11 Levels of Minecraft Door: From Noob to Pro
Mumbo Jumbo
In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, we look at Minecraft doors, and how you can go from Noob to Pro at Minecraft redstone doors. Going from Simple Minecraft doors, through to easy Minecraft piston doors, into Large Minecraft piston doors, and finally into giant Minecraft Piston doors involving Slimeblock Flying machines. This video has all sizes of Piston door - 2x2 Piston Door, 3x3 Piston Door, 4x4 Piston Door, 6x6 Piston Door, 7x7 Piston Door, 8x8 Piston Door, 9x9 Piston Door, 10x10 Piston Door!
Inspired by WIRED Easy to Complex
13 levels of pumpkin carving: www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0irT...
World download: www.mediafire.com/file/bhnh6m...
Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
Instagram: instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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  • XevianLight

    The fact that he made his level 1 door so decorated even using trapdoors shows how much of a builder he’s become

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    • Min Min Htun
      Min Min Htun

      3 4

    • Alex Maier
      Alex Maier

      Ist Vetter than Mine

    • Sirotan And Ethan's Minecraft World
      Sirotan And Ethan's Minecraft World

      All we need is for a building lesson from grian to make mumbo the ultimate creative player

    • Patty Cake520
      Patty Cake520

      That's because a regular undecorated door is level 0.

  • floop

    Yeah so here’s the thing about the vault door: there are two unnecessary observers. When making a vault door myself, I arrived at the same design you did, minus the double observers pointing downwards. Only need single. I did multiple different tests to confirm that there is no difference in the speed of the door, all it does it make it decently cheaper.

    • Hi

      This man... he is the messiah

    • Airz

      *careful.* he's a genius.

    • _Unicorn_


    • _Unicorn_

      Did you just outsmart Mumbo…?

  • Fox_Tenko

    All Doors Level: Start 0:00 Level 1 Door 0:29 Level 2 Door 1:01 Level 3 Door 1:23 Level 4 Door 2:03 Level 5 Door 2:35 Level 6 Door 3:01 Level 7 Door 3:48 Level 8 Door 5:02 Level 9 Door 6:06 Level 10 Door 7:31 Level 11 Door 8:37 Level 9000 Door 10:28 End 10:43

    • Ahmed Ahmed
      Ahmed Ahmed

      @JvstVorothii ?!

    • Ahmed Ahmed
      Ahmed Ahmed

      Level 1 Door 0:29

    • JvstVorothii


    • TigerMcVN

      The Start part should be " A threat to the pumpkins "

    • joyjoy yizhao
      joyjoy yizhao

      Thank you this was so unasked for yet so needed

  • LegoEngineer003

    Now we need someone to make a list telling us which of these doors actually work on bedrock. Probably just the first 3.

    • Bo3storejue

      first 4

    • PipsqueakKing

      @Nicefang Yeah, unless the build slightly different

    • Nicefang

      @PipsqueakKing on bedrock?

    • PipsqueakKing

      Level 10 works

    • Nicefang

      @Dalmain J bruh

  • Wolfie_Studios

    Hey man, do you think you can do a tutorial for the level 1 door? It’s such a feat of engineering.

  • Lord Dragonskin
    Lord Dragonskin

    He's got Redstone, he's got building. He's slowly acquiring terraforming. All he needs to do is master modding, command-blocking, and server-hosting to complete the Minecraft Infinity Gauntlet.

    • Vjrz

      @Timelord Victorious *laughs with a fucking pickaxe*

    • Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020
      Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020

      @Juicy342YT for you? Yes. Did I ask? No.

    • Juicy342YT

      @Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020 tone indicators are cringe

    • Commissar Chaotic
      Commissar Chaotic

      @Ben Marshall Then its gonna be an Infinity Block. 6 sides.

    • Kevin Howells
      Kevin Howells

      You forgot pvp and parkour

  • Harmon

    Level 1 door is something I've used many times. Works great in early game nights and in caves

  • TheAdvertisement

    Mumbo flexxing his newfound building skills by making the door frames look so cool is beautiful.

  • Populon993

    Feels like it's been ages since the last video on piston doors. At first I thought RSloft recommends me yet another random video from years ago. But then I saw how nice the doors look. Mumbo really became one of those builder persons lately.


