10 Ways The World Will Change After COVID-19
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10 Ways The World Will Change After COVID-19
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  • Master Ferguson
    Master Ferguson

    Paid Propaganda

  • Pizza King
    Pizza King

    "after" It's gonna be here for a while yet.

  • Isabella T
    Isabella T

    Anyone else notice all the people wearing their masks upside down ??

  • Jack Darlo Football
    Jack Darlo Football


  • Tru Raven
    Tru Raven

    “healthier work life balance from working at home” YEAH RIGHT XDXD

  • Tru Raven
    Tru Raven

    Im sorry but if you actually consider wearing a mask after covid then you’re a bitch.

  • Tru Raven
    Tru Raven

    Online grocery shopping is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard tbh.

  • Ya Boi VD
    Ya Boi VD

    10:06 they be ignoring josh


    Dude i hate my country Lebanon Our crowd is so fucking stupid They said on the news that now our country is hell LIKE WHO THE ACTUAL FUCK WOULD SAY BOUT HIS COUNTRY I FUCKIN HATE MY LIFE

  • Gamermental 7482
    Gamermental 7482

    Has anyone noticed 777 dislikes what a lucky number

  • Smoke Smokes
    Smoke Smokes

    Anyone just got the notification? I thought i was having dejavu

  • Kyle

    Bit of a boring one this time lads...

  • Not On My Account
    Not On My Account

    Cash being gone isn't good. What about the homeless population? To get a card you need an address. Unless something is done about the homeless crisis then it'll start a vicious cycle

  • Ruby Payne
    Ruby Payne

    It isn't Pandemic Its PanDamit

  • Sh3rjeel

    video says we will never be the same? excuse me? if we can adapt to a point we can adapt back even if it takes one or two generations lol

  • ZFare

    Imagin thinking quarantine will end

  • Konstantyn Kushyna
    Konstantyn Kushyna


  • Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla
    Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla

    Wow. 😂😂

  • A Fabulous Skylanders Spyro
    A Fabulous Skylanders Spyro

    Most of us will be sweating

  • Denholm13

    is this the same guy that does 101 facts?

  • Brett Carroll
    Brett Carroll

    Simon is being a negative nelly

  • TheOnlyGamingChannel 666
    TheOnlyGamingChannel 666

    why is this the first sidemen video i have ever seen with an info tab below it

  • Luke Hyland
    Luke Hyland

    It's literally the same

  • Matt Chapman
    Matt Chapman

    1:14 yeah nah not in Australia. Where I live it’s been normal since last November

  • T

    The world will go back to the way it always was. People will go back to the daily grind, eat junk food, spend money they don’t have, “forget” to wash their hands, pollution will rise again and generally be rude to eachother and ofcourse keep complaining. Remember this is the UK.

  • Harry Bedford
    Harry Bedford

    Meanwhile Me living in New Zealand: Goes out to festivals and everything is normal. Chur

    • Alexis Relyea
      Alexis Relyea

      Sadly, same in America

  • lewisyates_ 1021
    lewisyates_ 1021

    Everyone’s became robots, just like what they wanted

  • Shapon1

    imagine being that guy who started covid

  • Flake e
    Flake e

    POV your here after you’ve seen it have -1 like.


    But doing everything at home will get depressing, we need that work, social and home life balance

    • Ganyu Hu tao
      Ganyu Hu tao

      We don't we all wanna be shut ins

  • santhosh M
    santhosh M

    Plot twist: there is never gonna be a ' after covid 19'

  • L.K. K
    L.K. K

    Well Im good here, living a normal life in my beautiful country New Zealand 🇳🇿

  • yxng.D9

    Literally 99% percent of you wont see this but say safe during these times really struggling to hit 1000 subs pls help me guys 🙏🙏

  • darren murphy
    darren murphy

    4 of the most boring people I ever heard

  • Jokoye

    bruh josh just said that you shouldnt go to the doctor if your sick? really man? really???

  • Kamikaze

    cba on life

  • Proud Boy
    Proud Boy

    I feel like after a while it will become like a flu and we will forget about it when it doesn’t become as contagious

  • zZzRyan lol
    zZzRyan lol

    Na I don’t want AI’s like f*ck that most of these have actually made me pissed and upset man 🤬🥺

  • Dan Burdock
    Dan Burdock

    Josh cash might not mean fuck all to you but it means something to people on the street that need cash to get by and not starve. Cash being gone is terrible for those who are lesee fortunate then you and it also means you will never be able to see your physical wealth. Think you might want to rethink that mate

  • BladeEz Gamer 47
    BladeEz Gamer 47

    The lest video got age restrtion

  • Ancient and Magical Landscapes
    Ancient and Magical Landscapes

    The millions of people who died of Covid-19 they won't be able to hide anymore when the warm Spring weather arrives. Then, we'll find out the real reason why our towns and cities are empty. The smell of rotting corpses will be everywhere. It'll be too dangerous with the flies and rats everywhere. Not to mention the continuous pandemics waves coming. Permanent Lockdown forever is the only solution.

