 Dumb ways to Die in Minecraft! There's so many dumb ways to die in Minecraft, so today I thought I would take you through a list of all the different funny minecraft deaths I have experienced over the years I have spent playing.
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  • Bright Spark
    Bright Spark

    "I'm good at dying." - Mumbo Jumbo, Semi-Finalist of Hermitcraft Demise 2019.

    • K K
      K K


    • ShyFoxFeather Here
      ShyFoxFeather Here

      I think Scar is much better at this then mumbo

    • Blackxfiied

      GoodTimesWithScar lol

    • Maria Lee
      Maria Lee

      Nothing compared to scar

    • Legend Mendonsa
      Legend Mendonsa

      @GTUBER you have a point

  • Noli Vinluan
    Noli Vinluan

    "Mumbo was covered in too much spit" "Mumbo wasn't cautios about the silverfish" "Mumbo forgot his Elytra" "Mumbo was frustrated to death" "Mumbo was killed in his own Cherynobyl"

    • Nachi-Blox

      @GAMING WITH SEAN “Dumb ways to die I I so many dumb ways to die”

    • Echo

      I was just the 1000th like for this comment cool

    • Scratch and More
      Scratch and More



      "Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die."

    • ValkyRiver

      1:17 I use K for drop, not Q, because I actually have to reach for K, so there's less of a chance of accidentally pressing K.

  • Aiden Bagshaw
    Aiden Bagshaw

    After a particularly frustrating incident in which I dropped my enchanted diamond sword into an exploding creeper, I've remapped drop item from Q to G. It's an absolute lifesaver, and I would reccomend Mojang make it the default setting.

    • Ender Dragon
      Ender Dragon

      @Duckyfied Gosh, that grammar and spelling! Learn proper grammar before insulting others.

    • Duckyfied

      why should mojang care about 1 random kid on the internet that got 200 likes when 90% want it on q because they actually know how to play the game like u could also just change it urself theres legit a section for that in the game how much more personal do you want minecraft to be do you also want it to make you op on each server and own the world well unfortunately for you no one cares

    • And Dragon
      And Dragon

      I use Q to go to my last hotbar slot where I keep my blocks and my drop item key is Z but I think G is a better idea.

    • Melonolem

      i did it while replacing the roof of my cactus farm using my enchanted diamond pickaxe, thank goodness it ended up in the collection area but that could've very easily ended up a whole lot worse

    • Pre-D

      I made it M

  • Coolbrobray

    Fun fact about lava that most of you may know: lava can't cushion a fall like water can, so instead you just take fall damage when you fall into a pool of lava

    • Imphie

      @Thedarkbunnyrabbit sweet! I also found out you can turn off fire damage so that's what I'm doing lol

    • Thedarkbunnyrabbit

      @Imphie You can, you just need deep lava pools.

    • Imphie

      Man that's unfortunate, I love the idea of being a little demon and making a ton of fire resist potions and use the lava like water in the nether

    • Epic Dud
      Epic Dud

      @Classy Muffin yeah water should do that

    • Classy Muffin
      Classy Muffin

      That's half true half false, it slows you down considerably as you land in it but if the pool isn't deep enough you will go all the way through the pool and smack into the bottom of the pool, still taking fall damage. (1 block deep lava almost literally does nothing for you though in terms of fall damage)

  • S R
    S R

    If you go into your accessibility settings, there's an option to make both sneak and sprint either held, or toggled. If you change one to toggled, you've made it have an on/off switch. In other words, you don't have to hold the key to continue the effect. You can set yourself shifting, leave it that way, and stop damaging your hand. (Seriously. You're going to get some kind of repetitive strain injury, and then you're going to have to build yourself a redstone thumb.)

  • i say oof
    i say oof

    "I hold shift with my thumb" Me: **attempting it on a table and getting confused**

    • Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3

      @CloudoLoud How mumbo does it isn't easier..he tucks his LEFT thumb under his hand just to hit the shift key which would be so much easier with his pinky or ring finger. He's actually said long minecraft sessions hurt which makes sense, a thumb isn't intended to bend like that for long or much at all.

    • Epic Dud
      Epic Dud

      I’m a thumb shift player. I use console

    • PrimElo

      I shift with my ring finger

    • Space is cool
      Space is cool

      Same lol

    • Moran Madness
      Moran Madness

      I press shift with my thumb as well

  • Leon Kernan
    Leon Kernan

    “Calling the server owner something rude” What did you say to xisuma?