    I like the level 4 door, it's very insecure for smaller mobs. That's what I like about it.

  • Splungified

    I was honestly expecting Level 11 to be his base door from Season 8. Not only is it an impressively sized flying machine door, but it also clears the water in front of it first.

    • Katy Raynsford
      Katy Raynsford

      @trenoles 53 except it's not.

    • trenoles 53
      trenoles 53

      It’s not a great door, it’s just a flying machine

    • setheaven

      u have a link to see that door?

    • Not The Virgin Mothers
      Not The Virgin Mothers

      @DRAGON wtwo it's not really, it's in his thumbnails for hermitcraft season 8

    • Jelly-Hi


  • Luco

    All the doors look so snazzy. Mumbo really be flexing not only his redstone skills but his design skills too. He's becoming too powerful

  • Mark Conway
    Mark Conway

    i love this new mumbo combining his new building skills and his redstones skills i hope to see mumbo like this in all future hermitcraft seasons

  • Jake

    It would be pretty cool if they added sticky goo and it's just like a glue or adhesive that keeps blocks connected when pushed by pistons.

  • ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)
    ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)

    Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort he puts into the content for us❤👌👍🖒👏

  • Dictator 4 Life
    Dictator 4 Life

    I love watching mumbo decorating his redstone now, for years he refused to try claiming he couldn't build for the life of him. Look how he's grown! Especially in the hermitcraft series

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      M K

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    • Evie_was_taken

      I want to like this comment but theirs 690 likes....

    • Densema

      @The Risen Wizard On Scar's and Grian's Mountain Range!

    • Creeper Playz
      Creeper Playz

      @Random_Shorts trueeee

    • The Risen Wizard
      The Risen Wizard

      @Random_Shorts Fr fr. He went from the stone slab master to building custom trees.

  • cool_guy905

    You have truly improved so much with your building skills since you started out

  • Silent Robin
    Silent Robin

    fun fact : having a pressure plate outside of your house to go inside without opening your door is a very bad idea, because it means mobs can just come in using the same pressure plate you use to open the door. its best just to have one pressure plate inside so it closes automatically behind you and opens when you are leaving

    • Aaron du Bourg
      Aaron du Bourg

      There is a way to lock the door even with a pressure plate. Tho it requires the pressure plate to be 2 blocks away.

  • TLA Oltjenbruns
    TLA Oltjenbruns

    I love the fact that he's so used to redstone that he moved from Lvl1: blocks Lvl2: redstone What about using the door and opening it manually? XD I know that's unheard of and extremely 2008, but yeah 👍

  • General Kindle
    General Kindle

    I like the “new” flying machine idea, but I don’t like how you can see the slime blocks and observers.

  • Cordonix _
    Cordonix _

    We all know piston doors hold nothing to the confusion that is: pearls starter base door

    • sans papyrus
      sans papyrus

      @Amethyst no it would be level 100

    • The_Urban_Goose

      @Radio Marco Privat naw it would be 9001

    • Intrepid Ferret
      Intrepid Ferret


    • AboveAll

      @Flamme 5.0.6 no person would ever say or do that.......ever. what parent exists that cares enough about likes on a youtube song? that is generation z and they are just entering their early 20s

    • Radio Marco Privat
      Radio Marco Privat

      Pearls starterbase door would be level 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. (Just kidding)

  • jacksta15

    I really love your redstone videos and you're the reason I learned how to do redstone things. But my laziness and frustration towards flying machines wont let me build a flying machine door that doesn't have slime/honey exposed when it's opened. Can you please post a tutorial to help me out. And the last door is my favorite!!!

  • Wimlev

    9:39 speaking of which, maybe you could just make a video on flying machines and how they work etc. and before you people start replying that he's already done that, because i know - however, as you may have noticed, the channel is growing very quite fast, especially comparerd to the last time he made any sort of tutorial-type video (i don't consider these types tutorials, for the record). plus, y'know, tutorials and stuff tend to do well. good day to you.

  • Joseph DeLuca
    Joseph DeLuca

    Havent played minecraft since before the addition of honey blocks so last levels blew my mind a bit. An idea struck me however; can u make the level 9 but scaled up so each block is (or at least appears) chunk sized?


    theres one fact that really surprised me in this video, everything worked as intended, nothing broke down. Improving-Mumbo

  • Felix Berglund
    Felix Berglund

    I apprecite how Mumbo is combining his "new" building skills with his redstone skills. This is the Mumbo I want to see for HC season 9.

