How To Introduce Yourself To Client – How To Set Up Initial B2B Meeting – How To Introduce Yourself To Client

I’ve been an observer in countless meetings as a salesperson attempts to engage with a customer or prospect before understaning how to introduce yourself to client. When I talk about the salesperson, I’m talking about anyone that is trying to uncover a need so they can provide a solution to solve that problem. You may be a President, Business Owner, or CEO. In the context of this article, you are in sales. Now that we have that established, let’s get back to the meeting with the prospects/customer. As I’ve sat there listening and watching I’ve seen some unusual things that lead to confusion and a lack of clarity. This is why it’s essential to understand how to introduce yourself to client so it guides and directs the conversation. The meeting will end and you will hear something to the effect of, “I appreciate you coming out today, how about giving me a call in a couple weeks.” The sales person reaches out to them and gets nothing but silence as the prospect doesn’t return their call or reply to their emails. The sales cycle goes longer than expected, the sales percentage goes down, and the salesperson and business miss out on key opportunities.

How To Introduce Yourself To Client

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How To Introduce Yourself To Client – continued…

To eliminate this problem you have to first start with knowing how to introduce yourself to client, you as the salesperson needs to guide and direct the conversation or frame the call like a conductor would direct an orchestra. When done right, it’s a beautiful thing. You come to the meeting whether online, on the phone, or in person needing to establish these four things.

1. Why the prospect is meeting with you (they are talking to you for a reason so ask them what they’d like to discuss before jumping into a deeper conversation). It’s amazing what you might uncover by simply asking them about their agenda.

2. Your purpose for the meeting. Incorporate their reason with your purpose and give an overview of what’s to be discussed which will give clarity for all involved. In addition, you will be the true professional guiding and directing the conversation from a position of authority.

3. Duration for the meeting. Ask them if they still have an hour to meet with you or you could be halfway through an epic meeting which is cut short, because of a hard stop announced by the prospect. Don’t miss out. Make sure there is time for everything to be discussed.

4. An agreement on what do after the meeting. A clear next step with a time and date that is scheduled on both of your calendars. Most people leave with… call me or I’ll get back to you on Monday. No! You need a clear future as stated above. Trust me on this and you’ll be amazed how the sales cycle is reduced.

How To Introduce Yourself To Client

Follow these steps and your sales cycle will shorten, you’ll uncover their challenges, and ultimately your sales will grow more than you could imagine.

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How To Introduce Yourself To Client

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