12/16/2021 - Twitch Rivals: Minecraft Best on the Block w/ False, Iskall & Stress! (Stream Replay)
Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at www.twitch.tv/impulsesv

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  • variant

    Impulse, I’d love to see this group team up again! It might be my favorite group of hermits together so far because you all gelled together really well. Plus False as the team captain was perfect. Sigh. I really miss Iskall & Stress on HC so just the 4 of you playing together was such a treat.

  • Metal Monkey
    Metal Monkey

    I really miss iskall his laugh is infectious. I've tried watching Vault Hunters but I can't get into it, also I don't watch streams live, the chat is too distracting.

  • Mumma Bia
    Mumma Bia

    Impulse Vault Hunters totally needs to be a thing!

  • StarNanny

    Twitch Rivals team did an awesome job on those games, except for one “dead” spot that caused more than one team to experience chunk loading errors….that ice dragon was magnificent!

  • Peridot Hare
    Peridot Hare

    Watched this live from Cub's pov with X, Ren and Jevin. So far all I know from this pov is that Iskall was very active in the in-game chat, and a clip saying one of Impulse's daughters cosolayed as Ranboo, which is adorable as heck. Looking forward to this!

  • MandaPetite

    Hope you guys team up again, a joy to watch you! Great communication and banter:)

  • Andrew Childs
    Andrew Childs

    What a fun team and event! Happy to see Stress as well! I’ve missed her content! I know she’s been busy with irl stuff but happy to see her!

  • Shane Mason
    Shane Mason

    It’s so funny to watch impulses face every time iskall cuses 😂

  • KateGander


  • samonthecreek

    LMAO @ the way Impulse tried (somewhat successfully) not to cringe at having to say his ISP's name 😂

  • Kampffmonkey

    Loves this group as a team! Lots of fun

  • Jalidonfox

    Just watched X's perspective and on some of the temple levels like the one where you had to hit the crystals with fire charges he could see them glowing through the walls and the trident one he saw glowing mobs.

  • Respectable Username
    Respectable Username

    Great seeing Impulse hang out with Hermits he usually doesn't get a chance to!

  • Warik Yacent
    Warik Yacent

    What appears evident is that some players are aware of some challenges (past challenges and experiences), while others see them for the first time. A test world (similar map, the targets and course different), available to all players, would make the playing field the same for all players. Assuming they have the time to practise, and they take the time. After all money is on the line. Some players were playing with a handicap. Very entertaining Impulse, gg, thank you.

  • Solve et Coagula
    Solve et Coagula

    I'm sorry, I love Iskall.... but I want him to narrate Winnie-the-Pooh..... his laugh kills me.

  • Alison Gaffney
    Alison Gaffney

    Marry Christmas 🎄 Impulse and have a great Christmas with your family.

  • laartje24

    Stress is better than she thinks. I mean she screams a lot during but she got the moves when it comes down to it.

  • Robert Simpson
    Robert Simpson

    Dude, the beard. Keep that. It really suits you!

  • dude82us

    That ice dragon in the sky looks just like the ice wyvern on the game Ark Survival Evolved

  • ZeroFox75

    The both Hermit teams didn’t do very well in the standings but it was still a lot of fun to watch. Go Team “Not Last”/“Better than the other Hermits”