    • Felix Berglund
      Felix Berglund

      @animals Ilove Haha aoutocorrect you know ;)

    • jek jek
      jek jek

      @LolKnight Because you made it in the wrong order

    • LolKnight

      You guys are talking about this kid's vocab while im sitting here wondering why the 11th door doesn't work on my game and works on his

    • Матвей Пилипчук
      Матвей Пилипчук

      @Blaz3 Man if herobrine comes back in season 9 I'll scream

    • jek jek
      jek jek

      @Puffish l

  • cryzz0n

    Now we need someone to make a list telling us which of these doors actually work on bedrock. Probably just the first 3.

  • littlesparkthefourth

    Can we all appreciate the decoration on these Doors

  • Dillon Cheek
    Dillon Cheek

    My all time favorite will forever be the 2x2 flush door. It just so easy to make

  • AquaBee

    "No pumpkin is safe from my knife." Makes me happy every time.

  • ishika

    People who don’t watch Hermitcraft are probably confused about how Mumbo Jumbo suddenly became a builder.

    • ishika

      @Lemonz it’s really good to be honest, you should!

    • ishika

      @Xeknown best reference ever to be honest-

    • Lemonz

      @Gilamore432 ok i will 😄

    • Armatech

      Let's not forget he's also freinds with grian

    • Gilamore432

      @Lemonz Do it, it is SO worth it.

  • Sir Speedy
    Sir Speedy

    "I lied, it was actually just a pair of coconuts" 10/10 line, might be the best joke/reference I've heard on the channel

  • DarkDev

    The way he said “No pumpkin is safe from my knives” is actually hilarious.

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    it needs a flying machine to stick out beneath it to make it keep going up. I'm sure you could come up with something cleaner and would love to see it.

  • Ayrat Valiullin
    Ayrat Valiullin

    Level 9 involves much more engineering than both 10 and 11. I insist :)

  • Nate Volker
    Nate Volker

    I really want to see a door that opens like a garage door. Big, like the flying machine doors, but opens upwards, then pushes the blocks horizontally (kind of like a piston feed tape?) Edit: he did something similar for Scar in Hermitcraft season 5, episode 125. But I was thinking of something updated/bigger now that flying machine doors are a thing.

    • Maxim Savenkov
      Maxim Savenkov

      Probably best to not use a flying mavhine and just use a folded piston extender with slime and honey, its faster, looks better simce the blocks dont move separately and honestly will just be better in general.

    • Bono Voxel
      Bono Voxel

      @krrisin yes, more 3/4 of a piston feedtape since you can push a row of max 12 blocks but can pull only one at once. So you need a row of piston extenders mmmh it's harder than i figured to get to a working solution and it would be probably crappy to see, with a lot of exposed redstone. Told ya, it's almost an year I don't load my world, I've forgot many tricks...

    • Gangstanoodle Ants
      Gangstanoodle Ants

      @Scroogle Doogle I saw one for pocket edition when I was like 8 and it worked

    • krrisin

      you could also use somthing similar to hat he did for te castle gate

    • krrisin

      @Bono Voxel but how would it push blocks up wihout extra at the bottom you would have to make 2 linked yet closed piston feed tapes

  • brickymemez

    I'd prefer a normal door that fits with the decoration more than what seems to be a mega gigantic castle door

  • EclipseLostW

    Its been so long ive seen Mumbo Jumbo but im so happy our redstone king is still going

  • Domi-NO!18

    Problem with fling doors is that you see slime and honey. Maybe a hidden twin extender may help *flying

  • CaptainT 45
    CaptainT 45

    his building skills are getting way better! good job!

  • Big R
    Big R

    “I’ve bought a horse on eBay. I lied… it’s a pair of coconuts.” A man of culture.

