$100 challenge: Brandy Melville vs. Thrifted
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i hope ya'll like these $100 challenges! Brandy melville vs. thrifted (kinda).
Let me know what stores i should compare next?
comment nut butter if you're reading this.

  • Emma Longars
    Emma Longars


  • megan mc
    megan mc

    nut butter

  • Sarina Blair
    Sarina Blair

    💕 💕

  • Sarina Blair
    Sarina Blair

    Why was the grey crew neck $65

  • Lisa M166
    Lisa M166

    yes i am here from when Haley is engaged congrats btw

    • Emmy Denman
      Emmy Denman

      haha me too

  • Nafas

    Who else noticed that the outfits of the thumbnail was switched?

  • Emily Metty
    Emily Metty

    Where is your lock and key necklace from? I absolutely love it

  • phuong nguyen
    phuong nguyen

    Brandy Melville don't say that their clothes are ONE SIZE FITS ALL, it's just ONE SIZE :"> And for those who said that "why they don't make more sizes? Why they don't appreciate more type of body?" etc.. it just because their target market/customers are petties/skinny girls. Just like there always have plus size stores where only sell plus size clothes

  • samantha browne
    samantha browne

    Nut butter (I read the description)

  • Nora Davidsen
    Nora Davidsen

    You should make an asmr video!!!

  • Esmee


  • Lil Joji
    Lil Joji

    that thumbnail..

  • noelle s
    noelle s

    that gray sweatshirt was noootttt worth it

  • Trendy Tings
    Trendy Tings

    I have a few vsco bracelet videos coming soon if anyone is interested!

  • Anaa Adrienne
    Anaa Adrienne

    They were both overpriced apart from the t shirt what the hell

  • Angela C
    Angela C

    I fit brandy Melville but I’m just not a huge fan so thrifting

  • ur frog
    ur frog

    nut butter

  • Gaming with Jess
    Gaming with Jess

    Okay but who was that in the mirror 9:09

  • life of lia
    life of lia

    nut butter

  • aubrey revak
    aubrey revak

    We’re did you get your sweatshirt from?

    • aubrey revak
      aubrey revak


  • chxle

    EHi yherhhi

  • Grace M
    Grace M

    I went to goodwill the other day and got a pair of Levis for 5.99$

  • Mady R.
    Mady R.

    So am I the only one who noticed Ryan wore the grey sweatshirt in "my boyfriend moved in with me at 18"

  • MyNameIsDanielISwear

    I actually like Walmart clothes .-.

  • •emily•

    I love you and you are so beautiful so you keep doing what you’re doing and you go girl !!!❤️❤️❤️x

  • It’s Alia
    It’s Alia

    Antique and thrifted are different and did anyone notice the wrong thumbnail and ryan through the mirror? No just me, ok

  • divya

    the dad shirt from brandy i found something similar in my dad’s closet 😯🤯

  • Gabby W
    Gabby W

    Nutter butter

  • Ashley Altnow
    Ashley Altnow

    sorry i’m late to this video but brandy isn’t a one size fits all. it’s just one size, also it’s made for people who have trouble finding small clothes to fit them. tell me do y’all just walk into a plus size store complaining that everything is too big for u

  • Sara Gene
    Sara Gene

    Brandy isn’t one size fits all it’s one size. It’s very different

  • Emily Eckart
    Emily Eckart


  • AllyRTV

    They only size jeans in xsmall, small and medium tho

  • esmee nicole
    esmee nicole

    dude when you wore the looney toones shirt with the jeans, your torso looked non existent 😂❤️

  • megan baxby
    megan baxby

    I live in England and there is a store I London and I went and got this crewneck, but while I was there I tried on two tops and they didn't even fit me even tho im not even a teenager yet xx

  • Sima Ghosn
    Sima Ghosn

    Love you and your vids so much💖💖💖💖💖

  • Morgan Childers
    Morgan Childers

    yeah. shopping at “vintage” stores that literally sell goodwill clothes for obnoxiously high prices is not thrifting lol

  • Olivia Gomez
    Olivia Gomez

    Nut butterrrrr

  • egg with 20000 subs
    egg with 20000 subs

    and i just bought a $30 cropped plaid shirt from brandy-

  • Aurora Ross
    Aurora Ross

    Not trying to be super brandy supportive but they label their stuff as one size fits small or extra small it’s not labeled as one size fits all because that’s not their demographic

  • sips tea
    sips tea

    That thumbnail got me good gurl 😂❤️

  • gabby adams
    gabby adams

    the brandy jeans are really inexpensive. i had no idea they were only like $30

  • Maddelynn Milliken
    Maddelynn Milliken

    nut butter lol

  • Isabella Heyward
    Isabella Heyward

    thrift by far even if i lived near a brandy

  • Jasmine Nasseri
    Jasmine Nasseri

    Lol I’m so lucky I have like 3 Brandy Melville’s so close to me haha

  • Kaitlyn Littlejohn
    Kaitlyn Littlejohn

    that gray crewneck and the jeans from the thrift store looked really cute together! am i crazy or was I the only one who thought that??

