100 Hours In Hardcore Minecraft: The Most Dangerous Portal...
100 Hours In Hardcore Minecraft is a new series where the objective is to survive in Minecraft 1.18 Hardcore mode for 100 hours without dying as we only have one life in this let's play.
100HoursInMinecraftHardCore episode 3, we start deep in the 1.18 caves looking for diamonds and copper. But as usual, we get lost in the deepslate caves. Once we get out of the diamond mine, we start work on the coolest Nether portal and build a bridge connecting both sides of the canyon. The very dangerous portal will take me to the Nether for the first time in Minecraft Hardcore mode. I hope you enjoy the mega base upgrade and see you in the next ep!
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  • TimeBucks

    He's really good at avoiding death.

    • Retronyx

      prayge it last long

    • Lucas Millar
      Lucas Millar

      And really good at getting himself close to death

    • Blackxfiied

      *laughs in hermitcraft*

    • space kat
      space kat

      It's almost like someone hired an anti-hitman just for scar

  • ThunderCrash Kids
    ThunderCrash Kids

    “I can’t go without building that nether portal.” Ten minutes later *almost dies having fun with the water bucket*

    • Lina Hasdo
      Lina Hasdo

      Lol I read your comment while watching and scar said "that's scar logic for ya" 😂

  • Xirvek

    Scar: "You know those people who take a water bucket and drop it just before they hit the ground?" Me: "Well, it was nice knowing you."

  • NoaTheBoa89

    I love how Scar makes a base that you know will eventually kill him in hardcore. Everything about scar is so funny

  • rain!!

    welcome back to another episode of "how anxious can i possibly make my viewers"

    • human being
      human being

      every time he would water bucket clutch, my breath would catch in my throat. I was so proud that he made almost every one

    • Alyssa Vieira
      Alyssa Vieira

      Scar being super dangerous jumping off cliffs, mlg water bucketing, and falling really is anxiety inducing 😓

    • Rc Aviation Adventures
      Rc Aviation Adventures


    • Vikman Photography
      Vikman Photography

      At this rate, I might need to start self medicating

    • abdulali Mebarki
      abdulali Mebarki

      It's literally every video where scar plays hardcore lol

  • Alex Conway
    Alex Conway

    Me: Scar is a super chill and relaxing person to watch. Also me: "screaming internally"

  • Sodio Clawkus
    Sodio Clawkus

    I find it wholesome how when scar figured out the MLG water he just started playing around with it a million times

  • Cole Family
    Cole Family

    "Soft Gorge" has a nice ring to it, and definitely reflects how easy you make the most insurmountable challenges look.

  • Kiddjacob

    It makes me so happy to see Scar do his thing. His content shows that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. Keep it going Scar!

  • Patricia

    scar’s proud “look at me gooo” while practicing the water bucket clutch is so endearing yet stressful to watch lol

    • The fish god
      The fish god

      What I think about when he does stuff like that I think if something would of happened the title would say something about him dieing or something

    • P Type Gaming
      P Type Gaming

      @Aaron Tyska you block an arrow and the deflected arrow can hurt the skeleton if you are close enough

    • optikulus

      I mean it looks like he is a natural

    • wafeh

      @Jesus is LORD why here. There's alot of vids about there, why here...

    • Jesus is LORD
      Jesus is LORD

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬ Ju

  • Lewis Thomas
    Lewis Thomas

    I love how no matter how much danger scar is in, he refuses to press the shift key

  • Devin

    "We penetrate the nether..." Okay, this line proves Scar knew what he was making his portal look like...

    • Friend Sebastian
      Friend Sebastian

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it

    • blue penguin
      blue penguin

      Yeah right I thought that, and was looking for a comment about it you re the only one so far haha I was quite uncomfortable when I saw it, the rest of it is great though

  • Military Doggo
    Military Doggo

    Just in case anyone was wondering, the song scar used in his bridge Timelapse is called Howling by Lupus Nocte

  • J B B Hubbard
    J B B Hubbard

    1:10 missed a diamond block in that set. Amazing episode Scar! hope you're recovery goes well! Sending my best wishes!

  • Mabel

    "I can't go out without building the nether portal, its such a cool design!" Scar has his priorities straight

    • Taolan8472

      @Jake Walden ja, but thankfully shields are op.

    • Jake Walden
      Jake Walden

      *few seconds later* dives straight at creeper

    • Exayevie

      Has that "or worse, expelled" energy

  • MaoriMiner _NZ
    MaoriMiner _NZ

    Love the portal. it actually looks like a cut amethyst rock.