    • Me Me
      Me Me

      Read through tons of comments to see if anyone else caught it

    • *

      This really chain is the best

    • *

      @That_Thated_Guy EXACTLY

    • Spam Space
      Spam Space

      So many people of culture in these replies

    • GergtheGoblin

      @Cesium He'll get better

  • Kaycie Straub
    Kaycie Straub

    6:18 Would love to see a starwars prequel inspired Vault/blast door

  • N Lightning
    N Lightning

    Jeb: "One of Minecraft rules is that you can integrate only with one block at a time" Mumbo Jumbo: 8:39

  • DarkChild

    Hmm... I don't think everyone would like to watch the fences freak out as the castle door opens. Maybe lecterns are a good alternative. Albeit a bit pricy.

  • That Redheaded Kid
    That Redheaded Kid

    6:15 Mumbo: I will never get bored of this Me: I'm already bored of this, let's do a self-building piston door.

  • Noctus does things
    Noctus does things

    "No need for a long hallway" You're right, Mumbo, there's no longer a need. However, there is something to be said for the intimidation and awe factor when you see multiple piston doors opening in sequence down a long corridor like a screwed up ancient vault from a sci-fi movie

    • Duck 🇺🇦
      Duck 🇺🇦


    • Chris And Joe
      Chris And Joe


    • ꧁𓃠 Clarissa𓃠꧂
      ꧁𓃠 Clarissa𓃠꧂

      me with my three piston doors to my basr

    • 夜犽akaru

      i guess we can only go for another level...690!

  • Alley Cat101
    Alley Cat101

    Instead of having the honey/slime block flying machine go down in the ground why not make the flying machines go out to the side to make them look more like traditional piston doors

  • Barna Sainsbury
    Barna Sainsbury

    Level nine was probably my favorite because on how smooth it open like it was pretty nice

  • Eino Lönnroth
    Eino Lönnroth

    The first door is still faster and more compact than the 11th lol.

  • Lim Kee Chee
    Lim Kee Chee

    "Unless you completely redesign the way that it works, *and I'm not smart enough for that.* " Hearing Mumbo say that makes it feel like it's completely impossible

  • The Spanish Inquisition, professional degenerate
    The Spanish Inquisition, professional degenerate

    "I lied, it was actually a pair of coconuts." A fellow Monty Python enjoyer, I see.

    • Karkaranos Builds
      Karkaranos Builds

      @MISTER SIR Ni!


      @Eric Pearson he traded them for a shrubbery

    • slambat

      For like the next month I'm going to be looking for a reference to swallows🤣🤣

    • TheStitchpandaTTV

      I choked

    • Rinse Smeding
      Rinse Smeding

      @Eric Pearson from a swallow

  • Chinchilla General
    Chinchilla General

    Level 1 is actually more protected against mobs than 2, 3 and 4

  • Twisted Kitty
    Twisted Kitty

    Yeah no, he lost me after level one. I’m gonna stick to what I know and board up my doorway with solid dirt

  • jezza b
    jezza b

    i completely expected to see the "Tatman" cave door, either way such a great video

  • Dr Rockstar
    Dr Rockstar

    Man I remember always wanting a working fence gate in minecraft as a kid

  • LudiChris

    I like how he’s given the doors more design, beyond the red stone.

    • Tony Yu
      Tony Yu

      Just saw a bot steal this comment. Who tf is even making these and how come they aren't getting removed by yt?

    • FakieyZ

      @Clogica no

    • Grutar G
      Grutar G

      11 Levels of door decor starting from dirt and stone up to all sorts of fancy design styles.

    • Spike 365
      Spike 365


    • Clogica

      Maybe he should make a big piston door for bedrock

  • Nico or Something
    Nico or Something

    “I’m not smart enough for that” **proceeds to show a giant door that he made**

  • MehrGills

    I would propose a pyramid trapdoor as a cool challenge door. As in an even sized pyramid of blocks, with the top 2x2 getting retracted back to make a complete hole

  • Turkeyman࿖

    i love how I'll never get the courage to actually try this out

  • Boonedock Journeyman
    Boonedock Journeyman

    Good humor again of course. But, this is a great format. Please do more in this style.

  • SmG Kalitz
    SmG Kalitz

    I gotta say, it's been amazing seeing Mumbo evolve as a builder lately. If he had made this video a year ago, all of the doors would have been made out of iron blocks, but instead they're all actually designed in ways that you would actually build them and they all look really good. Not to mention the amazing base he made in Season 8. Bravo, Mumbo, keep up the great work.

