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A “self-made” entrepreneur probably hasn’t done it all on their own.

Most, if not all, successful people have taken advice, support and guidance from others in one form or another to enable them to achieve success. Whether it’s at the beginning of your journey to self employment or after you’ve grown your company there is always room for you to improve and experts are key to helping you achieve the next level.

In this episode we speak with “self-made” entrepreneur Cheryl White, who not only has built her own successful business in the care sector, but has also helped many other people build and grow their own business too. She has worked with experts to achieve this and is now considered an expert herself.

We also speak about:

– How Cheryl learnt how to take responsibility from a young age
– The challenge of starting a business on a part time basis
– How Cheryl leveraged experienced gained in nursing
– Turning mistakes into positives
– Why it is so important to use experts to help you to grow your business
– Working on the business and not in the business

You can find Cheryl on LinkedIn – , Apollo Franchise here – and Mercury Franchise School here –

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