Business Directory Services – Local Listings Service

Business Directory Services – Local Listings Service

Business Listings & Local Citation Services
Manually created local business directory listings & citations

Why a Local Business Listings Service?
Our local citation services and business listings service is the best way to streamline your business information across the web for a strong, congruent brand.

Data backed actions derived from top-ranking local pages ensure we keep your ranking position at the forefront of our implementation strategy.

Plus matching your business data across all directories aids your SEO strategy, therefore you must prioritise your business listings as part of your online marketing strategy.

When your potential customers do a local search, they see you in local directories and can easily check out your online reviews.

We consider your target market, industry and local area and create custom campaigns to bring your business up in local search. We report all actions so you can see exactly where you are at all times.

We communicate everything we build such as profile, login information and directory source.

Your custom audit will indicate what you need to fix to further improve better search results for the locality of your business.

Works great alongside your backlink strategy.

If you are looking for a Local Listing Cleanup Service or a Citation Audit and Cleanup Service, check out:

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Get your Free Online Business Report

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In human terms – this customised report will find all the problems on your website that are stopping you from increasing and maximising the amount of customers, clients and sales that your business deserves to be getting.

We will find your online business problems and offer you the solutions.

After that, it’s up to you with what you do with the solutions.

In technical terms, we will find your online problems and offer solutions to optimise:
Usability (including Mobile Friendly and Page Speed Optimisation)
Security (including SSL, Malware and HTTPS)
Organic Traffic (Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO)
Local SEO (including GMB, Local Citations)
Backlink Profile (including High-Quality Link Building Opportunities)
Content Marketing (including SEO Articles and Unique Infographics)
Paid Traffic (including PPC)
Social Traffic (including Organic and Paid Traffic)
Branding (including Brand Strategy and Logo Design)
Press Release Opportunities (including Content Placement and Media Distribution)
Customer Reviews Service (including Reputation Management)

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WHR Marketing LTD is an Online Digital Marketing Agency.
We help entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes grow online.
WHR provide SEO and White-Label SEO Reseller Services to clients and customers worldwide.

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WHR Marketing provide the following Online Digital Marketing Services:
• SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):
• Local SEO:
• PPC (Pay-Per-Click):
• Local Citations:
• Content Marketing:
• Ecommerce Product Descriptions:
• Infographic Design:
• Branding Services (including Logo Design & Brand Identity):
• Content Distribution – Media Placement:
• Press Release Service:
• WordPress Website Development
• Social Media Management

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