    • Cospaws


    • X-26 YT
      X-26 YT


    • XDC

      Shashuwamie void

    • TheOPWarrior208

      @Huabin shashwam

  • Sunlord

    8:59 I'm very sure sweeping edge only increases damage to mobs/players that were hit by the "sweep". So technically, having sweeping edge doesn't increase your chances of accidentally hitting a zombie pigman

    • Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3

      Having a sword in the nether is kind of a double edged sword idea..

    • Kaiser Wilhelm
      Kaiser Wilhelm

      Yes to prevent sweeping, you gotta use an axe

  • Dziiv

    Mumbo at the start of 2020: Tnt powered farms are definitely my favourite thing to build. Mumbo at the end: VAULT

  • sombertownDS 1
    sombertownDS 1

    “This one was directed to a certain someone”. Proceeds to flick levers Grian: sneezes

    • cyncxd

      @peni i memorize that link.

    • ARgamer

      everyone knew that(I hope)

    • ARgamer

      @razberriisoda *quacking

    • Chandling

      Grian: Why am I hearing boss music?

    • North Wynd33
      North Wynd33

      Lmaoooo I immediately thought of him too!

  • 80s fangirl
    80s fangirl

    I actually played with inverted mouse quite a long time, because I turned it on on accident and didn’t know how to turn it off again. After some time it felt normal🤷‍♀️ I changed it of course as soon as I found out how

  • Isaac Liebowitz
    Isaac Liebowitz

    I would like to announce that i have now officially used the zombie weakness potion thing moving it to my iron farm.

    • rando prior
      rando prior

      Couldn't you trap it in a boat then put a lead on the boat and sail your own towing it?

  • RaeLogan

    The only time inverted controls should be used is when you're playing Halo and you're flying the banshee. Other than that, there's no reason to ever use inverted controls, lol

  • Cris

    It’s been a few years and I just now realize why we die when pressing shift and jumping onto a slime block. Irl, if we jumped on to a trampoline from a certain height with our knees bent (like the Minecraft character bends their knees when pressing shift) we would probably break our knees or it would hurt a ton.

  • jakub podhaisky
    jakub podhaisky

    Some ridiculous options: exists Mumbo: "who plays like this!" also Mumbo: "i press shift with my thumb"

    • LightninGMD

      @Learn Math Olympiad Same

    • Your Local Gachatuber
      Your Local Gachatuber

      @Timbitbo same

    • Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3

      Most don't seem to realize he pressed shift with his LEFT thumb..thus tucking his thumb under his hand just to press the button when 4 other fingers are closer.

    • t00ned d00d
      t00ned d00d

      I press shift with my thumb but I binded shift to sprint instead of sneaking

    • Rich Sainsbury
      Rich Sainsbury


  • Emerald Lily
    Emerald Lily

    “they need training!!” And that is why my friend literally set up an iron golem school.

  • UnknownedLeaf

    When I was like 7 I played inverted and could do parkour with it cause I thought minecraft was broken and mastered inverted

    • X-26 YT
      X-26 YT


    • Saira LeBlanc
      Saira LeBlanc

      My boys gave their little brother the "broken" controller and he learned inverted. I didn't know until he asked me for help with something. I fixed it and he had to relearn everything.

  • GoetzeLP

    My friends dumbest way to die was: that he laughed about me being bad at Survival and then got slain by a Magma cube that sneaked up on him while he was talking to me...

    • Emmet Michigan
      Emmet Michigan

      Instant karma

  • Scibanana

    Mumbo, I completely agree about the whole qw thing. One time, I was playing on a creative test world where I was just messing around commands and I accidentally threw this op sword that I had created into lava because I pressed q when I was trying to press w. My advice is to make your Sprint key q and then make your drop key v. At least that's what I do.

  • karl kukk
    karl kukk

    “There is nothing more embarrassing than being killed by a slime” Scar, who died because of berry bushes twice: Ahh yes, slimes.

    • Fusion Gamer
      Fusion Gamer

      I watched my friend die in a lava lake after being pushed in it by a baby slime

    • Sagittarius

      Scar: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

    • Superslim Anoniem
      Superslim Anoniem

      @XR Sera nah, more emba6 is forgetting to set a fuse time when summoning tnt. It instantly blows up in your face.

    • Hamza • 40 years ago
      Hamza • 40 years ago

      He died to pandas

    • Hydro._rl

      @peni I know I'm late but an ad saved me from getting Rick rolled 😂

  • Mr. Kid100
    Mr. Kid100

    Mumbo: I can do some Redstone. Me: *can’t even make a basic piston door*

  • T. R.
    T. R.

