7-Eleven’s Franchise Nightmare – Why They’re Hated | A Simple Overview

The Untold truth about Franchise 7-11: 7 Eleven Documentary

In this shocking exposé, the dark side of 7-11’s franchise system is revealed. From unfair contracts to manipulative business practices, 7-11 has been taking advantage of its franchisees and putting their livelihoods at risk. Former franchise owners who have experienced first-hand the devastating effects of 7-11’s fraudulent franchise scheme are interviewed, and the truth about how the company is killing its own business is uncovered. This eye-opening investigation into one of the biggest franchise scandals in history should not be missed.

——-Chapter ———
00:00 Intro to 7-Eleven’s Franchise model
01:26 1st Nightmare
05:18 2nd Nightmare
06:30 Explanation of Franchise operation
07:53 3rd Nightmare

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How 7-11 ripping off their franchisee | Dark side of the Franchisee 7-11 Documentary

-7-11 is RIPPING Their Franchisee Apart | Dark side of the Franchisee 7-11 Documentary
-DARK SIDE OF THE FRANCHISEE 7-11: Franchise owners are ripping their franchisees apart!
-The Dark Side of 7-11’s Franchise System
-The Truth About 7-11’s Franchise Scheme: How It’s Killing Its Franchisees
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