  • nick van hoorn
    nick van hoorn

    its nice to adress that they say masks arent going away since people start wearing them but in alot of countries there is a diffrence in getting orderd to have one on your face to avoid a massive pay check for your goverment or simply wearing them cause u want to

  • Jaxxon Long
    Jaxxon Long

    Fuck masks

  • Amazing MrBilll
    Amazing MrBilll

    Change. I don't think here in Africa anything has changed. The only thin tht will change is people not wearing masks😂😂😂



  • Hammond Main
    Hammond Main

    I will never forget the guy who coughed on me as a joke during the start of the pandemic. I hope he got COVID 🤷

  • Mob hitta
    Mob hitta

    When the pandemic is over people are still going to use face masks still

  • Mikhail Exe
    Mikhail Exe

    After the pandemic they should do a 10000$vs 100$ holiday and the 100$ one should be a dodgey place in Guernsey

  • Robyn Musson
    Robyn Musson

    im sorry but if the Chinese didn't eat live animals in the first place non of this would have happened. On a side note these guys and the rest of the sidemen are amazing and are so hardworking

  • Dragon Feet
    Dragon Feet

    No KSI, No Sidemen

  • ebee thegreat
    ebee thegreat

    Ive never online shopped im above the 24%

  • Shannon O’Neill
    Shannon O’Neill

    The voice sounds like stampye😪

  • JustAGuyfromLDN

    Tobi: "People still recognise us with masks bro" Me: "Well don't wear masks with ILLVZN and SDMN printed on them then"😂(sure it won't make a huge difference but it's a start at least? XD

  • Noah Willems
    Noah Willems

    I hardly wear a mask to begin with... as soon as they say it's not mandatory it's off for good.

  • Dylan 04
    Dylan 04

    Who needs a sesh

  • jess_ hadders
    jess_ hadders

    Bruh. Have u ever thought about if there’s a snow day at school, we used to get so exited. Now if there’s a snow day and there’s no COVID we will have to do lessons on zoom 😭 because we did have a day off school but now we will have to do a zoom meeting 😢🥺😭

    • I'm not creative enough for a username
      I'm not creative enough for a username

      that just ruined my mood 😭

    • Dominic Colangelo
      Dominic Colangelo

      I know man. But I graduated last year so...😁


    Hi sidemen. I want to be a sound composer . Will you sponsor me in future???


    The content you show in sidemen reacts is fantastic

  • Thalanir7

    Nothing changes for me and my fellow introverts.

  • LewisCV

    I don’t and never have give a shit about COVID if I get it so what I get a cold for a couple of days.

  • Drizzy Drzz
    Drizzy Drzz

    New world order deal with it

  • Zac Freeman
    Zac Freeman

    The sideman should react to AFL

  • Morph C.
    Morph C.

    im with simon, life is still gonna suck.

  • Dennyboi

    Truth= it’ll never go away! Ever! It’s going to be our new seasonal “flu”

  • TensionzFN

    Why is Josh’s mic Always so loud and crisp it’s so annoying at times

  • isabella

    Imma just say rip

  • Jaden DR0PZ
    Jaden DR0PZ

    From NZ can confirm that it is entirely the same as before covid existed, besides the jokes. They've become better


    why 3 ads wtf

  • DeathStrikeFPS

    Why does everyone look like everyone's chair

  • m.euan24

    Ever imagined that this just repeated itself again as soon as we got the the original one

  • fredinhio 79
    fredinhio 79

    This stampy commentating

  • MavenGaming101

    This is a stupid video because when covid is gone the world and everyone is going to be the same

  • My33T

    Bold of you to assume that the world will still exist after covid

  • Caden Bush
    Caden Bush


  • H Stordy
    H Stordy

    I had the original video next this vid

  • AAO Tube
    AAO Tube

    This is a video I'd never click to watch normally, but because Sidemen are reacting to it, I'm watching it!

  • Declan Mcgrane
    Declan Mcgrane

    On the food shopping when you order online they usally give you stuff thats almost about to go out of date so u can understand why so many people dont

  • Antony Hill
    Antony Hill

    Covid will be here until 2027.... Mark my words

  • Q3exy

    I’m still gonna go out now 😂

    • Brodie Miller
      Brodie Miller

      You’re ard

  • Charles Wetherspoon
    Charles Wetherspoon

    It's a hoax.

    • Brodie Miller
      Brodie Miller


  • HorrorHD

    Anyone else the person sounds like stampylonghead

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Short answer is covid is here to stay lol

    • Brodie Miller
      Brodie Miller

      No it’s not

  • Frosted xds
    Frosted xds

    My life hasn’t changed at all, I never wear a mask, I never socially distance, I always meet up and I and no one I know has gotten it

  • Savage Opress
    Savage Opress

    "What is on the left!?" Its food Simon , meat to be more specifically😐 lol. Literally sounds like a 6 year old kid when it comes to different foods

  • George Tysome
    George Tysome

    I wouldn't be surprised if this channel overtakes the main sidemen channel in subs

  • Techxstudios

    once covid is over, airports are going to be getting that serious cash.

  • funkymanfat 21
    funkymanfat 21

    Follow for follow on TikTok @_assaulrifle_

  • elder ender
    elder ender

    Love to know where Harry gets his hoodies I love them

  • Baby J
    Baby J

    People have turned into right germophobes now, scared out their minds.

  • Steve

    They all growing bears or trying to lol

  • Liam Batty
    Liam Batty

    I always have to lower the volume when Josh talks cuz talks so God damn loud😂

  • XYZ_toni

    Im like harry with no trousers

  • XYZ_toni

    only reason for online money is because there wont be legal tax avation.

  • DavidBakeCake YT
    DavidBakeCake YT

    This is what the government wants

  • Ethan Novak
    Ethan Novak

    The world won’t go back to normal in like a decade after covid

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  • KilluaYT


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  • KilluaYT


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