24 Hours With Dixie D’Amelio, From the Recording Studio to Valentino Fittings | Vogue
We follow TikTok superstar Dixie D'Amelio as she heads to the recording studio and bakes cupcakes with her boyfriend, Noah Beck.

Director: Rom Bokobza
Editor: Robby Massey
DP: Diego Cole
Producer: Naomi Nishi
Producer: The D'Amelios: Tommy Burns
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24 Hours With Dixie D’Amelio, From the Recording Studio to Valentino Fittings | Vogue

  • stephanie

    Whenever I’m feeling not too bright, I come to this video😃

  • aria reyes
    aria reyes

    when it has more dislikes than likes

  • Mia Garay
    Mia Garay

    Dear vogue, Never do this again:) I love to it but this isn’t it out of all people you wanted to make a video abt Dixie.

  • soy nugget
    soy nugget

    ”very unprofessional but this time it wasn’t my fault so” she’s such a brat

  • FaithxNala

    Who ever held the camera needs to be fired immediately!!!

  • louisiana nicolas
    louisiana nicolas

    Im probably the best cook in the family except for my mom i just dont wanna show off, 5 minutes later “burns cookie”

  • Tadra kaye Mckenzie
    Tadra kaye Mckenzie

    Dixie is so funny

  • Charisse Salvaña
    Charisse Salvaña

    um wtf is dis??

  • Doglover Buddy
    Doglover Buddy

    Vogue bring Taylor Swift

  • B K
    B K

    Wtf is Dixie here she has no talent and def isn’t apart of the fashion or beauty communities

  • Tommy McDonough
    Tommy McDonough

    A plain Jane white girl gets a valentino opportunity wow sad

  • Lil Jxhnboii
    Lil Jxhnboii

    Sad 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭

  • Jesslyn

    This is embarrassing.

  • Helen Rodgers
    Helen Rodgers


  • Sarah Becker
    Sarah Becker

    I have lost all my braincells watching this video, like how can someone say such dumb things

  • Maritza Martinez
    Maritza Martinez

    Dixie..hunnny your embarrassing yourself

  • Amelie Byrne
    Amelie Byrne

    wtf is this

  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj


  • boutglo

    This was a fun little video haters fuming and its so funny

  • libby trump
    libby trump

    She is not the best cook


    guys stop with these comments... i cant stop liking them alll

  • Funny Marie
    Funny Marie

    "I still have my mom do things me " I'm sorry but you are NINETEEN almost 20! and you still as your mom to do things for you? gurl your not a baby she's like so much older than me and I kinda don't my moms help for certain things anymore.

  • This Nitwit
    This Nitwit

    7 year old Dixie and Charlie Dorito fans: But she's just down-to-earth and so humble about her fame! She's not like other celebrities who are stuck up about it! She's sweet and kind.

  • This Nitwit
    This Nitwit

    Showing up late to things isnt cool or quirky dixie. It wastes people's time.

  • Aamnah Ahmed
    Aamnah Ahmed

    She gives me soccer mom who doesn’t have time to say vegetables so she says veggies vibes

  • Nefertiti Mahmood
    Nefertiti Mahmood

    They really ran out of ideas

  • evie may
    evie may

    guys stop writing hate........I can’t like them all 👦🏼

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande

    Vogue lost it's class

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande

    why is she famous again?


    this gives me second hand embarrassment...

  • Debo Yov
    Debo Yov

    Vogue has no pride anymore

  • Sachi Urata
    Sachi Urata

    Ummm I actually loveeeee her song “Be Happy” tbh🙃🤭❣️

  • Debo Yov
    Debo Yov

    No hate maybe if she’s not being famous rn how did she live her own w her own money that she earn???