    As someone who uses inverted y axis, I will say that in my mind, it’s like flying a plane. You pull back to go up, and push in to go down.

  • Transmission Control
    Transmission Control

    FYI on the Q and W issue... Some gaming keyboards have a tactile bump on the W or S keys to make it easier to find. It's like the ridges on the F and J keys of regular keyboards for normal typing. Also, you can actually buy stick-on ones, sometimes called loc-dots or tactile markers. Reminds me, I keep meaning to add one to the caps lock key so I'm not constantly accidentally hitting it when I mean to shift or tab. Maybe the Windows key, too.

  • New Coke
    New Coke

    An alternative to the torch method is to bring a few doors with you when you go underwater.

  • Iluzon Linch: Area X
    Iluzon Linch: Area X

    The worst death message is “pricked to death by cactus when trying to escape trader llama.”

    • Wilson the Diabetic geek
      Wilson the Diabetic geek

      no, now its 'fell into the void whilst trying to escape axolotl.'

    • Najwa Fitri
      Najwa Fitri

      @Leena Anis or the end

    • HzKid


    • Nzredwolf

      no it's “pricked to death by sweet berry bush whilst trying to escape trader llama”

  • Sliverwalker

    Running in the dark in an unfamiliar area and falling into a ravine... not my best moment...

  • TheoLMS

    6:05 This one is kind of dedicated to a special person… **HINT** Grian.

  • Daniel O'Connell
    Daniel O'Connell

    So I had a great one recently. I came back to an island to find several creepers. I lure the first one into the water so his explosion didn’t break anything. But then I got careless and got too close to number 2 and instead of luring him into the water, I lured him into my boat.

  • Keson Jin
    Keson Jin

    Imagine doing an experiment in your hardcore world and end up with "death.fell.accident.water" on your screen

  • Harry Evans
    Harry Evans

    Mumbo: "i lose pressure on the shift key and fall off" Bedrock players: *laughs in togglable sneaking*

    • Indeed Modern
      Indeed Modern

      lunar and badlion players: i don't have such weaknesses

  • Da Pizza Dude
    Da Pizza Dude

    When you figure out how to change the light and you turn the light up all the way, and you go mining, just to figure out that you forgot to place torches when plenty of mobs spawn and trap you in the mine. I turned up the light and I was still afraid that would happen so I still place torches

  • Random person
    Random person

    The falling for your win trap is exactly why i make my traps nonlethal

  • Will W
    Will W

    I used to hold shift with my thumb too. It was about two or three years ago when I started holding shift with pinkie. pressing shift with thumb made run and jumping in games like assassin's creed more difficult, but not impossible.

  • BrickBot 2.0
    BrickBot 2.0

    "Don't, whatever you do, punch an iron golem near a village." It may start doing jumping jacks.

    • Thatonevirgo


    • Glitzy X4X
      Glitzy X4X

      BrickBot 2.0 and that to

    • BrickBot 2.0
      BrickBot 2.0

      @Glitzy X4X Hahha, yeah. And make sure to not hit them when trying to get them out of a boat or minecart.

    • Glitzy X4X
      Glitzy X4X

      I remember when villager breeding was introduced and the village became a lag machine so I hit a villager… lesson learned

    • BrickBot 2.0
      BrickBot 2.0

      @Quasi-Stellar Catastrophe XD Yup.

  • Woosh Yoshi Woosh
    Woosh Yoshi Woosh

    Mumbo's so good at being very aggressive and hating you for not having his opinion

  • Itzzz Delta
    Itzzz Delta

    A very late, very useful tip: if you have that buddy that likes to flip your levers and hit your buttons then make some dummy levers and buttons that will activate pitfall traps

  • Ronen Pinchevsky
    Ronen Pinchevsky

    being good at dying in many different ways is a skill of its sort. and mumbo mastered it.

  • Techhunter Talon
    Techhunter Talon

    1:30 Reason why you should always rebind 'drop item' to a key that is far away from where your hands are for most of the time you're playing. I usually bind it to the 'p' key because it's on the opposite side of the keyboard. No way I'm hitting that accidentally.

  • Joe Makes Models
    Joe Makes Models

    Mumbo: It hurts when I press shift Everybody: Stop doing it Mumbo: No

    • Jojo G.
      Jojo G.

