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PogChamps is BACK! xQc and Rubius, MrBeast, and now Ludwig vs MoistCr1tikal. The event is featuring MrBeast, Pokimane, Rainn Wilson, Neeko, xQc, Rubius, Ludwig, and many others.
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0:00 Intro
0:50 GAME 1
10:30 GAME 2
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  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    6:50 haha! I said Rh8 first but was thinking maybe I can move king over when you totally exaggerated the king moves 😂😂😂😂

  • Capt 0010
    Capt 0010

    Gotham has definitely increased his humour levels since PogChamps came

  • Catmangamer

    10:01 National Geographic looking at the birds

  • Marc Montero
    Marc Montero

    I have a question, at min 5:00 that h5 was just a random move right? because the pawn is hanging there, only protected by the rook but being attacked by the knight and the queen

  • goodvibes

    wow ludwig has improved a lot!!!

  • trequor

    9:52 it's very funny to hear all of his pseudonyms listed off like that

  • Alexandre Lamarre
    Alexandre Lamarre

    2:10 , at what level are you supposed to calculate these moves, a this depth? To me, it seems like something I would never EVER see in a million years and basically categorized as a "computer move". I understand that it is not in fact a computer move, it's just to make my question clearer

  • muha


  • margeraman1090


  • Matheus Tran
    Matheus Tran

    18:54 would it be better to retreat bishop to c5? it blocks the rook from taking the queen immediately. If ludwig blunders and take the bishop with the pawn you can take the white queen with the rook, and if ludwig takes the bishop with the rook take the rook with the queen and when pawn takes the queen take white's queen with the rook.

  • gustav meier
    gustav meier

    Can someone explain to me why 12.20 is a win couldnt he just move the king?

  • Varun Vishwanathan
    Varun Vishwanathan

    Did my man just say" Centralising the centre"??????

  • pointlessmike

    Rozman the legendary chess commentator @ 17:37

  • omega

    "this is called a discovered attack" okay Gotham we know what a knight is

  • Christian DiPaola
    Christian DiPaola

    Very surprised Charlie didn't see that he could have played bishop to c5 and would have saved his queen at the cost of the bishop. and Rxc5 would lead to Qxc5, dxc5 and then Rxd1 winning the queen back and being down only one bishop.

  • Isaiah Stovall
    Isaiah Stovall

    6:38 best part of this video

  • Tuomas K
    Tuomas K

    He thought it was a chess tournament, instead ended up mating with Jesus himself. Poor Ludwig.

  • Drunken Dwarf
    Drunken Dwarf

    I think this is the best game Charlie has ever played

  • roadrashsucks alot
    roadrashsucks alot

    incredible play-by-play video you're awesome bro i've learned so much from you and have a lot more to learn thanks for making these videos i started playing chess 2 weeks ago and today i beat the Emir 1000 rated bot on the chess.com app and i did it with the help of your instructional videos and you have an atmosphere that is so good the pair and it keeps things light and informative at the same time. you are a legend Mr. Rozman

  • Brain Engine
    Brain Engine

    .... - - .--. ... ---... -..-. -..-. .-- .-- .-- .-.-.- -.-- --- ..- - ..- -... . .-.-.- -.-. --- -- -..-. .-- .- - -.-. .... ..--.. ...- -...- -.. --.- .-- ....- .-- ----. .-- --. -..- -.-. --.- / -.--. .- .-.. .-.. / .. -. / ... -- .- .-.. .-.. / .-.. . - - . .-. ... -.--.-

  • Eli Goedeker
    Eli Goedeker

    i love how levy's voice turns into a sports announcer's at the end of the first game

  • Ky Ros
    Ky Ros

    Levy! Your great... I'm glad you do this channel.

  • Maaz Shaikh
    Maaz Shaikh

    This was the best recap yet. Amazing stuff

  • Ray Aventador
    Ray Aventador

    This is indeed like Dan Heisman says 1100s play. They notice problems but give complex solutions when more direct solutions exist... Notice how Ludwig uses complex approaches for simple problems....you're definitely 1100 according to Dan Heisman's categorizations. And no. You don't improve the fastest playing people at your level. You can improve SO MUCH QUICKER playing 2200s who will punish all your mistakes. 1100s don't punish the mistakes you make. You wanna improve? Play someone who can punish your mistakes (Ben Finegold). Sorry but PogChamps is.... Well... PogChamps.... Thanks for the Thumbnail

  • Luke martensen
    Luke martensen

    The reactions to Ludwig hanging his queen is absolutely hilarious

  • well, shit
    well, shit

    12:10 GMs/IMs see stuff like that instantly but I'd honestly expect an 1100 to miss that most of the time

  • La Man behind ze slaughter
    La Man behind ze slaughter

    Mom:why aren’t you studying? Me:

  • Leongaku

    For anyone who needs it 17:34 . She ain't worth it my man!

  • jimmy mcnulty
    jimmy mcnulty

    Man , Ludwig found some really nice moves in games 2 and 3. (other than hanging his queen in game 2). Really impressive for a 900.

