First-year Focus Areas for a Business (6 Focus Areas + FREE resource in description)

In this video, Kim Garst will take you through six things every entrepreneur should focus on in their first year of business.

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__Contents of this video__
0:00 – Introduction
0:18 – Free resource – Business plan template
0:32 – Focus area 1: Refine customer persona
1:37 – Focus area 2: Define financial goals for business
2:23 – Focus area 3: Set work/life boundaries
3:23 – Guide to decide work/life boundaries
3:55 – Focus area 4: Networking and knowledge building
4:13 – Professional-development ideas
4:34 – Networking ideas
5:05 – Evaluate need for teammates
5:18 – Signs you need to hire a team
5:44 – Focus area 6: Building a marketing plan
6:28 – Marketing areas to focus on
7:02 – Outro



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