20 REALISTIC back to school outfit ideas
~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
outfit 1:
best jeans ever: rstyle.me/+PanYINdOBwgeBAE1qN5cBA
white shirt: rstyle.me/+QvNoeeDD5CunsTmva9NK8Q
black boots: rstyle.me/cz-n/dq264ncj387
outfit 2:
denim jacket: rstyle.me/+IJov2qn09wSq1VSEySXPJA
jeans: rstyle.me/+PanYINdOBwgeBAE1qN5cBA
converse: rstyle.me/+m0H-VE1r0R15ReqlxJ3L8A
outfit 3:
sweater: rstyle.me/+FG3db6lu-YHGKDbg40jODg
jeans: rstyle.me/+PanYINdOBwgeBAE1qN5cBA
converse: rstyle.me/+m0H-VE1r0R15ReqlxJ3L8A
outfit 4:
jacket: rstyle.me/+9K0_uldBg2ZCLY4kLjOb6w
pants: rstyle.me/+alQf_O_rCJmrQQOyOr5urQ
fav sneakers: rstyle.me/+LBewDM8Z6_dvVDaPIiOnKw
outfit 5:
girly pop crew: haleypham.myshopify.com/collections/all-products/products/hlypgirllb-cs
best sweatpants: rstyle.me/+NDIyjbAIlOaIUUCn6kSGXw
fila sneakers: rstyle.me/+nPZdmBQoEMgsp9c44pV0-Q
outfit 6:
nasa shirt: rstyle.me/+i4q-4l4635wgEHmy8b9tBg
black pants: www.brandymelvilleusa.com/piper-cargo-pants-z263-001.html
fila sneakers: rstyle.me/+nPZdmBQoEMgsp9c44pV0-Q
outfit 7:
jean skirt: rstyle.me/+sJUxALu-swK5rZIzwavYnw
phamily shirt: haleypham.myshopify.com/products/hlypphamst-ts
outfit 8:
dress: rstyle.me/+paMIrMUbd1XVabWUGWmoqw
sweater: rstyle.me/+tmlYk6Ib_rja7S8J0UWbZQ
outfit 9:
brandy melville
outfit 10:
flannel: rstyle.me/+O23V97LxT3sJlOnBR9KB0g
top: brandy melville
jeans: rstyle.me/+PjYM9fFIzMXRWejYzEgYPg
outfit 11:
phamily hoodie: haleypham.myshopify.com/products/hlypphampc-hs
leggings: rstyle.me/+8suJrcwpAol3kPBwajRBjQ
doc martens: rstyle.me/+A_vXYpA2t4XYmQPePW6Jyg
outfit 12:
top: indigoclothingco.com/all-products/crewneck-light-wash
leggings: rstyle.me/+8suJrcwpAol3kPBwajRBjQ
tennis shoes: rstyle.me/+yGQAqbzXAj_AUBn_VJfi5w
outfit 13:
romper: rstyle.me/+196mh0IZmVtX3UvibkltxA
flannel: rstyle.me/+8ODZPpqKG8tYUXjAcpT2QA
doc martens: rstyle.me/+-yGyGKfk6pMEWUUN_wtlFw
outfit 14:
crew: rstyle.me/+yip3IfxW_XbTpw1S3vWNAw
skirt: rstyle.me/+iVtXEmDNR0b_4Av2Tled7w
outfit 15:
romper: urban outfitters (thrifted)
pink top: urban
shoes: dolls kill
outfit 16:
hydra hoodie: hydracollectiveco.com/products/infinity-hooded-sweatshirt-08
pants: rstyle.me/+orxYkUCptXa5GiKBPvtqYQ
outfit 17:
pham phriday hoodie: haleypham.myshopify.com/products/hlyppp00lv-hs
jeans: rstyle.me/+2mTwVPnMv3Le-p97q4qjJg
vans: rstyle.me/+OtNfPtMNUdlwjrxdnar-8g
outfit 18:
brandy melville top and bottom
docs: rstyle.me/+-yGyGKfk6pMEWUUN_wtlFw
outfit 19:
top: rstyle.me/+6Z6nreHSmnwLhnROXBp60A
sweats: brandy melville
outfit 20:
shirt: haleypham.myshopify.com/products/hlypgirlna-ts
birkenstocks: rstyle.me/+TBpBwFdSWPWS8DWsjh5bUg
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    dear diary

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      dear diary

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    Tip (especially for my plus sized gals out there): when you are trying to find things that are oversized and long enough to wear as a dress but are having a hard time, Target has a brand called Original Use. It's meant for men, but I'm an average height and a size 14 so this is the first time I've ever found clothes that can fit me (aka plus size) and still go down to my knees. I was really excited so like check them out!

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