  • Angel R.
    Angel R.

    "Keep on hating, baby, you're still giving me views" - Gothamchess Best phrase ever. PD: I hate you Gotham. PD: I am just kidding

  • tommy scott
    tommy scott

    Honestly zoned out until he said I was worth more than a queen. I would like some more slices of that "Outta No-Where Cake."

  • Dayne Goodyear
    Dayne Goodyear

    This guys a legend, Lol'd the whole time

  • John Gleich
    John Gleich

    And finally, I LOVE that Levy gives the same amount of effort, time, and care to these recaps (and the original broadcasts) as games by super GMs. At the end of the day, it's still a game with 32 pieces on the 64 squares, and I just appreciate Levy and his style. If nothing else good came from 2020, then Levy's rise offsets many negatives from last year!

  • John Gleich
    John Gleich

    Ya know, there has been a lot of stuff said about the popularization of beginner/intermediate players (with large audiences) as being.... bad (or whatever) for chess, because it's taking the focus off of the greats. But I have to say, watching where these guys have come is really remarkable. They seem to me to be playing a lot higher than their ratings and I think their trajectory is even higher.

  • John Gleich
    John Gleich

    "I'm no scientist" really needs to get in the regular repertoire!

  • Determination Terminal
    Determination Terminal

    "ludwig has to draw ...not go to a drawing school..." I dont know why that got me

  • ahmed kfji
    ahmed kfji

    Loving your sense of humor, makes me giggle like a shy school girl


    6:50 😂 shtooppp funny guy

  • Hugo Levesque
    Hugo Levesque

    What a match! Congrats to ludwig and F to Charlie for having to end the match with Armageddon. At least it wont be the tiebreaker after this event. ludwig was so lucky. Some reckless moves from in both games but won the match in the end. Charlie could have easily won the 2nd game if he accepted the Botez gambit. And the Armageddon is not indicative of who should have won. I am a big fan you ludwig, but I expect a lot better from you. Sorry, not sorry. Since they seem to think they can meet in the finals (wishful thinking but I like it), they both really need to review the 1st game for a lot more than 2 minutes. There were so many blunder traps and unstoppable attacks for both Charlie and ludwig. So I found 6 key positions based on Levy's analysis and completed each position into a "gg" with perfect thanks to the engine. Its not aim to be realistic but more so to understand why those position were so good. Link: www.chess.com/a/KWvqXW8WnWWi 3:08 - 1 - Why Charlie's castle was so bad and how ludwig should have punished him for it 3:31 - 2 - How Charlie could have won after ludwig's bold knight sacrifice 6:25 - 3 - Why Qxf3 was winning for ludwig and essentially when he lost the game 7:17 - 4 - How Charlie could have won in 69 moves (nice) 8:08 - 5 - How ludwig could have drawn the game (2 times) 8:38 - 6 - How Charlie missed mate in 22 (The engine missed it to) I know they most likely wont check out my analysis, but if we learn more than them from a game they played, we all win.

  • hola amigos
    hola amigos

    No pinned comment huh, guess the hate is drowning off 😁😉

  • Bobby Bobbatunday
    Bobby Bobbatunday

    After seeing all of the infantile crap of the original broadcast I am just going to be watching recaps for pogchamps. And Levy is King of the recaps.

  • Dencen

    We're not talking bout the GSW... when they had Kevin Durant

  • Amha Ayele
    Amha Ayele

    these videos are sooooo good

  • Phoenix !
    Phoenix !

    17:35 happens Me: 👀

  • 蓝Ren

    11:10 you have to understand everything you do at the chessboard conveys information

  • Fun Mania
    Fun Mania

    18:51 My favourite moment of the video.😂

  • Rocco Castagnola
    Rocco Castagnola

    that was a fuckig savage chess match from 2 1100 rated

  • KingJH 0510
    KingJH 0510

    You know your doing something right when youre 1130 and someone says youre playing a grandmaster game

  • Paul SZ
    Paul SZ

    17:34 that genuinely made my day. Gotham is so wholesome!

  • Patricia7

    I don't know what am I doing here. But now I think I'm attracted to guys playing chess🥵

  • andrea barone
    andrea barone

    17:33 for everybody reading this comment

  • Gaussian Entity
    Gaussian Entity

    I'm no scientist either but I think the prophet predicted Charlie's downfall 🤔

  • No Man’s Land jIN
    No Man’s Land jIN

    Haters still giving views😂😂 Nice job .... really entertaining

  • Mohammad Vaezin
    Mohammad Vaezin

    The best thing is their GM's reaction, 😁😁

  • A.I 211
    A.I 211

    im hating on this video so much, here is a subscribe and a like, you bitch

  • Lil Paz
    Lil Paz

    Levy: “You should stop smoking before watching my videos” Me: :(

  • MrJackOfAllTraits

    i love that at 11:23 he says "loosey goosey" i wonder if that's Daniel Negreanu rubbing off on him lol

  • Any Minor World That Breaks Apart
    Any Minor World That Breaks Apart

    The haters who he addresses at the end... what do they find to hate about Gotham Chess? Just curious. Its just a guy talking about chess channel. How can it get haters?