  • Bananas

    I feel like “Copper Canyon” might be a good name, due to the fact that you love copper and you also have a mine. :)

  • Squish125

    He’s so good at not dying in the most deadly way

  • RossDog

    If you're here watching This and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

    • InfinityCS

      never gonna give you up*

  • Animagician

    scar it feels like you're doing a challenge where you try to see how many heart attacks you can give me in one episode

    • Enzefoong Gaming
      Enzefoong Gaming

      @A. B. not really jeez

    • Malia Rogers
      Malia Rogers

      100 hours of no health and constant skeletons

    • Marvin Landby
      Marvin Landby


    • Zoe Kester
      Zoe Kester


    • Weirdogamer

      Ik fr

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Running towards the edge of a cliff and not looking where he's going is Scar's biggest troll, and I love it.

  • Dream_Weaver

    25:29 "we penetrated the nether" I see what you did there with that portal

  • L. G.
    L. G.

    I'm loving this series Scar! You are proving time and again that you can handle all kinds of danger and your builds are so adventurous, on theme! I am glad that you are realizing an old dream by building around the cliffs.


    When he steped out of his geode portal and the zombie piglings were there, I was just like "welp this is the end of his hardcore series".

  • reheated-soup

    the scariest and funniest thing about scar's hardcore series is his complete refusal to look down where he's walking anytime he's near a sharp drop, which is way too often for comfort

    • Daniel McIntyre
      Daniel McIntyre

      he knows exactly what he's doing too xD

    • Lovekiller RIGGS
      Lovekiller RIGGS

      i agree

    • limellicorn

      or going into 3rd person and walking forwards when he can't see in front of him 😬 he's doing this on purpose I'm sure but it still stresses me out 😭

    • -FutureTaken-

      @Elijah Mckenna im surprised you are the 2st person to make that joke

    • aude1ty

      exactly. who needs cardio? i just watch scar's videos and my heart rate spikes well over 125

  • Heartless

    I love that the massive geode portal is held up by a tiny, flimsy chain.

  • Destroyer1010

    Anyone else supremely proud of Scar? His reaction time has been fantastic.

  • -Random user-
    -Random user-

    20:43 Hey Scar, it's just actually not their "own kind", since not only are they their pets normally, but the pig killed in the attack was actually a zombified one, and as soon as they become zombified, they'll become hostile start attacking their owners, as well as you. The one in armor just defended themselves. This conspiracy is even more complicated than expected... And please, stop giving us so much anxiety by taking risks :'] your serie is enjoyable, but also stressful; happily you manage to survive and avoid doing said stressful thing again. Since i think it's the first time i'm commenting on one of your videos, i wanted to say that i'm really impressed by your building skills, especially seeing what you can create in so few episodes, and you inspire me to build more and improve. Thanks a lot also for your constant positive energy, kindness and motivation, it helps seeing such nice people and makes me want to work on myself too. :D Have a nice day everyone, please take care 💗💗💗

  • mikey martyr
    mikey martyr

    I think making a hanging tea house, kind of in the same style as your main house, would be really cute! Maybe making it look more like a paper lantern or just a regular minecraft lantern would be so cute

  • pencil jk im not a pencil
    pencil jk im not a pencil

    "No, I can't die now, the design for the portal is too cool!" Only Scar can say that with confidence😂

    • Prince Edison Resolis
      Prince Edison Resolis


  • landoc05

    And just like that, Scar gave us one of the greatest hardcore episodes ever recorded.

  • Twix

    Even though Iclearly saw Scar land a water bucket clutch 3 consecutive times, my brain is still processing this as impossible.

  • Crancel Browser
    Crancel Browser

    Scar: "I better be careful, this is hardcore after all" Also Scar: "So here's the portal, one step to the wrong side and it's certain death" I love this series. I thought for a name you could combine Scar's Gorge into S'Gorge or The S'Gorge, i thought sounded kind of cute and funny bc it sounds like "scourge"

  • Kyrie Tottman
    Kyrie Tottman

    I always love watching your time-lapses! Also I think the crane looks more like a counterweight! I can just imagine it rocking slighting and swinging the portal so it casts colourful lights through the gorge! Love it!!

  • Pixelcraftian

    Scar finds a Hardcore world, starts a series, and almost dies every 23 seconds. Absolutely love it, amazing video :)

    • AquAssassin

      @John Chance thats actually a really good theory (but not for my heart)

    • j Walster
      j Walster

      I like how he so obviously doing most of them on purpose.

    • thunderboltpo plays
      thunderboltpo plays

      @John Chance this

    • John Chance
      John Chance

      I think he's purposefully taking risks to prove that the reason he dies so much in Hermitcraft isn't a lack of skill it's just that he doesn't care in soft core. lol

    • sandro bossman
      sandro bossman

      Like chaser

  • ArtCatDraws

    I love how scar just keeps doing such reckless things and It just induces soo much anxiety lol

  • Kannon Coker
    Kannon Coker

    I think you should name it Gorgeous Gorge, bc with all of the wonderful builds you’ve made, it’s gonna be a sight to see 😊

  • C3BO54b

    It has to be Scar's Death Valley! Also thank you for the laughs as always and the many near deaths experiences!!!!