  • Zoe

    nut butter

  • Tea Fusco
    Tea Fusco

    I like the brandy outfit better

  • eve anderson
    eve anderson

    *thrift store ≠ vintage store*

  • Ella Drury
    Ella Drury

    Nut butter

  • Lily Brennan
    Lily Brennan

    Brandy melville (idk how to spell lol) isn’t meant to be one size fits all it’s just one size

  • esmeralda

    this video made me remember to go thrifting to save money on school clothes this summer lmao thx 👸🏻😂

  • Anya Neez
    Anya Neez

    Plus real thrifted clothes make you feel so proud to have made cute shit out of old shit or is it just me ?

  • Anya Neez
    Anya Neez

    Would you rather buy clothes that make you look like you did something productive ? But cost more or clothes that actually do something productive and cost less ? Simple :)

  • Chiara C
    Chiara C

    What you read at first for the Grey top from Brandy Melville "Knightsbridge" is actually a place in London so that's really weird and no one mentioned it in the comments. Anyways just wanted to put that out there I don't know why.

  • Yeet Skeet
    Yeet Skeet

    Thrifting is amazing and always better 😂😂😂

  • Liv Middleton
    Liv Middleton

    does anyone know where haley's signature necklace is from?! i need it in my liffeeee

  • abby c
    abby c

    nut butter🥺

  • lulu

    9:14 She sounds like Ellen😂😍

  • Natalie Ann
    Natalie Ann

    Brandy is simply one size, not one size fits all! (: didn’t wanna be mean, I loved the video, just wanted to clarify!

  • nothing idk
    nothing idk

    can we just appreciate the person in the back (i’m guessing ryan) making a sandwich 😂

  • kate flanagan
    kate flanagan

    i love melanie aw

  • Georgina Parsons
    Georgina Parsons

    I personally liked the brandy outfit more

  • mikaela pawluk
    mikaela pawluk

    do pacsun vs another store!!!!!!!

  • MissMiMi

    But butter

    • MissMiMi

      Nut butter I mean opps

  • Layla Kilgore
    Layla Kilgore

    She didnt try anything on *cries*

  • Andrea Grace
    Andrea Grace

    If you don’t like this comment your dog will die

  • barrett case
    barrett case

    nut butter

  • Hannah Stewart
    Hannah Stewart

    Honestly I think brandy stuff is so cute but the fact that it's one-size-fits-all is so disappointing, I don't understand why they do that ...?

  • Bryleigh Bell
    Bryleigh Bell

    Wait I though brandy was expensive!?!,!? $38 was so cheap for jeans

  • Forever Zahara
    Forever Zahara

    can you do a how I edit video please I've started a channel and I would love to get a few tips

  • Norah Beckwith
    Norah Beckwith

    Why does Haley never try stuff on😂

  • Genevieve H
    Genevieve H

    John Gault is owned by pacsun and that’s why they also sell it at pacsun and then they are able to put John gault on pacsuns website and then brandy sells John gault

  • l i l l y b a r z
    l i l l y b a r z

    you should do pacsun vs target

  • to the STD
    to the STD

    who else saw ryan in the mirror lmao

  • Natalia Manna
    Natalia Manna

    Please do more of these!!

  • Audrey Jones
    Audrey Jones

    I thought there were lots of brandy stores huh I guess I’ve just been to places where there is a large concentration of right white girls

  • Toast Parrot
    Toast Parrot

    Theres also a lot of brandy Melville stores in eUrOpE

  • Aisha

    That thrifted outfit is everything! 💕

  • Lara Pailliotet
    Lara Pailliotet

    I LOVE the Fannypack

  • vanessa grace
    vanessa grace

    nut butter

  • London Paige
    London Paige

    Honestly to me, it didn't really seem like the outfits were *that* much similar but idk 🤷

  • Violet Davis
    Violet Davis

    Wait if the thrifted jeans were $25 and the shirt was $10, does that mean that the hoodie was $65?!?!! That seems like a *lot*

    • candace Luke 21:36
      candace Luke 21:36

      vintage store :)

  • Violet Davis
    Violet Davis

    Nut butter

  • Amelie Ocean
    Amelie Ocean

    Nut butter 😊

  • Brenda Mears
    Brenda Mears

    i love how ryan is eating in the back

  • Jessica Simpson
    Jessica Simpson

    I love your hair ❤️

  • Éli Duval
    Éli Duval

    Nut butter

  • Mr Self Destruct
    Mr Self Destruct

    Brandy Melville is just paying full price for new versions of thrift items

  • Frankie Crawley
    Frankie Crawley

    i prefer the camera audio

  • ren

    but butter

    • ren


  • bingbong

    why didn’t u try anything on before you bought it.....sorry but like that’s really dumb lol

  • Johnna M
    Johnna M

    Grunge transformation vid? Or indie? Loved this video

  • Sophizzle

    They have like a brandy Melville section in the Nordstrom’s in Washington State.

  • 90sbabybrea

    you should try FashionNova vs Target for your next $100 challenge.

  • sophia i
    sophia i

    anyone know the name of the jeans from brandy

  • Ferry Cruise
    Ferry Cruise

    Was that Ryan in the mirror?

  • keith T
    keith T

    like the Levi jeans

  • Katarina Mihajlović
    Katarina Mihajlović

    i love u

  • Shamita Nutella
    Shamita Nutella

    WHY do I like the the trifted outfit wayyyy better. the brandy outfit was fugly and looked like a worn out borrowed outfit from a homeless person

  • Fernanda pereira
    Fernanda pereira

    10:42 i get what you said but you meant you are reusing, not recycling because machines recycle, and machines only, just thought you should know

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