  • Jake Wright
    Jake Wright

    2:53 with grammar like that, it just proves that her and her family cheated on the Mr beast challenger games 😒

  • Cata Przok
    Cata Przok


  • Evelyn Roberts
    Evelyn Roberts


  • Baani Parmar
    Baani Parmar

    She’s so full of her self omg

  • Jazzie W
    Jazzie W

    This comment section literally makes me laugh so hard lmao. Y’all don’t understand that the main reason she didn’t wanna go to college is not because they said they were going to play her songs at frat party’s, there are probably more reasons that she didn’t say. Also why does it matter to y’all? That makes no sense to me 😃

  • Havennevah

    You guys keep taking about how she shouldn’t make more money than so and so... y’all understand YOU are the reason why she makes that much. Anyone who uses social media and watches these videos with her in it. So maybe you guys actually do like her. So much negativity... lol you guys act like she murder someone.

    • Havennevah

      Also you can 100% tell she was nervous. The sarcasm or attitude is just a wall. She didn’t feel comfortable. I hate when people act like we’re not human and we should be perfect all the time if we’re famous. You guys are slowly destroying someone... just like brittney.

  • Divakshi Sharma
    Divakshi Sharma

    'best cook in the family is me but i dont wanna show off' umm so whos gonna tell her that this is show off-

  • Miranda Qonita
    Miranda Qonita

    Bruhhh the dislikes

  • Divakshi Sharma
    Divakshi Sharma

    still cant get the fact that 73K people like this wut-

  • saraswati dharmadhikari
    saraswati dharmadhikari

    "You have to be a hardworker" Sure Addison, we clearly see that

  • ava

    this is so embarrassing to watch i have to keep pausing it

  • Kat Kay
    Kat Kay

    I’m usually against hating on people but soemthing about this girl activates my fight or flight response

  • avantiga aynkaran
    avantiga aynkaran

    who even liked it in the first place

  • ur a clown
    ur a clown

    dixie: my mom does things for me my mom: my daughter does things for me

  • ur a clown
    ur a clown

    omg the dislikes to likes is sending me.

  • kiwiipap


  • Brooklyn Baby
    Brooklyn Baby

    Why is everyone hating on her?! She's just 18 and she can do whatever she wants and about the song you might hate it but she is making money by that. And admit it you guys are jealous asf. Stop hating and get your life together. Tpwk and thank you.

  • shakira does stuff
    shakira does stuff

    The fact that vogue even had the idea to make a video on a TIKTOKER is mind blowing to me 11 minutes and 32 seconds of my life wasted!!!!!

  • random stuff
    random stuff

    Wtf is this?

  • leviticus yeh
    leviticus yeh

    im just here to dislike,, and maybe watch it so I can have something to bash to my sisters later 😃

  • Samantha Milne
    Samantha Milne

    this is a joke rightt.. i knew vogue had sense of humour but this is next level

  • Gah May
    Gah May

    The Valentino clothes didn’t look that good on her because it probably didn’t suit her body type.

  • bubble gum
    bubble gum

    she is embarrasing nice one vogue

  • jinrilino

    it’s embarrassing how she thinks her song went viral bc of her fans

  • 케이팝 팬
    케이팝 팬

    oop 73k likes 115k dislikes fix this

  • iiAlbanv35

    Literally Vogue gave us this before “73 questions with Ariana grande” just embarrassing

  • TheSienaPlays

    My opinion: I feel kind of bad she got al the dislikes, I am not her biggest fan but I dont think she deserves all the hate. Also I think she should definitely NOT have turned down collage because it’s a big chance for your future. But also I think she wasn’t being a brat or acting rich or anything I just think that maybe she was trying to seem cool...? But I’m not really sure. This is just my opinion it’s not meant to send any hate!!

  • Illuminated Gecko
    Illuminated Gecko

    Oh no...not a documentary series

  • Karli Radtke
    Karli Radtke

    she doesnt need all this hate she is a human has feelings she might sound rude but she likes being sarcscas thats her personally

  • Karli Radtke
    Karli Radtke

    why does she get so much hate shes an amazing person

  • Terra Storm
    Terra Storm

    comments: she is so privileged replys: omg stop hating!!! me: chile, what else do you call this video?

  • Mystic Shark!
    Mystic Shark!