    • Manthan Dhawas
      Manthan Dhawas

      he has been shaaring a brain cell with grian right

    • Nana Macapagal
      Nana Macapagal

      @The Risen Wizard he appears to have done so

    • The Risen Wizard
      The Risen Wizard

      Hopefully when he wakes up from the pre season 8 simulation, he can take the skills he learned into the real season 8

    • The Binklem Network
      The Binklem Network

      Really shows how he has improved in both a grand and a small scale

  • jojorobino5312

    I really like piston doors but tbh, nothing beats the practicality of the iron door or wooden doors. You can enter in your base while also closing the door behind you with minimal effort.

  • xStarlit_Skyx

    FOr the 6 by 6 flying machine door I noticed that you have obby at the bottom to stop it, I just wanted to note that any immovable block does work, so using a furnace or a block entity would cost much less to get

  • Just some Random guy
    Just some Random guy

    Level 9 is about my limit number ten is like the thing I would need a tutorial to build but still understand it number 11 is just beyond me

  • Felica 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
    Felica 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me

    I apprecite how Mumbo is combining his "new" building skills with his redstone skills. Thisis the Mumbo I want to see for MC season 9.

    • Annika aka anse001
      Annika aka anse001

      you uh... you forgot to change to a different account buddy... you don't show up wearing a bikini at an office meeting right?

  • Zora TheSideCharacter
    Zora TheSideCharacter

    "just kidding, it was a pair of coconuts" Ah yes, a man of culture.

    • Travis Lee
      Travis Lee

      I just paused the video at that part to leave this exact comment, nearly word for word. This makes me happy 😂

    • Mr. Lazer
      Mr. Lazer

      @Caitlyn Everest i... i dont know...

    • Jeremy Du Plessis
      Jeremy Du Plessis

      Ah yes sir

  • Degen Aura
    Degen Aura

    Yes this is totally something that i would build on my singleplayer world

  • Ithenna

    Wow, my pathetic lack of redstone lazy doors actually make it to a LEVEL 2 on Mumbo Jumbo's list?!? That's amazing.

  • alexander walling
    alexander walling

    "I just bought a horse on Ebay. It was actually a pair of coconuts" 5:30 I love the Monty Python reference

  • Flamin' Gaming
    Flamin' Gaming

    The sounds of pistons and redstone clocks probably replay in Mumbo's head every day he goes to sleep

  • thaumaTurtles

    "I even bought a horse on ebay!" "...I'm just kidding, it's only a pair of coconuts." Well played.

    • Nejimus


    • Tyrantstorm

      Where did he get the coconuts?

    • Thomas Glod
      Thomas Glod

      Great movie

    • ButteredBiscuit

      i was so excited ab the reference 😭😭

  • thehulk 31803
    thehulk 31803

    Based on my level of red stone engineering, I'd be level 0

  • Main_Misfit

    Level 1 to level 2 was a massive technological leap

  • Kyle Evans
    Kyle Evans

    Good to know, as someone who’s played Minecraft once, that I am at level 1.5

  • Sharpnetic

    In the latest deep dark version (22w13a) there is a redstone door hidden under the big portal!

  • Ansar Ibrahim
    Ansar Ibrahim

    Although the Hermitcraft videos are good, there’s nothing like a good old Mumbo redstone video

    • JamAttack

      I love the fact that these kinds of videos have started to incorporate building as well, it's really cool to see both Redstone and aesthetic building being mixed together in these.

    • Hedgehog hero
      Hedgehog hero

      ImDaRealBoi right, saw those earlier

    • ImDaRealBoi

      @Hedgehog hero they were probably replying to a spam comment

    • Hedgehog hero
      Hedgehog hero

      TheyCallMeFlipper hm?

  • Poop and doop
    Poop and doop

    It’s not a mistake✨it’s a masterpiece✨

  • Nike Bikey
    Nike Bikey

    hey mumbo I have a question about the number 10 door could you reverse it to where it retracts upwards like a garage door?

  • Riles Korks
    Riles Korks

    "Or if you're server is particularly laggy..." But what if the door lags into Grian's inventory too??! What then?!

    • Travis Hudson
      Travis Hudson

      *Season 7 flashbacks intensify*

  • alebro

    Powdered snow would be an upgrade for the step 1 door imo 🤔😅