How to Create Digital Marketing Proposal Template PDF That Makes You Money and Wins Clients

Learn how to write a winning business proposal that makes you money and win clients for you as a Digital marketing freelancer.

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About the video:
▶️ In this video, you are going to learn how to create a business proposal for your clients as a freelance digital marketer.

Before starting the business with a client, it’s important to pitch them your proposal. In this video, you would learn how to create a winning proposal, what are its ingredients, and how this document can bring you into the business.

In this video, you are going to learn about:
~ When to send a business proposal?
~ How to create a business proposal?
~ 10 Step business proposal breakdown

0:00 – How to create a digital marketing business proposal?
4:22 – What should a digital marketing business proposal include?
6:37 – What not to do in a business proposal?
8:38 – Biggest marketing secret no one tells.
11:43 – 3 step action plan for freelancer sales funnel expert
13:19 – How to decide the timeline for the project
15:28 – How to mark the progress of the project?
17:16 – How to price your digital marketing services?

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