Are You a Good Fit For Franchising? | Personality Profiles in Franchising

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This week’s presenter is Phil Mettra and he has been in franchising for over 26 years. As the VP of Client Development with Zorackle Profiles, he now focuses on helping franchisors and brokers in getting the “right fit” franchisees on board.  

This webinar will help you answer the following questions: 

How do I really know that I would be a “right fit” for franchising? 
As a franchisor, isn’t it enough to know that my candidate has the money to buy a franchise? 
As a broker, how can I tell if I have a qualified prospect? 
What is the difference between demographic and psychographic information? 
As a franchise development rep, how can I make sure I have enough information on a candidate to bring them on or send them away? 

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