Caring Senior Service Franchise Owner & Executive Dive Into BUSINESS MODEL

In this video interview, Patrick Findaro talks with Ken Anderson and Scott Suryan of Caring Senior Service about the secrets to their successful business model. Learn from their advice based on their extensive knowledge of the franchise they work in.

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Scott Suryan Q&A – How did you get into franchising?
04:38 Ken Anderson Q&A – Was this your first internship?
05:26 Ken Anderson Q&A – And your location in Mississippi: was an existing location that you took over from a franchisee or did you start that from scratch?
06:03 Ken Anderson Q&A – What was the scale-up like?
07:20 Ken Anderson Q&A – What´s your organization look like now?
08:16 Scott Suryan Q&A – How do franchisees hire people? What are some ways that Caring Senior Service helps from the corporate side?
10:21 Ken Anderson Q&A – What do you see as the hardest part?
12:53 Scott Suryan Q&A – Who makes the most successful franchisee?
15:31 Scott Suryan Q&A – For the semi-absentee model: Could someone right away go in and work just 10/ 20 hours a week?
17:58 Scott Suryan Q&A – How are the franchisees composed?
19:12 Ken Anderson Q&A – Do you currently have just one territory?
20:37 Scott Suryan Q&A – How much does it cost right now to open a Caring Senior Service franchise?
21:57 Scott Suryan Q&A – How much do the franchisees make?
23:29 Ken Anderson Q&A – How is it been like passing the cost on to your customers?
24:51 Ken Anderson Q&A – Is your pricing like a premium service in the home caregivers space?
25:57 Ken Anderson Q&A – How is your business shifted during COVID?
29:55 Concluding Thoughts
34:34 Scott Suryan Q&A – What are the most important things that you need to vet before you move forward with the franchise?
38:11 Conclusion

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