Franchise Ownership Our Brand Story

In 2008, Payroll Vault separated traditional accounting from payroll to create stronger efficiency. Once Payroll Vault was identified in the local area as a separate brand of payroll services, more relative services that business owners needed were added into the business model.

Beginning as a local concept, businesses loved the personalized client services, and in 2012 the local payroll services concept franchised.

Payroll Vault is a boutique-style payroll services company designed to help businesses be more successful and manage their teams of people better. The need for outsourced payroll services is growing and offers plenty of opportunity for business owners to be successful.

The key differentiator is that Payroll Vault focuses on working with small businesses. Because the brand is locally focused, each office can provide the same level of service that they provide to their customers.

With the surging need for personalized workforce management solutions and person to person service, it’s an ideal opportunity for budding or experienced entrepreneurs to go into business for themselves but not by themselves. Multi-unit franchise owners also have the opportunity to add to their professional portfolio and/or exchange an expense for a source of revenue.

Watch this brief video to learn more about the Payroll Vault brand, it’s mission, and the ownership opportunity.