  • Cathy Nguyen
    Cathy Nguyen

    scar’s building skills continues to always blow my mind

  • Kenna Krone
    Kenna Krone

    Me: Ah, a nice relaxing Scar video. Scar: *decides to learn the MLG water bucket trick in a hardcore world.*

    • Ayden Kinley
      Ayden Kinley

      it give me PTSD

  • King Potato
    King Potato

    It finally happened, Scar I’m very happy to know you were a rock kid! No longer alone!

  • Rick Polar
    Rick Polar

    Absolutely love the series so far and so happy to hear that super fast build mode music again! Always enjoy jamming out to that 16:15

  • StudlyRuddly -
    StudlyRuddly -

    The thing that makes your hardcore series so much fun to watch is how reckless you are. Death is an actual possibility! Everyone else plays so cautious in comparison

  • Sammit

    With the way scar plays I’ve been one stiff breeze away from a heart attack for the entirety of this series. And that was before he started hurling himself off mountainsides.

  • Element of Kindness
    Element of Kindness

    The only Minecraft Hardcore player, who can stress out his audience, more than he does himself.

    • Slmc- chan
      Slmc- chan


  • magicalbroccoli

    I absolutely love this series, my name being scar's donkey's name is such a good feeling! and for the gorge, "Scar's Fantasy Gorge"

  • Varad Nirgude
    Varad Nirgude

    A good name for the gorge would be ' Hanging End ' because its most likely going to be the end of this series.

  • DBLuuv

    Death Gorge! or Danger Valley! lol. LOVE this series! thank you for the great laughs, heart attacks, and amazing builds!


    Scar, maybe you can name the gorge "Death Drop Valley" because one misstep and you're gone. And you probably should place some purple glass (panes) behind the portal for safety

  • Roxanne13579

    Watching Scar play hardcore mode is like one of those anxiety-inducing cartoon scenes where a character is sleepwalking up a construction site and somehow it goes well

    • Sqweed

      spot on analogy

    • Thomas T
      Thomas T

      Yes! 😂

    • fluffy dog
      fluffy dog

      Or Olaf walking through the forest

    • Red rifel
      Red rifel


  • Nyerguds

    Confirmed: Scar is one of those people who takes Netherwart from a fortress without replanting it. Tsk.

  • Jules Egan
    Jules Egan

    Scar you never cease to amaze me with your building talent! And watching your videos always make me happy. I also adore rocks and always have, especially as a kid! Rock nerd solidarity!

  • Shreks_big_toe

    Scars little laugh distracts me from how many heart attacks iv had just by watching this episode

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn

    The whole series is probably just Scar’s masterplan to scare and give everyone anxiety tbh

  • Ihlly

    Grian and Joel: "We need to keep Scar alive" Meanwhile, Scar: "Hey guy watch me practice jumping off cliffs!"

    • Ihlly

      @Em So this is all your fault! XD

    • Thedarkbunnyrabbit

      You can make something child safe, but you cannot make it Scar safe.

    • Em

      @Catphin Yeah 😆

    • Catphin

      @Em Even if he didn’t get the idea from your comment, I have a feeling that he would practice jumping off cliffs in a hardcore world anyways.

    • Em

      To be fair, I commented on his last video asking him to practice. I meant in a test world, but I did ask. Idk if he got the idea from my comment or if he just thought of it

  • Kate Tweedie
    Kate Tweedie

    As a fellow lover of rocks, your portal is very much appreciated

  • Room219b

    Dear Scar, I want you to know that "I just strutted up their like I was a cool kid at a rock show." randomly popped into my brain and that will now always be a part of me.

  • CptC0rnBread

    The crane looks like a hacksaw. Love the content dude, keep it going.

  • Zach Gaming
    Zach Gaming

    Hey Scar, you should make a waterfall on the other side of your gorge. Love your vids!

  • JCraft

    Scar, maybe you can name the gorge "Death Drop Valley" because one misstep and you're gone. And you probably should place some purple glass (panes) behind the portal for safety

    • 12Magner05

      “Call it death drop valley but make it safer“ lol

    • Jung O
      Jung O

      A derivative idea could be "Drop Dead Gorgeous," serving as both a pun and a proper description similar to "Death Drop Valley."

    • Aksel Mærkedahl
      Aksel Mærkedahl

      Death Drop Canyon

    • Allie_daya

      That's what I was thinking

    • XOXheartAmy

      "safety"? what is this word of which you speak?

