10/13/2021 - Hermitcraft S8 | Let's Bring the Candy Garden to Life! (Stream Replay)
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  • Minecraft Queen
    Minecraft Queen

    The walls need to be lit. Not just to prevent mobs as you've covered that. Those dark spots a reminiscent of a haunted house. Dark areas are perceived as foreboding and dangerous. You want happy feelings so light those walls

  • Kaos Engineer
    Kaos Engineer

    At the Octagon when you purchase something, pay in the barrel above so the shulker will automatically get restocked when emptied.

  • Pancakes27

    Impulse: "Let's see if I can fix this."

  • Shane Mason
    Shane Mason

    The biggest thing that makes me mad is the half unknown of what the mob does and does not do. So I know what I’m voting on. Don’t say he will do this kinda and he’s cute so let’s vote. Give us full details on the product to make the best vote. Mojang up your product integrity please

  • Martin Schlömer
    Martin Schlömer

    I love how Impulse stays on the dirt paths in boatem when he's walking around.

  • Fharish Ahmed
    Fharish Ahmed

    Let's take a few seconds to congratulate Impulsive on finally cutting/shaving the first 5 minutes of his stream footage

  • Jessica Atkinson
    Jessica Atkinson

    I’ve genuinely wondered for YEARS how Taylor Hicks won American idol and now I know. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pixie Inferno
    Pixie Inferno

    have you considered renaming a few regular mooshrooms to "strawberry" and having them wander around as well or having a room where you show off how the candy is made with some brown mooshrooms in a glass case labeled chocolate and red mooshrooms in another labeled strawberry

  • HiddenMarvel21

    You should do a tiny trapdoor as the candy room door, or put a door on an armor stand. But have a large moving redstone door as the giant door.

  • 46bonnie

    I love the brown cows they look awesome and I love what you did with the candy tree.....

  • spend4zen1

    I need to catch up on all the live streams, I am glad You post Yours because I have problems staying on twitch and have not been able to watch lately. Not many others bother to post live streams on RSloft and I really wish they would .

  • Dominic Allizzo
    Dominic Allizzo

    Adding impulse to the list of hermits who look nothing like I expected them to

  • variant


  • StarNanny

    Warden info I saw: it’s designed to not be killable….appears it’s purpose is to guard the skulk sensors….intent is to make players collect skulk sensors without engaging the warden….sneak or die, basically…..get in get out. Unclear but maybe the warden farms skulk sensors?

  • Quatto Vallor
    Quatto Vallor

    Starts at

  • nottabandaid

    hey impulse you could rotate the front andesite stair on your window 90 degrees to face them in to the room and get that little half top stair thing to give the window a little more texture.

  • Matt Hill
    Matt Hill

    FYI, if you breed the brown cow with a younger red cow, you’ll get a brown cow… the breeding is based on age, the older is more dominant… you’re welcome!

  • Dave Jenkins
    Dave Jenkins

    I feel like your factory workers live in Mumbos village

  • star girl
    star girl

    JISP (like wisp but with a j) would work for phasmo.

  • Bagleygames

    name one cow Oompa and the other Loompa