100 Days, But There Are Custom Dimensions...
100 Days, But There Are Custom Bosses: rsloft.info/loft/video/gbmKy53P2365sHY
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In this Minecraft video I survive 100 days in a Minecraft Hardcore World, but there are custom dimensions for me to explore. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had. This was played on a 1.16.5 Modded World.
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  • SB737


  • Jake Globox
    Jake Globox

    Minecraft SB Edition looks amazing, where can i buy a copy?

  • JediJess1

    You know... when you started the game, I wasn't sure how much time you were going to put toward the different dimensions. I thought you were spending too long in the overworld... but you sure showed me! you did a great job showing off those dimensions and filled the content quite well. Very well done!

  • Grade A Memes
    Grade A Memes

    His happiness when he plays the sonic level is so genuine

  • Beaser Hendrix
    Beaser Hendrix

    I have to tell you how much I appreciate this videos, the other videos I've seen from you, your personality and the amount of work you put into your videos and their editing! The length is perfect for my watch style, the content is entertaining and the way you're able to carry on a coherent "narration" through the amount of editing you've done to what seems like several hours of gameplay is well done. Keep up the videos!

  • Poppie Blanchard
    Poppie Blanchard

    The scariest part about the nightmare dimension isn't herobrine, but the fact that vexes can spawn naturally in it and not from a evoker

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn

    Love to see SB returning to his roots with Herobrine and the Sonic dimension.


    Can we all appreciate the fact that he never disappoint us with his content? 👍❤

  • Mitchell

    SB your dedication is amazing, i really appreciate (and i’m sure everyone does too) the enthusiasm in your videos. keep it up!

  • Eren Shujii
    Eren Shujii

    Can't wait for 2000 days of hardcore! I love how you put so much effort in our videos and your world just to entertain us. I also love your content so much your videos are so exciting to watch!

  • TheSebsFilms

    the achievement " removed herobrine" is very accurate for the continuation of the herobrine fight, how many updates was that exact line added to the update list?

  • Emma Dillard
    Emma Dillard

    Okay, I just love the fact that there's a Sonic dimension. It fits Sb737 perfectly!

  • Evs rainbow world
    Evs rainbow world

    It looked amazing it’s a shame you couldn’t finish great video keep up the good work

  • Koke

    You know its a good day when SB737 Uploads..

  • raphael felicissimo
    raphael felicissimo

    SB: Diamonds are for peasants

  • Magic

    Can we just appreciate how much effort SB puts into his videos

  • Andrew Childs
    Andrew Childs

    Your videos always amaze me because you accomplish so much in a single video.

  • PixelStacker

    His happiness when he plays the sonic level is so genuine aye

  • esthef

    The blast-to-the-past twilight Forest mod has brought me the good vibes

  • Sanity

    The time and effort that SB put in to this videos are just unbelievable, and his dedication are often just splendid to say the least, I'm so glad that I've found this channel, Keep up the awesome work SB!💪