I Joined a 32 User Online Franchise As The Vikings! Madden 23 Minnesota Vikings Franchise Ep1

We’re back with a brand new Madden 23 Franchise series and it’s the start of our Madden 23 Minnesota Vikings Online Franchise!

1st Song:

2nd Song:

3rd Song:

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Madden 23 Content Daily! My favorite videos to make are Madden 23 Franchise videos which are Seattle Seahawks Franchise and Minnesota Vikings Online User Franchise. I also like making Madden 23 What ifs and Madden 23 Experiments! I also really enjoy making Madden 23 Realistic Rebuilds and Madden 23 Fantasy Rebuilds! We also do the random Madden 23 Ultimate Team Video as well! Thanks for watching and hopefully you subscribe and stick around! Hope to see you next video, cccyyaaaaa !

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