      Hold shift with your pinky finger

    • TheMystery

      I press shift with my thumb

    • Justice

      @Schicksal wat

    • Justice


  • theytookmyname666

    1:08 I've been playing minecraft less than a month, and I've already re-assigned throwing my item to "O" due to already accidentally throwing useful valuable stuff into lava. I keep that button as far away from my WASD as I reasonably can.

  • Giratina

    For the zombie in a boat instead of a weakness potion use a lead on the boat and drag it on.

    • Emmet Michigan
      Emmet Michigan

      Bedrock only and good luck trying that on a touch screen. My friends attached over 100 boats to a fence post just to rub it in my face

  • AntiScribe

    "I've got very hot legs"

    • Luke Deal
      Luke Deal


    • The Wanderer
      The Wanderer


  • MrZum00

    There was a time I was exploring around searching the cliffs for any resources when I fell into a small bit of lava because searching cliffs... not watching whats in front of me. I thought the death was so silly I never got upset.

  • Hurr Durr
    Hurr Durr

    "who actually plays like this" he says while his thumb tries to escape the torture of being used to press shift?

    • Chali Sahib
      Chali Sahib


    • Zaf

      left shift or right? I use my thumb for left shift

    • Savage5urvivor

      I’m left handed but grew up since I was 4 using the right handed version.

    • Nat Kruger
      Nat Kruger

      @Hurr Durr 😂

    • Hurr Durr
      Hurr Durr

      ​@Nat Kruger phew, already thought we're the weirdos without realising it.

  • JAKG4

    so extremely useful i wish i had talent like that it would go a long way. :)

  • skaryzgik

    that last one, my brother played a similar trick on me in a game called Centipede. He said if i ran into it fast *enough* that i'd kill it, rather than the other way around. It took me several tries before I figured out he was making it up.

  • Walton Bost
    Walton Bost

    For some reason I started with invert mouse on. Because of this, I grew accustomed to it. And after 7 years of pc gaming, playing with invert mouse off gives the same affect to me that invert mouse on gives to you. It’s all about what you start on

  • nAmE iS nAmE
    nAmE iS nAmE

    6:53 Attach a lead into the boat so you dont have to ride the boat while transporting/leading the zombie and you could just swim to your destination :/

  • Skar

    “Trying to fly through gaps that you definitely shouldn’t fly through” Grian: *laughs in magic*

    • The Other Kimmy
      The Other Kimmy


  • Sofiia Bogdanovska
    Sofiia Bogdanovska

    The dumbest way I've ever died in Minecraft was when I was first beginning to play. I was playing in a world where my friend and I lived in a village near a ravine. I knew the seed code and we have played there many times. Most of the times I died I lost a lot of stuff in lava, like two stacks of iron. Well, anyways, back to that dumb death. It was nighttime and I was coming home from the ravine. I didn't see it since it was dark, and fell in. Luckily, I fell in water, so I wasn't hurt. After that, I decided to tell my friend in the chat where I was and that I was coming home soon. While I was doing that, the water swept me into lava. We quit the world. I never deleted it though. Also my eltytra failed to open once.

  • Daniel Houck
    Daniel Houck

    #3: I love when that happens, because the alternative is usually that a creeper blows up my sword.

  • Gaming with Hip
    Gaming with Hip

    Mumbo: I hold shift with my thumb. Me: Finally! Someone relatable

  • Mordechai Sanders
    Mordechai Sanders

    I think the "invert mouse" option is meant for people using a trackpad.

  • debish vebish wish
    debish vebish wish

    "there's nothing more embarrassing then being killed by Slime" Scar: *war flashback

    • Luke Deal
      Luke Deal


    • Night Shade
      Night Shade

      What about silverfish

    • Meese

      @Zece Princess no

    • Elijah Brown
      Elijah Brown

      Which video does that happen?

  • Lars

    7:53 the psycopath with name impulseSV plays like this

  • Lucarvee

    The dropping item to mobs thing is why I set my drop key to backspace instead of Q

  • Tyler Petrus
    Tyler Petrus

    7:15 I personally was a bit confused here; I thought that undead mobs got the inverse effects from all potions applied, but apparently, that only applies to potions that effect their HP. Who else thought that was a thing, though?

    • Emmet Michigan
      Emmet Michigan

      Only healing and harming pots all others behave the same

    • Elias Kjærbo
      Elias Kjærbo

      Only the health and instant damge potions are reversed on undead mobs


    7:00 you could put zombie in a boat and connect that boat to another with a lead and then row that other boat. Its a good way but if you need to turn really fast it might not be easy to control

  • Lieutenant diamond
    Lieutenant diamond

    "I'm good at dying." - Mumbo Jumbo who reached third in Demise through sheer dumb luck alone, 2020.