  • Taracinablue

    The bridge and especially the geode slice portal turned out so cool!

  • mizushimo

    This is more terrifying then watching a streamer play an actual horror game, who knew that minecraft could be so scary with scar throwing himself off of every available surface.

  • mrfoodarama

    Loving this series! Maybe the next season of Hermitcraft should be HardCore!

  • KingTree

    "Anxiety Canyon" Would be a fitting name for scars base

  • The Letter S
    The Letter S

    calling it now, scar, with all his reckless abandon and death trap builds, is somehow going to be the only one to survive the full 100 hours

    • Lemon Zinger Tea
      Lemon Zinger Tea

      @mr voice post some more videos and maybe people will find your videos on their own. i find that people dont want to watch videos as much when people advertise their videos in random comment sections

    • Kaiser Wilhelm
      Kaiser Wilhelm

      @Cezar Catalin without a crafting table? Well if he manages that, I'll take everything back

    • Cezar Catalin
      Cezar Catalin

      @Kaiser Wilhelm I believe Scar would be able to craft a water bucket mid-air and then use it.

    • mr voice
      mr voice


    • Game Difficulty_42
      Game Difficulty_42

      @mr voice Nobody cares

  • Ian Laigo
    Ian Laigo

    'Deathly Valley' I swear the near deaths Scar does make us fear for his dear life

  • ArtCatDraws

    I’ve just realised that scar’s style of talking is very reminiscent of one of those old timey radio announcers. I can’t get it out of my head and I love it. “We’ve got a drive through here. That’s right! We’ve got a zombie drive through here!” All he need now is a trans Atlantic accent and he’d sell the part perfectly

  • Rana AlBaghdadi
    Rana AlBaghdadi

    Hi scar! Cool portal there! It looks like an eye. Btw....I think you should name the gorge 'the gorge of eternal depth'.

  • Yee

    14:44 I like how scars idea of industrial smelting is using 2 furnaces instead of 1.

  • Luka Kabert
    Luka Kabert

    Grian and Joel: "We have to get Scar to 100 hours" Meanwhile Scar: Doing 360 no scope MLG water bucket

    • bhanayya k
      bhanayya k

      Yes we can make it happen.I am going into this plan ;)

    • Muenster Chez-Man
      Muenster Chez-Man

      @ebom wait so does Jellie have infinite lives?

    • ebom

      @Cezar Catalin he's borrowing lives from jellie

    • Ako

      @Cezar Catalin exactly no wonder his cat died so easily

    • Muenster Chez-Man
      Muenster Chez-Man

      @Cezar Catalin lol

  • Adier Twigg
    Adier Twigg

    So proud of you and your survival skills, Scar!

  • xyrsh

    Scar, what about making a simple lava farm to use as fuel instead of coal? You only need source lava, drip stones and cauldrons to catch the dripping lava

  • Breeona Wilcox
    Breeona Wilcox

    Gorge name idea: Amethyst Gorge (as a fellow rock lover it seems fitting with the geode portal)

  • Jack Kramer
    Jack Kramer

    Scar: “Help name our Gorge here” Me: “Gleeful Gorge” Also me: “that’s a terrible name, need something to with terror he gives to his viewers!! AHA! Rascal Ravine!!!”

  • MorningBowl

    Scar’s making the most dangerous builds in a hardcore world, despite his history of dying in Hermitcraft. Even if he dies, you gotta hand it to him. Dude’s a beast

  • SkylightCiel

    I love Scar somehow making a more dangerous base here than in a regular Hermit Craft season

  • VerTAZ

    I love how scar has his own enchantingtable but still used grian's etable lol

    • Sarah Gubler
      Sarah Gubler

      And the one he has, he stole from Grian. Scar, come on. If your gonna steal stuff, steal it right.

  • Ian Larkin
    Ian Larkin

    This episode was a masterpiece

  • The Many Faces Of Kat
    The Many Faces Of Kat

    My name idea would simply be to call it "The Scar" After all, what are Gorges and Canyons if not scars? :)

  • Joey Ebeling
    Joey Ebeling

    We don't give scar enough credit. He's really good at avoiding death.

    • Skye Board
      Skye Board

      @Nick Jason hardcore means 1 life!

    • Skye Board
      Skye Board

      @Nick Jason it’s not possible that’s all I’m saying, it’s not possible!

    • Skye Board
      Skye Board

      @Nick Jason no… the server doesn’t let you respawn that’s the point! The entire point!

    • KAREEM el abkary
      KAREEM el abkary

      @🍀•Kale•🍀 yup

    • 🍀•Kale•🍀

      @Nick Jason It's hardcore, he'd be removed from the server when he dies