    “BuT iM nUmbER OnE”

  • molly

    cmon guys you dont gotta hate she looks like shes having fun tbh if she gives of a bored vibe i just think thats her personality and even if she isnt a celeb to you you would take the offer if vouge offered you to

  • Ranny Peek
    Ranny Peek

    I’m losing brain cells watching this

  • davi jr98
    davi jr98

    people should hate on her its not her fault she’s average and nothing special.. its the people’s fault

  • Willow Niemela
    Willow Niemela

    Why there so much hate what the heck

  • honey no
    honey no

    So hard-working frontline workers who are risking their lives to the virus are ignored but a talentless young adult gets to be on Vogue for lip-sinking?

  • Anna S
    Anna S

    The worst thing about this video is the cupcakes.

  • ᴄʟᴀʀɪssᴀ ᴛ
    ᴄʟᴀʀɪssᴀ ᴛ

    all this girl does is tiktok and make crappy songs and she gets a vogue video 🙄

  • scarlett with two teas
    scarlett with two teas

    so your saying I could be in a vogue video for getting likes on tiktok? YESSS

  • Francesca Demontis
    Francesca Demontis

    the dislikes bsjzbxj omg that's so embarrassing💀💀💀

  • alliesseu

    vogue, you can do better than 'this'

  • Shyla Eckardt
    Shyla Eckardt

    They were filming a TikTok in front of the camera- if I did that I would be so embarrassed

  • dreamiee

    do you know what it is - it's the editing. she's trying to sound relatable but because she can't edit herself, the comedic cues aren't flowing the way a normal 'antonio garza' youtube video would.

  • micci minach
    micci minach


  • Lizzie Rogers
    Lizzie Rogers

    This gives me second hand embarrassment

  • meow

    0:51 that makes absolutely no sense

  • Teodora Pocol
    Teodora Pocol

    She doesn't know what to cook but she's the number one cook in the family. Suuure


    Khub bhalo laglo God bless.

  • vmravj

    She did not just put on Valentino dresses after she went to gym without showering after

  • Keenu Khang
    Keenu Khang

    Dang look at them dislikes! 🤭

  • Sunne Days
    Sunne Days

    0:30 no hate. But you had a crossaint roll in your fridge and you could've made that with eggs and cheese since you eat it anyway

  • rico


  • Zara Elizabeth John
    Zara Elizabeth John

    uh don't worry dixie

  • Nilay Inanc
    Nilay Inanc

    No One: Literally nobody: dixie: Im AmAzInG! ( No hate Im the biggest dixie and charli fan!) ily dixie!

  • Alexa Richardson
    Alexa Richardson

    So they letting anyone go on vogue now 😫

    • Blink Ue
      Blink Ue


  • Nilay Inanc
    Nilay Inanc

    nobody: not even my mom: Wait.. Its always my mom..

  • Zara Elizabeth John
    Zara Elizabeth John

    vogue, ew.

    • Blink Ue
      Blink Ue


  • Anisha GS
    Anisha GS

    suddenly being yourself is bad!?! lets not hate we are all HUMAN doctors shud be getting paid higher but that doesnt mean u can start hating on tik tokers

    • Blink Ue
      Blink Ue

      she even hate her own song, AMAZING RIGHT!?

  • Nadia Ali
    Nadia Ali

    Hating on Dixie is just a trend now lol you lot are weird

  • Flxwer xD
    Flxwer xD

    “I have style” uh.. gurll- you realize all you wear is baggy clothes...

  • Marquez Gray
    Marquez Gray

    "They chased us out to the car and hit me with words"

  • Lockett Likesanime
    Lockett Likesanime

    dislike because you dont like eggs and cheese

    • Blink Ue
      Blink Ue


  • Desgirl


  • anonymous commenter
    anonymous commenter

    If I were to be featured on vogue, I'd make sure I look flawless. Not put my hair up and look unpresentable, vogue-wise. Have some respect, dixie. Secondly, she admits her family still does lots of things for her. To the point her hype was only because of her famous sister. I used to be a fan, until I realized her personality resembled that of an entitled rich kid. Get this in your head. Having a TITLE (tiktoker) doesn't mean you can be enTITLEd.

  • jisoo u just slapped and called me an ugly fat rat
    jisoo u just slapped and called me an ugly fat rat

    lmfao I can’t with this video and the comment section

  • God Bless
    God Bless

    God bless, Jesus loves you and died for you all