    • Deadly Cucumber
      Deadly Cucumber

      He made it to third by sheer going to vacation😂

    • Revon


    • Dodisturbedtv

      He also didn't even use a totem until the first end trap. I was very impressed when i saw that.

  • Sagittarius

    Job interviewer: What are your strengths? Mumbo: I'm good at dying

  • -Aesthetic Cat-
    -Aesthetic Cat-

    Mumbo: trying to fight zombie pig men with snowballs Also Mumbo: having an enchanted diamond sword on hotbar

  • Edward Lewis
    Edward Lewis

    Mumbo, you do realise you can put leads on boats, right?

  • ashtronite

    I thought holding shift with your thumb was a normal thing that everyone does-

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones

    When mumbo started talking about how he holds shift I lost it

  • ElementKingaming

    I've once flew over the void in the end with a brand new elytra but the game glitched and was like "but you arent flying" so I dropped 20 blocks and died (I did quickly tried to check if it was broken or not on, but the durability was more then half and I was wearing it)

  • Liven Dodger
    Liven Dodger

    You can actually survive and restore oxigen if you spam torches really quick. But I'm usually carrying doors and magma blocks for this.

  • jojolafrite90

    ALL MY LIFE I played with "inverted" vertical aim in every first person game I played. For as long as I lived. I'm 35. It's so much more natural. I can play with not inverted with no major problems though.

  • Pinopley

    Mumbo: 25 dumb ways to die. Also mumbo: dies in a dumber way while trying to demonstrate his point 75% of the time.

    • InsertNameHere

      Have you been paying attention to your likes

  • Alfie Dell
    Alfie Dell

    The flying through the wall with an elytra one works in creative

  • Vixen Sashi
    Vixen Sashi

    "i can die very, very effectively" sounds like mumbo...

  • Rose18ART

    When mumbo was like " He's hit the tree" I knew he had lost it

  • Your Average Cuber
    Your Average Cuber

    'Ive just got very hot legs.' - Mumbo Jumbo, 2020

  • ariannashrunkthekids

    "Is it a particularly useful talent?" Remember that contest of who can die the fastest?

    • MegaBee YT
      MegaBee YT

      @PlanetJupiter 95 nah, A while ago Zedaph told a couple of hermits to die as fast as possible.... Mumbo died in less than 5 seconds lmao

    • PlanetJupiter 95
      PlanetJupiter 95

      You mean demise?😂

    • Rew Rose
      Rew Rose

      Zedaph should give that prize to Mumbo now

    • Paridhi Bansal
      Paridhi Bansal

      Mumbo won that . He died in just 3 second

  • Bit Lizard
    Bit Lizard

    I watched your video that if you fly hard enough through a wall you’d go straight through it. I tried it. It worked.

  • Eli Johns
    Eli Johns

    I admit it. I was once playing Minecraft and I wanted to try the speed runner thing were you stack up three blocks and kill and iron golem, so I got three blocks, stacked up, then punched the iron golem because he could reach me from the pillar. He swung his arms and killed me in one hit. I don’t know why.

  • Bennett Lewis
    Bennett Lewis

    Inverted controls make sense to anyone who plays first-person flying games, because it matches the control stick on an airplane (forward = down, back = up)

  • Whiteypants

    Sweeping edge has a counter; jump and hit. It works for this kinds of swings

  • LilBrownie

    "There is noting more embarassing than being killed by a slime" Me, who got killed by a lama while robbing a wandering trader.

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi

      "(Something something) was pricked to death by cactus while trying to escape Silver Fish"

    • Mullai V. K.
      Mullai V. K.

      Idk what’s lama but I think they r trying to say llama cuz that is what that spits in minecraft

    • And Dragon
      And Dragon

      @wavvey rl because llama is not spelled like lama probably

    • Darth Revan
      Darth Revan

      my friend died from a lama because he didn`t want to kill it. very embarassing

    • Elena

      @wavvey rl what? What IS a lama?

  • CVMG

    i know this video is older than i am but a nice trick i picked up with sprint mining in the nether is just to have a building block right next to your pickaxe so a quick mouse wheel tap and right click will prevent the lava from spreading as you run away and also should you die it prevents your items from burning up

  • StriderOnTheInternet

    8:16 It's because you were on peaceful. They don't do damage on peaceful