  • matt engelbrecht
    matt engelbrecht

    that emotional moment at the end caught me off gaurd not gonna lie

  • John Stevenson
    John Stevenson

    No hate here, just serious appreciation.

  • chipur .munki
    chipur .munki

    I love the energy. And you, too, are worth more than a queen.

  • Lil Dunk3r x
    Lil Dunk3r x

    Why is every video on this channel so good? Thanks for the great content!

  • Alaap Nair
    Alaap Nair

    6:42 "you need to stop smoking before watching my videos" - Gotham Chess 2021 lmao

  • Jorge Dardon
    Jorge Dardon

    your commentary is the best man, you really bring life to chess. Keep on rolling

  • Ishan R
    Ishan R

    What's a POG? Those paper things you flip over?

  • Josh W
    Josh W

    That outro was on point, idiot! ;)

  • patrick Hutchison
    patrick Hutchison

    Moist Critikal, or Penguin zero, or Charlie, or whatever you to call him, is a RSloft god. He's been making original content on here for well over a decade. He's also one of the most authentic, most open people i've ever had the pleasure of watching. I will ALWAYS be a fan of this awesome guy. Cheers Charlie!

  • Krinal Doma
    Krinal Doma

    He mated him...... get your mind out the gutter

  • pacnite

    This is my fav RSloft channel

  • XDRA

    you can’t go from insulting me to complimenting me in a video.. playing with my emotions man

  • Miguel Valle
    Miguel Valle

    CeNtrAliZiNg ThE CeNtEr

  • Fredi Gogoli
    Fredi Gogoli


  • Forgotten Forlorn
    Forgotten Forlorn

    you're amazing Levy

  • contrite sinner
    contrite sinner

    Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7 [KJV]) :: - - :: The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalms 34:18 [KJV]) :: - - :: For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23 [KJV]) :: - - :: I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV])

  • Mark Pompeo
    Mark Pompeo

    Completely agree the Armageddon makes no sense for pogchamps. There are no draws except ppl blundering stalemate.

  • Dan the Cat
    Dan the Cat

    11:40 NO!

  • Tyler Gates
    Tyler Gates

    Outro was Golden!

  • Schwaas Dutta
    Schwaas Dutta

    I love Levy’s roasts- top draw!

  • Jay Dhanwant
    Jay Dhanwant

    1+1 is 2 welcome to gotham Chess

  • Queen Elisa
    Queen Elisa

    9:21 Oh I missed him saying this so much

  • Hoss

    Haters? Are you talking about the people who leave constructive criticism on your videos and you reply with some snarky ass comment? Stay grounded Gotham.

  • N J G
    N J G

    17:42 *activates Walter White impression

  • macnolds

    Not bad for 1100s. Y'know, I got into chess in my teens and never thought I'd see the day when the internet (i.e. Twitch and RSloft) would motivate strong players to connect with weaker players and Hollywood/internet stars. When I was a 1500 at an open tournament, there was no way a guy like Nakamura, Robson, or Akobian would say a word to me or show any interest in my games. Chess is in a good place right now, and I am glad that Nakamura is such a freer person and that all these IMs, GMs, and Super GMs are all so open and sociable.

  • Aelere

    I love how you dramatically narrate the great moves

  • Ce Thru
    Ce Thru

    “Keep on hating baby, you’re still giving me views” 😹

  • Mr. Logic
    Mr. Logic

    He played the best game 😂

  • Tenasa vincinetti
    Tenasa vincinetti

    "then he mated the man" me: i lost gachihyper

  • d3m0nofthef411

    how could anyone hate this man

  • AJ L
    AJ L

    6:45 is the best part of the video change my mind

  • Ray Drysdale
    Ray Drysdale

    Naroditsky be like "Charlie, we're going to Candy Mountain!"

  • Samruddhi

    *The thumbnails progressively get better each day*

  • P1_nkiest

    The fact he said, "and for the haters, keep on hating baby. You guys are still getting me views."

  • RunningN2Life

    You can't be all loosey goosey eating a sandwich at the table - daniel negreanu 11:15 lol

  • Craz

    6-9 thats a nice number

  • silas lewis
    silas lewis

    loving the energy of this video

  • Ronan Agustin
    Ronan Agustin

    Levy: you're worth more than a queen Me who just wants to watch chess: uhhh.. thank you?

  • Aman Multani
    Aman Multani

    Love the energy

  • Josh Sibio
    Josh Sibio

    Yo @GothamChess I’m a beginner, I want to get better, but I’m not. Let’s do a video of you helping me? HMU please!

  • Heavymetalization

    pogchamps wouldnt be the same without these two

  • Magicmrbold

    You not a 900 elo if you dont hang the queen every 5-10game. Eh life is hard.