How to Setup Phone, Internet & Managed IT Services for a Single Location Business

Dan Baldwin, a telecom consultant with 25-years experience explains how to use a check list to ensure your business gets a vendor neutral design that delivers the best phone, internet & managed IT services design so you get the best outcome for your users.

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This video uses the following ICTA (Information & Communications Technology Association) copyright protected checklist:


1. What Wired (Unmetered) Business Internet is Available?

2. What Wireless Business Internet is Available for Fail-over?

3. Modems should be in bridge mode

IT Services

1. Need a Firewall with at Least 2 Internet “WAN” Ports

2. Need a Firewall Manager to Maintain WAN Security/Failover,

3. Need a Managed POE Switch from WAN Vendor

4. Need Managed Guest & Secure WiFi NOT from Internet Carrier Modem

5. Need a List of All Hardware Plugged Into Switch/Patch Panel

6. Need a List of All Software Application Running on LAN

7. Know What Kind of LAN Cable You Have & Label Runs on Patch Panels

8. Have a LAN Manager Who Solves Computer Problems Past the Switch

9. Separate Electric Circuit, Surge Protection, Battery Backup, No Sprinklers & Computer Rack (for good circulation)

Phone Numbers, Phones (Desk, Soft & Mobile), Collaboration & Messaging

1. What Happens When Your Main Number is Called?

2. How Many People Need Phones? Main office, home office, mobile office

3. Call Routing – DIDs, Ring Groups, ACDs, Call Centers

4. Collaboration (audio, video, screen-sharing & recording)

5. Unified Messaging (Voicemail, transcriptions, IM, SMS)

6. Premises vs. Cloud Phone Systems (Copper, PRI & SIP dial tone)

7. Seat vs. Simultaneous Call Pricing

8. 911/e911, eFax & POTs Modems

9. Fire & burglar alarm lines

10. Inbound & outbound outage call rerouting

11. Hot-cut vs. Forward & Port (call path limits)

12. Zombie Old Phone Bills (who kills them?)

13. Business White & Yellow Page Listings